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Arb Pro

Cloud-based software for tree surgeons & tree contractors

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Arb Pro overview

Arb Pro is a cloud-based CRM software designed specifically for tree surgeons and tree contractors to manage back office operations, quotes, sales processes, and more. Arb Pro provides a range of tree contractor office tools including an online calendar and dashboard, plus client data management, marketing, and tree mapping technology, which enables the creation of accurate site plans with exact tree locations. Users can also manage risk assessments, quotes and invoices from the same platform. As a cloud-based solution, Arb Pro gives users the flexibility to manage tree surgery business activities anytime, anywhere, from any internet-enabled device.

With the Arb Pro calendar, users can view and manage tree work appointments, as well as ad-hoc appointments such as holiday leave. Users can also check their calendar conveniently on the go via the Arb Pro mobile app. From the main dashboard, users have quick and central access to important data on quotes and invoices. Branded quotes and invoices can be sent and then kept on record for future reference. The dashboard’s summary view keeps users up-to-date on the current status of quotes and invoices, and enables users to send follow up sales letters or invoice reminders. Email and text messaging functionality allows users to send texts or emails with every quotation or email sent from the system. Other information, such as site plans, can be shared with clients as attachments to emails.

Arb Pro allows users to manage client contact information in one screen and link client data with Sage and other accounting software, as well as manage mass marketing campaigns to past customers.

Users can create and customize their own site specific risk assessment templates, which users can then download onto the mobile app. Via an iOS mobile app, users can manage appointments, check availability and add new customers, as well as map tree locations and carry out risk assessments while out in the field. The mobile app also supports the capture and annotation of pictures, tool list management, and job value recording.


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Arb Pro screenshot: The Arb Pro dashboard gathers and presents data on quotes and invoices in a summary viewArb Pro SoftwareArb Pro screenshot: Arb Pro includes an internal calendar to manage tree work appointments and ad-hoc appointments like holiday leave Arb Pro screenshot: Arb Pro allows users to send text messages and emails with every quotation and invoice sent from the systemArb Pro screenshot: Users can manage all of their client data in one screenArb Pro screenshot: Users can fully customize and build their own site-specific risk assessment templates, and then download them to the Arb Pro mobile appArb Pro screenshot: Tree mapping technology gives users the ability to map and show a tree's exact location

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Arb Pro pricing

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1st user: £50 per month
2nd-5th user: +£15 per user/month
6th-10th user: +£5 per user/month
Unlimited users: £130 per month

Arb Pro features

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Additional information for Arb Pro

Key features of Arb Pro

  • Tree mapping
  • Client management
  • Quote management
  • Invoice management
  • Risk assessment
  • Mail merge
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment management
  • CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Search functionality
  • Mobile surveyor/estimator app
  • Ad-hoc appointments
  • Summary view dashboard
  • Email & text messaging
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Mobile to office sync
  • Follow-up sales letters
  • Invoice reminders
  • Email attachments
  • Contact information management
  • Document referencing
  • Document recording
  • Sent history
  • Site specific risk assessment templates
  • Tree work data collection
  • Tree work descriptions
  • Tree work pictures
  • Availability management
  • Site plan management
  • Picture annotations
  • Job tool management
  • Finance summary
  • Filtered lists
  • Tree work costs
  • User photo capture & annotation
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A native iOS app gives users the flexibility to add clients and appointments as well as check their calendar and carry out risk assessments on the go, via iPhone and iPad devices.

The Arb Pro calendar allows users to view and manage all tree work appointments, plus other ad-hoc appointments such as holiday leave or tax running out on a vehicle.

Tree mapping technology allows users to produce site plans for staff to map and show the exact location of trees.

Arb Pro enables users to send branded quotes and invoices with their logos to clients. All sent documents are recorded and displayed in the history window for future reference.

Users can create and customize their own site specific risk assessment templates which are then available to download to the mobile app for use in the field.