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Immersively Care logo

Emotion and attention recognition in video conferencing.

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Immersively Care is a cloud-based virtual meeting platform that securely analyzes facial expressions, emotions, attention, and health data during video chats in a way that is more compassionate and human.

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Curoflow logo

Start your own secure & efficient digital healthcare clinic

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Curoflow is a GDPR compliant, versitile and practical telemedicine platform that enables healthcare providers to schedule and communicate with their patients online.

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SpindleX logo

Medical imaging software for radiolologists

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SpindleX is an AI tool developed to assist radiologists in reporting stress X-ray of spine. It assesses biomarkers of injury, instability, and age-related motion defects of the spine. It automates reporting of all the indices of spinal injury recommended by AMA.and evaluates joint motion across translational and angular intersegmental motion defects.

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Kwido logo

Cloud software for the integrated care of the elderly

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Kwido is a cloud solution for telecare and elder care with the integration of three modules: Kwido Home, Kwido Mementia, and Health. It also offers telemedicine, cognitive stimulation, and signal monitoring using intelligent sensors installed in the home.

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Social Doctor logo

Web application for remote consultation with specialists

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Social Doctor is a social network combining a web application and an app available for the Android operating system and iOS. The platform makes it possible for patients who need a consultation to contact specialists in all areas of health via a video call.

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Aidbox Telehealth logo

Customizable telehealth apps.

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Aidbox Telehealth is a customizable telemedicine solution that’s based on the FHIR standard.

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Summus logo

Restore human connection in healthcare. Start with Summus.

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With a physician-centered model, cutting-edge technology, an elegant member platform, and a team of clinically trained member experience professionals, Summus members are quickly connected to leading medical expertise to make well-informed health decisions that are right for them and their families.

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Telemedicine logo

Cloud-based pharmacy software for healthcare providers

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Telemedicine offers healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals that provide virtual healthcare the tools to deliver quality virtual and chronic care. Key features include appointment scheduling, remote treatment plans, patient & admin panels, alerts, reports, analytics, and activity dashboards.

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Straight Up Care logo

Built by peer specialists, for peer specialists

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Straight Up Care is a HIPAA-compliant platform that enables peer specialists to securely schedule and connect with clients virtually. Includes appointment reminders, video, audio, text chat and in-person meetings. Making access to mental health and substance use help more easily accessible.

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Users also considered logo

Video consultation solution for medical professionals

learn more is a web-based, German-language video consultation solution for medical professionals including doctors, therapists, and nurses. The platform offers chat functionality, video conferencing, file transfer and download, doctor profiles, appointment management, and more.

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Users also considered
MEDVU logo

French-language telemedicine solution

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MEDVU is a telemedicine solution, designed specifically for French-speaking doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, that includes features such as agenda management, videoconferencing, and remote assistance. MEDVU helps health professionals with scheduling follow-ups, advising patients, billing & more.

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Medaviz logo

French-language teleconsultation tool

learn more
Medaviz is a teleconsultation solution for French healthcare professionals. Features of the platform include e-prescribing, remote treatment, payment processing, coordination with other health professionals, and appointment management.

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Qare logo

French-language medical teleconsultation tool

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Qare is a teleconsultation tool for French healthcare professionals that offers features including e-prescribing, appointment scheduling, and consultation reports.

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Telemedicine software with screen-sharing capabilities

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CGM ELVI is a telemedicine software that helps healthcare professionals provide remote consultations to patients via video calls. It allows patients and doctors to upload and share images and documents, such as care plans, vitals, x-rays and more.

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Daffodil Home Care Software logo

Telemedicine platform for home healthcare providers

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Daffodil Home Care Software is an on-premise and cloud-based platform designed to help healthcare providers manage patients, curate care plans, and ensure compliance across operational processes. Supervisors can create recurring or bulk shifts and schedule patients' visits.

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BoaConsulta logo

Telemedicine tool for handling online scheduling operations

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BoaConsulta is a cloud-based platform that helps manage clinics and medical offices through applications for Android and iOS devices. The solution incorporates telemedicine and allows secure online consultations with encrypted data technology.

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Solv Video Telemed logo

Telemedicine solution

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Solv Video Telemed is a telemedicine video conferencing solution that makes booking and keeping track of appointments simple and efficient.

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Miiskin PRO logo

HIPPA-compliant Teledermatology Platform

learn more
Miiskin PRO is a HIPAA-compliant, fully reimbursable teledermatology platform that puts dermatologists in charge of their schedule and workload by switching routine consultations from lengthy in-person visits to efficient, asynchronous virtual care.

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Vivadox logo

Telemedicine for Physicians, Doctors, Private Group Practice

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Vivadox is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that helps physicians, doctors, group practices, and hospitals book virtual appointments with patients. It helps grow revenue by expanding the patient base and increasing operational efficiency.

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imedicplus logo

Management software for medical centers and practices.

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imedicplus is a medical management software created for medical practices and medical centers. It makes it possible to organize patient information, communicate with patients and share documentation securely. There are several account options: for professionals, practices, or medical centers.

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ZEBOC logo

Care Anywhere

learn more
ZEBOC is a free, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution designed for solo practitioners, polyclinics, and community clinics.

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MiConsultorioYa logo

Web application for remote primary medical care

learn more
MiConsultorioYa is a web platform that offers primary care via a telemedicine service. It has an app available for Android and iOS operating systems. Medical care can be requested through a video call, at primary care stations, or via a free phone call.

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Pexip Video platform logo

Vdeo platform to transform client experiences

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The video platform powering telehealth
Scale your care. Expand access. Improve outcomes.

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ArzaMed logo

Cloud-based medical management system for healthcare sector

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ArzaMed is a cloud-based software that helps medical centers, polyclinics, and individual healthcare professionals manage visits, appointment notifications, online bookings, patient data, telemedicine, healthcare billing, hospitalizations, and more through a unified platform.

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HIPAA Link logo

Web-based telehealth platform

learn more
HIPAA LINK is a telehealth platform that offers video calls and messaging for healthcare providers. The platform offers one simple, personalized link that organizations can easily integrate into their EMRs, scheduling apps, and emails.

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