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Medical Imaging Software with Client Portal

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Cloud PACS and remote medical imaging management

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UltraLinq is a secure cloud PACS that helps healthcare organizations to upload, interpret, store, and share medical imaging. With multi-site access from any internet-connected device, reporting is streamlined and always accessible.

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Nova RIS


Radiology information system for imaging facilities

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Nova RIS is a radiology information system designed to help businesses streamline workflows for patient scheduling, forms management, and reporting. It offers an online portal, which allows doctors to access imaging media, reports, navigation details between patients’ homes and facilities, prescriptions, procedures, and more.

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Intelligent Medical Software


Intelligent technology that adapts to your practice.

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Intelligent Medical Software is an electronic medical records (EMR) suite of solutions designed to help healthcare businesses. Key features include chronic care management, health maintenance, clinical flow charts, a care portal, claims scrubbing, e-faxing, and clinical decision support.

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RT Connect


Streamline Your Medical Imaging Workflow with RT Connect

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RT Connect is a solution that combines EHR, RIS, PACS, and OIS tools with a secondary check of monitor units in radiotherapy. It features interoperability with other medical systems. RT Connect helps healthcare providers improve patient care and streamline their medical imaging workflow.

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Medical imaging for the healthcare industry

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RT PACS is a cutting-edge digital medical image management solution designed to streamline workflows, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enhance communication in the healthcare industry.

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Miiskin PRO


HIPPA-compliant Teledermatology Platform

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Miiskin PRO is a HIPAA-compliant, fully reimbursable teledermatology platform that puts dermatologists in charge of their schedule and workload by switching routine consultations from lengthy in-person visits to efficient, asynchronous virtual care.

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