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Myworkout logo



More Health. More productivity.

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Our vision is to fight inactivity and its negative impact on employee health and productivity in the workplace. We aim to tackle the problem of inactivity head-on with app-based activity contests.

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YuMuuv logo



Employee wellness app

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YuMuuv offers HR and corporate leaders a wellness app for their employees. Combining ease of use, cost-effective pricing and subscription plans that are built according to to their employees.

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Your Money Line logo

Your Money Line


Your Money Line is modern financial wellness for teams.

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Your Money Line is a cloud-based financial management solution, which helps businesses in education, entertainment, technology, and other sectors manage employee benefits via goal tracking, budget calculation, net worth monitoring, and more.

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MyLifeWell logo



Award winning all-in-one employee wellness solution.

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MyLifeWell is an award winning one-stop employee wellness platform designed to streamline an employee's end to end wellness. With personalized assessment, goals, challenges & rewards, the platform provides an immersive wellness experience for higher employee engagement and lower healthcare costs.

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Wellable logo



Corporate health and wellness program platform

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Wellable believes that wellness is a one- size-fits-one solution. No single technology is perfect for everyone. Wellable allows employees to choose the technologies that are best for them and supports employers with easy-to-use tools to build and administer challenges designed for their populations.

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Wellics logo



Better Life. Better Work.

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Wellics is a wellness platform that helps employees sleep, feel, live, and work better with the use of module-based videos by experts and curated resources, personal goal setting, and reward management. Employers can monitor aggregated data with various metrics or Wellics Index.

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Virgin Pulse logo

Virgin Pulse


Employee wellbeing & corporate wellness

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Virgin Pulse helps cultivate a culture of well-being through employee wellness programs and culture-first technology for a happier and healthier workforce

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Awardco logo



Rewards & recognition platform to drive employee engagement

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Everything you love about Amazon is now available for rewards and recognition. Awardco has partnered with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, lower vendor fees and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to your organization. More choice, less spend, all in one simple platform.

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MoveSpring logo



Employee wellness program management

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MoveSpring is a cloud-based employee tracking solution, which assists companies with managing employee wellness programs. Key features include a member directory, progress tracking, collaboration, group chat, content scheduling, messaging, scheduled reporting, and rewards management.

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Users also considered logo


Fitness business software for gyms and fitness professionals

visit website is a fitness business software platform that’s perfectly suited to deliver corporate wellness programs. Conduct digital health and nutrition assessments, deliver workouts online or in-person to individuals/groups, and track employee health and fitness habits.

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CoreHealth logo



Well-being engagement reimaged

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CoreHealth's sole focus is our wellness technology that helps wellness program providers develop, deliver and administer employee health & well-being programs.

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PTO Exchange logo

PTO Exchange


Benefits administration and corporate wellness solution

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PTO Exchange is a cloud-based benefits administration platform designed to help employees convert unused paid time off (PTO) hours into liquid assets. The application enables users to configure retirement accounts, manage donations, earn travel reward points, process student loan payments, and donate for charitable causes.

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Wellness360 logo



Corporate wellness platform with a white-labeled portal

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Wellness360 is a corporate wellness platform designed to help enterprises engage with employees using white-labeled websites, gamification capabilities, health challenges, rewards, and more. The system includes several report templates for administrators to track assessments, rewards collection and redemption, biometrics, and progress.

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Cooleaf logo



Employee Engagement and Recognition Software

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Cooleaf is an employee experience platform that helps organizations to foster a culture of engagement, recognition, and growth. It offers a suite of tools and features to create a personalized, seamless, and enjoyable employee experience.

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Blueboard logo



Employee recognition platform for enterprises

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Blueboard is an employee rewards & recognition platform which enables enterprises to distribute custom, hand-curated experiences as rewards to employees

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Motivosity logo



Enhance the employee experience at every level.

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Are you a small business or mid market sized company? Great--we are built for you! Motivosity is the employee experience platform that helps reduce turnover, improve burnout and engages your employees.

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Snowfly logo



Employee engagement, gamification & corporate wellness tool

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Snowfly is an employee engagement and gamification software designed to help businesses measure the performance of employees and engage them through incentives and rewards. It enables organizations to create, implement, and manage recognition programs to improve employee experience (EX) and satisfaction.

