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Collaborative solution

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Beekast is collective intelligence tool that makes your in-person or remote presentations more effective.

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Modern HR Software - All-in-one. Choose what you need.

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tomHRM is a cloud-based HR software designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline and manage processes for recruitment, onboarding, talent development, training and engagement with employees,1 on 1s, Goals and many others.

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INTUO Engage


Real-time employee engagement pulses

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INTUO Engage is a real-time employee engagement tracking tool that enables company leaders to know the pulse of their organisation at any time. Send out real-time surveys on built-in topics or make your own.

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Our Tandem


Re-crafting Performance Management to inspire cultures

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Our Tandem is a Continuous Performance Management and Employee Engagement platform that is powered by HR Professionals.

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Benefit One


Intra-social employee recognition & points-based rewards

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Benefit One is a peer to peer recognition platform that allows users to visualize employee's talents and contributions, and offer personalized rewards

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Real-time employee engagement solution

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Zest is a real-time employee engagement platform which enables businesses to engage, motivate and measure team performance with a range of tools, including surveys, performance appraisals, feedback, ideation, employee recognition, and more. Zest also offers native iOS & Android mobile apps.

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Cloud-based recruitment & human resource management system

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PeopleForce is a cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) designed to help businesses streamline hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables HR teams to capture and store employees’ details in a centralized repository and track applicants.

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Joyous Suite


Employee engagement platform

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Joyous is a cloud-based employee engagement platform which helps medium to large firms manage HR interactions with staff via performance reviews, surveys, 360-degree feedback, & more. The platform enables recruiters to set goals & track progress against key objectives.

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Skills-based learning and talent management

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SkillsBoard is a skills-based learning and talent management solution for enterprises, which provides tools for managing learning, assessments, feedback, skills, and more. The cloud-based platform provides portable skills passports for employees to track and share their skills.

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Experience the Power of Listening

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Lissen is a 360-degree feedback tool that enables businesses to monitor their organizational culture in real-time and improve decision-making processes. Managers can streamline engagement with employees, assess received feedback based on key parameters, and gain actionable insights or recommendations.

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Talentia HCM


Manage your employees from hire to retire

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Talentia HCM is an HR & talent management software offering organisations a solution with tools to manage, motivate & retain their employees.

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Engage . Empower . Enhance

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A cloud based Strategic HR SaaS software

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Acquire, Engage and Retain Top Talent

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The WorkLLama™ Platform is a unified SaaS solution, empowering you to attract, engage, hire and grow superior talent.

Trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide, WorkLLama is one of the fastest-growing recruitment platforms powering efficiency throughout the entire hiring process.

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Zevo Health


Employee engagement and wellness program

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Zevo Health is a workplace wellness platform that provides employees with personalized wellness plans to achieve their health and fitness goals. Mental and physical health experts conduct research into each business to find out the goals, needs, and characteristics by which to design the program.

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Lightweight Employee Engagement & Performance Software

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15Five is a lightweight performance management platform that helps you stay connected with your employees, projects, and culture as your company grows

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Enterprise Social Network (ESN) to connect and communicate

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Yammer is a private enterprise social networking solution that enables employees to collaborate securely across time and distance. Yammer provides a single, secure platform on which companies can share information, resources and business applications

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Leading OKR, Performance Management & Career Management tool

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Easy to use tool to conduct employee engagement surveys with build in customizable templates, to help you understand the pulse of your organization and to identify ways to improve employee satisfaction.

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Cloud-based enterprise survey software solution

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Cloud-based enterprise survey software solution. Users in more than 150 countries use CheckMarket to conduct beautiful surveys, get insights and act on the results.

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Virtual Hi5's for a culture of recognition & appreciation

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Unlock your company culture through ongoing recognition & feedback. Help employees & management keep growing through pulse surveys, Hi5's, commenting and a company calendar.

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eXo Platform


Digital Workplace Software

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Empower and engage your employees with better communication, gamification and recognition capabilities.

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Work with purpose

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Koan is a free software for setting goals and reflecting on progress.

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Employee experience platform to engage and connect everyone

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Workvivo is a central hub, streamlining all internal communication to build deeper connections with less noise, capturing the heartbeat of the organisation, and truly elevating the employee experience.

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Bring your frontline and office teams together

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MangoApps is a unified employee engagement platform that serves as a bridge between desk and deskless workers.

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ChartHop - People Analytics, Visualized

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ChartHop delivers a fresh take on People Analytics, bringing disparate sources of people data together in a dynamic platform that’s visual and actionable. This helps companies improve organizational health, drive alignment and accountability, and save time and money.

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Humble Dot


Team communication and collaboration platform

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Humble Dot is a cloud-based collaboration solution designed to help organizations streamline communications among multiple teams. Key features include workflow creation, automated check-ins, project planning, two-factor authentication, job prioritization, and remote team alignment.

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