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Lyra Health

Web-based mental health & emotional well being solution

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Lyra Health overview

Lyra Health is an employee wellness solution that enables employees to receive care for their emotional and mental well-being. The solution uses screening tools to identify people at risk of behavioral health issues and then engages with them to provide care services. Lyra Health partners with organizations of all sizes to cover the wellness cost of all their employees, dependents, and other household members. Various services offered by the solution include legal consultation, financial planning, identity theft support, and child, elder as well as pet care support.

Lyra Health automatically matches patients to suitable therapists and analyzes their treatment needs and preferences with analytics tools. The solution also helps in appointment scheduling, outcome tracking, and managing follow-up appointments to provide complete care. Employees can interact with therapists through various channels including live video support, web chat, and in-person care. Care advisors also monitor patients’ progress to ensure that they get maximum benefit from the therapy and feel better both at home and at work.

Lyra Health helps people deal with multiple problems including relationship stress, sleeping trouble, life transitions, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, and depression. The solution enables health providers to enroll themselves with Lyra Health and connect with various employers without any administrative cost. Lyra is fully compliant with HIPAA laws and ensures that the details of employees using Lyra services are not disclosed to the employer.


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Lyra Health features

Employee Database

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Additional information for Lyra Health

Key features of Lyra Health

  • Behavior tracking
  • Data capture and transfer
  • Appointment management
  • Auto-matching
  • Self service portal
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Provider management
  • Live / video conferencing
  • Chat functionality
  • Search functionality
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Employee database
  • Employee profile
  • Video support
  • Pre-screening
  • Risk analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Question library
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• Lyra Health connects organizations of all sizes directly with psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists to provide wellness services to employees and their family members.

• The solution can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops by using a web-based interface to register and create an account.

• The software uses evidence-based therapies to help improve patients’ quality of life as well as offers services of a care advisor who monitors the progress of patients and stays in touch with them.

• Lyra Health offers patients a variety of support options to choose from including self-service tools, web chat, video call, as well as the option to meet the therapist in-person.

• Lyra Health uses an innovative matching technology to provide personalized care recommendations to each individual including choice of therapist and support service.