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Metrics That Matter

Learning and development effectiveness platform

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Metrics That Matter overview

Designed as an end-to-end solution for learning measurement, Metrics That Matter (MTM) helps automate the learning process across the entire L&D portfolio of an organization. It combines data and statistics collected from enterprise systems like LMS and HRIS, etc. The information is gathered through evaluations to help MTM create an overview of the entire business performance and learning programs.

Metrics That Matter (MTM) helps reduce wastage of L&D budget and shifts the focus on investing in beneficial programs. The platform has the world’s largest database of learning and development impact benchmarks, and offers data on scrap learning, net promoter, and estimated performance improvement. The KPI frameworks and validated survey instruments within Metrics That Matter (MTM) have been created by experts to inform the stakeholders, so that they can derive a much more relevant ROI.

By combining powerful analytics tools with an authenticated measurement technology, MTM allows the user to assess and communicate the effectiveness of their learning & development initiatives at every level of the organization. With an easy-to-use dashboard and smartsheets, MTM aims to engage users and provide more confidence about the data. Through features like proprietary methodology, insights, reporting, smartsheet evaluations, scaled automation, and proprietary metrics, MTM provides a meaningful analysis of learning effectiveness. It allows the user to automatically share and update dashboards with stakeholders to effectively manage development programs.


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Mark Durgee

Metrics That Matter is not user friendly and has lackluster customer service

Reviewed 2015-08-12
Review Source: Capterra

I have been a user of Metrics That Matter for over 2 years now. If you have simple evaluation and reporting needs that can handle delays of 2 or more days, MTM might work for you. If you want to handle more complex projects with faster turn-around, look elsewhere. Their pre-designed surveys and reports work nicely. The minute you personalize anything (evaluation questions, reporting times, filers in general) anything and everything can happen. This is not a user-friendly interface. Reports are set on the instructor level. Course level info (evaluations, open and close times of evaluations, etc.) does not always connect down to specific classes you schedule. Basically- if there are any problems you have to check about four places to see where to fix it. This is where customer service comes into play. My salesperson stopped responding to my emails about two months ago. I think I was "to much" for her to handle. If you call in to the help desk you will likely be asked to leave a message and someone will call you back when you aren't available. So you have to schedule help desk appointments. When that happens, I find that the help desk support is more interested in telling you what they know rather than listening to customer needs. I feel I have to be polite so that I don't hurt their feelings. This means I spend twice as long on the phone and get half the information I need. I typically end up spending double or triple the time and finding my own solutions. Bottom line is that this product is good if you have simple needs but clunky and buggy the minute things go beyond what MTM has pre-designed for "typical" use. They have a rollout planned this Fall (2015). We will see what this brings. The customer support from the sales and help desk teams is less than stellar. I would suggest getting a trial period if possible to see if you like it before paying for anything.

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Paula Canaday

Too complicated to use and understand.

Reviewed 2016-05-25
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using the software for three years, and it is extremely complicated to use. I submit end-of-semester online surveys and performance anaysis through my college also, but it is in no way this complicated. This program is not user friendly and if given another option for analysis and reporting, I would choose something else.

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Key features of Metrics That Matter

  • Benchmarking
  • Business intelligence
  • Data interpretation
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Leaning effectiveness insights
  • Learner portal
  • Learning & development
  • Learning paths/tracks
  • Program evaluation
  • Proprietary methodology
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Scaled automation
  • Smartsheet evaluations
  • Social learning
  • Strategy measurements
  • Talent management integration
  • Tests/assessments
  • Third party integrations
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• MTM minimizes efforts to identify scrap learning and wasted investments by providing insights to the decision makers with automated reports.

• Users can access reports and other relevant data through the validated source of effectiveness benchmarks that feature more than 1.5 billon data points.

• Through scaled automation, MTM sends evaluations to all the instructors and participants at the end of the training. It also notifies and provides evaluation reports to participants and their managers.

• MTM provides meaningful insights and patterns to help link the effectiveness of learning programs with business outcomes.

• MTM creates dynamic, on-demand reports including visual dashboards of key metrics like predicted cost-benefit ratios and performance trends.