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Abundantly logo



Intra-social employee recognition & points-based rewards

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Benefit One is a peer to peer recognition platform that allows users to visualize employee's talents and contributions, and offer personalized rewards

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Nectar logo



Create a culture people don't want to leave

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Nectar helps team members feel connected, engaged and valued no matter where they work. Build camaraderie and celebrate wins both big and small.

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Goodworld logo



Social Impact and CSR Platform

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Goodworld is a social impact platform for companies and nonprofits.

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Sprout  logo



Corporate health & wellness platform

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Sprout is a corporate health & wellness platform which gives employees quick & central access to holistic health information, personalized recommendations, social networks, challenges, health risk surveys, groups, & more. Sprout helps identify & reward positive health behaviors in the workplace.

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TeamMood logo



Employee engagement and corporate wellness solution

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TeamMood is employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, and motivation tools. It gives managers real-time insights into their team members' overall productivity and mood by measuring key metrics such as email activity, time on task, and billable hours. It enables companies to empower team leaders to create accountable teams that are mentally engaged every day.

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GoVida logo



Bringing Employee Wellbeing to Life

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GoVida enables businesses to digitize their employee wellbeing strategy. The platform improves the physical and mental health of colleagues whilst delivering measurable improvements to employee engagement and productivity.

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Woliba logo



Corporate wellness, recognition, and engagement Platform

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Woliba is a corporate wellness software that helps businesses manage processes for employee recognition, engagement, and wellbeing on a centralized dashboard. It allows employees to participate in virtual challenges and earn points based on steps, calories, and other performed activities.

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Vantage Fit logo

Vantage Fit


An all-in-one corporate health and wellness solution.

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Vantage Fit is an all-in-one corporate health and wellness solution from Vantage Circle. With features like step tracking, heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, and more, it enables employers to create simple and engaging wellness programs and challenges for their employees.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Employee Wellness

Employee wellness software helps businesses establish and manage health improvement initiatives for their employees. 

We created this buyers guide to help you select the employee wellness software that’s right for your organization. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is employee wellness software?

Employee wellness software is typically used by businesses to help their employees achieve goals related to their physical health. Businesses may seek out employee wellness software in order to foster a healthy culture and, in turn, decrease the cost of healthcare benefits.

This software usually includes functions such as goal setting, goal tracking, health monitoring, health coaching, program management, and incentive management.

What are the deployment options for employee wellness software?

Cloud-based deployment: Also known as web-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based deployment involves vendors hosting the system on their own or third-party servers. Users can access the software from a web browser or mobile app. With this kind of deployment, vendors generally follow a subscription-based payment model with either annual or monthly billing. 

On-premise deployment: This deployment method involves businesses hosting the software on their own servers and network. This means users are responsible for procuring compatible hardware, as well as purchasing any necessary maintenance, upgrades, support, or data storage. On-premise software solutions are most commonly available for a one-time license fee.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy:

  • Does your solution offer a health risk assessment function?

  • Does your system have reporting functionality?

  • What kind of integrations does your software support?

  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your product (including one-time expenses such as setup fees and data migration)?

What are some common features of employee wellness software?

Understanding the common features of employee wellness software is key to shortlisting products that meet your requirements.

Employee portal: Provide employees with a secure portal to access resources and track their progress.


Employee portal dashboard in CoreHealth Technologies Incentive management: Offer and manage rewards for employees who achieve specific goals.


Managing rewards with Blueboard Goal setting/tracking: Set team or individual goals and keep track of milestones and progress.


Goal dashboard in CoreHealth Technologies

Program management: Create and manage wellness-related employee programs and challenges. 


Organizing challenges in MoveSpring

Third-party integrations: Import or export data from external software or devices.


Linked devices in Sprout

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy

Employee wellness software can have many more features than the ones listed above. Ask vendors about additional functionalities that would benefit your business, such as: 

  • What gamification or social sharing functionality does your system offer?

  • Does your solution come with wellness program templates?

  • Are any resources offered along with your system (such as a course catalog or content)?

  • What sort of maintenance downtime should I expect during outages?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They are obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.