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Jobma logo

Video interviews at $1

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Jobma is a video interviewing platform designed to streamline the candidate assessment process. It offers employers more insight into each applicant with live and on-demand video interviews. Jobma provides pre recorded video interviews, 1-on-1 and panel style interviews and built-in analytics.

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interviewstream logo

Interviews Simplified. Hiring Transformed.

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interviewstream helps reduce time-to-hire for small & large recruitment teams via video, voice, or written interviewing, automated interview scheduling, and AI tools.

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Dailymotion logo

Unleash the power of video

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Designed for small to large businesses, Dailymotion is a cloud-based video management solution that helps distribute and handle digital content via cross-device compatibility, playback options, content recommendations, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

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HulkHire logo

You are looking for best engineers, not the best resumes

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HulkHire is the first platform to empower talent acquisition leaders and hiring teams to replace resume-based reviews, screening calls, and first-round interviews with short, comprehensive interviews that objectively evaluate candidate success on technical, coding, and soft skill level.

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iMocha logo

AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessment

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A skills assessment platform that helps enterprises make intelligent talent decisions by using iMocha’s Talent Analytics.

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Talview logo

Gen AI-powered Interviewing and Proctoring Solution.

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Talview is a Gen AI-powered platform that offers interview and exam solutions. It helps organizations streamline their hiring process and conduct remote interviews and assessments. With features like video interviewing, AI-powered proctoring, and skill assessments,

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Modern Hire logo

Video interviewing solution for hiring managers

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Modern Hire is a web-based recruiting solution designed to help hiring managers automate processes related to talent acquisition by using predictive analytics. The integrated platform lets recruiters manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from pre-employment assessment to candidate interviews.

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Talentcube logo

Video recruitment software for recruiters and applicants

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Talentcube is a video recruiting software, which helps users streamline operations for identifying talent, inviting applicants, reviewing applications, and conducting interviews. Candidates can also create resumes, send video applications, and track their application status.

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Users also considered logo

Online video platform for market research and CX interviews

learn more is the leading video conferencing platform for market research. Secure and compliant, and packed with integrated features to help you quickly and efficiently recruit globally, pay participants, schedule, interview, translate, transcribe, record sessions, and create highlight reels.

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skeeled logo

Applicant tracking, video interview & personality testing

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skeeled is a cloud-based recruitment software which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to support recruitment process automation. The solution is designed to facilitate collaborative recruitment and offers an applicant tracking system (ATS), one-way video interviewing, and candidate personality t

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Digital Samba logo

Webinars, web-conferencing & streaming management solution

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Digital Samba (formerly known as Samba Live) helps businesses schedule, launch and manage webinars/video conferences to streamline meetings, eLearning sessions, broadcasts, and more. The white-label capabilities let enterprises personalize the interface using custom colors, logos and fonts to establish brand identity with clients.

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Hirevire logo

Automate collection of simple video/audio/text answers.

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Hirevire is a cloud-based tool to collect video or audio or text answers from candidates. It comes with standardized questions for all candidates. Candidates screen themselves at a time that's suitable for them. Team members can review the screening at a time suitable to them. They can talk to only the best candidates. It also lets users collect video/audio/text/files from candidates to reduce bias from recruiters. Additionally, they can share these answers with the interviewers.

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WePow logo

Video interviewing & talent engagement platform

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Wepow is a video interviewing & talent engagement software which helps organizations engage with & hire great talent through the power of video interviews

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Wamly logo
Category Leaders

One-way video interviewing platform and recruitment software

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Wamly allows businesses to interview candidates online through video chats, eliminating the need to attend in-person interviews. Users can set up interviews and have applicants attend them. The hiring party can view interview sessions at a later time. It also has resume and recruitment functions.

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Outmatch logo

Assessment tool for hiring, retaining and developing talent

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OutMatch is a single cloud-based recruitment platform for businesses, that assists with the hiring, retention and development of talented employees with candidate assessments, on-demand interview guidance, automated reference checking, onboarding, and the derivation of actionable workforce analytics

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HRMatrix logo

Human Resource Management Software

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HRMatrix is a complete Human Resource Management software for any size business. It provides a tool set to manage employee data in better, easier , simpler and smarter way from onboarding to timeoff, timesheet, expense tracking, company files, e-sign, hiring, employee learning and many more.

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Softy logo

Recruitment management and pre-employment testing tool

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Softy is a recruitment software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage career websites, job applications, candidates, video interviews, and more on a centralized platform. Hiring teams can create offers and distribute, advertise, and publish them across multiple websites or job boards.

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Fidio logo

Video interviewing platform that helps in hiring processes

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Fidio is a web-based video interview software designed to help recruiters and employers hire candidates for open job roles through video interviews. It lets applicants receive invitations to record answers to questions set by the employer.

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CleverConnect logo

Resume parsing, CV matching and video interviewing software

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CleverConnect is a recruitment software suite designed to assist businesses and staffing firms with resume sourcing and qualification of job applications. Features include video interviewing, resume parsing and matching, evaluations and more, in a collaborative SaaS solution tailored for your needs.

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Ant Media Server logo

live streaming, webrtc & video streaming server

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Ant Media Server is a highly scalable real-time video streaming solution configured for live video streaming needs, providing playback and recording on-premises or on public cloud networks like AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. It is designed to enable customers to deploy live video streaming solutions quickly without having to worry about how it works behind the scenes.

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Shine logo

Cloud-based video interviewing platform

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Shine is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that enables businesses to streamline applicant screening, shortlisting, recruiting, and more. Recruiters can set up interview questions for job roles and utilize white-labeling capabilities to promote brand value across customers.

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Interviewer.AI logo

Video interviewing platform that helps you shortlist better.

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Spend 3 mins on Interviewer.AI before you spend 30 mins with a candidate. With résumé scoring, skill assessment, and Asynchronous Video Interviews (AVIs), your time to hire can be less than 2 weeks.

Sign up for a demo to see our easy-to-use platform for shortlisting, interviewing and insights!

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FloCareer logo

Cloud-based video interview platform

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FloCareer is a cloud-based video interview platform with a curated unbiased interview structure delivered by freelance industry experts. The software helps companies make the best hiring decisions quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale.

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XOR logo

Text messaging, chatbots, and AI for recruiting teams

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XOR builds modern communication software that helps recruiting teams using text messaging, chatbots and artificial intelligence to hire the best people more efficiently. Hundreds of companies like IKEA, Exxon Mobil, and Manpower Group trust us to hire faster, lower costs, and delight candidates.

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Psychometric Assessments logo

Software for managing assessment in recruitment process

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Psychometric Assessments allows businesses to validate the candidates based only on their skills and values and eliminate bias from hiring using proven psychometric data.

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