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Zaurus logo



Telemedicine software with a digital assistant

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Zaurus helps healthcare organizations schedule and manage video consultation sessions with remote patients. The digital consultation rooms enable medical professionals to engage with patients through video calls, handle peer consultation, and share screen and reports with other healthcare experts.

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Telemedicine platform

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Software for telemedicine that allows for remote, individualised treatment plans and video consultations.

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HPlusPRO logo



All-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management

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HPlusPRO is a full medical billing software solution that provides medical facilities with an all-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management. The professional medical billing system includes an easy-to-use interface, automated processing and error checking methods, as well as a wide range of billable services.

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Automated Workforce Screening Engine logo

Automated Workforce Screening Engine


Redefining Health and Safety's Impact on Modern Workforces

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Simple, automated pathways optimized to align with internal workflows that enable any type of workforce screening; new hires, symptoms, and occupational health. Key features include appointment scheduling, patient engagement, and messaging.

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Steer Health logo

Steer Health


All-In-One Patient Experience & Growth Platform

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Steer Health's Plug & Play Suite of Digital Healthcare Tools to Grow Your Practice, Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes.

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TimelyCare logo



Virtual Health and Well-Being for Students

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Students may select the modality—video, phone, or video chat—that suits them the best. Students can select their provider, day, and time thanks to simple, flexible scheduling. Additionally, students can quickly select the following time slot after cancelling a visit.

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