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Liberty overview

Liberty from Softlink is a cloud-based knowledge & content management and library automation solution which enables the management of all library resources, whether physical, electronic, or virtual, from a single platform. The system is used by public libraries, specialist libraries, academic and higher education institutions, law firms, nonprofit organizations, government, and more.

Liberty allows users to manage and report on all library resources from within a single platform. Various navigation and search options are built-in, including book carousel navigation, predictive text searching, full-text search, faceted search, and advanced federated search. Library staff and users can manage their own personal library profiles, allowing self-service requesting and reservation of resources, and loan renewals. The system is self-checkout ready, with support for barcode and RFID scanning, and allows MARC21 records to be imported from other databases and libraries around the world.

Liberty also offers a range of custom modules for managing different library functions. The acquisitions module is designed to streamline the ordering and receipt processes for resources, with users able to configure cost centers, funds, and budgets, track expenditure, and review running budgets. Integration with OverDrive allows users to download audiobooks and eBooks directly from within the search interface in Liberty, via eZRead. The serials module enables the management of subscriptions to electronic journals and periodicals, with automatic notification of new arrivals, automated check-in processing, cataloguing of individual articles, and more. Third party integrations supplement the library catalogue with book reviews, cover images, summaries, tables of contents, annotations, excerpts, author biographies, and other information. SIP2 integration also allows users to connect Liberty with security gates, self service machines, and other hardware.


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Liberty screenshot: Liberty allows users to manage all of their library's resources, whether physical, electronic, or virtual, from a single interfaceLiberty highlights videoLiberty screenshot: Full-text, predictive text, faceted, and federated search functionality is built into LibertyLiberty screenshot: The advanced federated search can access more than 1600 research databasesLiberty screenshot: The Library Link app allows borrowers to manage their library profile from anywhereLiberty screenshot: Library Link allows users to view resources, and displays their availability in the resource listLiberty screenshot: Users can reserve resources through the Library Link appLiberty screenshot: Detailed information on each resource can be accessed through the Library Link app

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Key features of Liberty

  • Catalog management
  • Patron management
  • Fee collection
  • Kiosk integration
  • Periodicals management
  • Self service portal
  • Serials management
  • Knowledge management
  • Z39.50 support
  • E-book management
  • Acquisition management
  • Full-text search
  • Email integration
  • SMS integration
  • RFID & barcode scanning
  • Self checkout
  • URL checker
  • Z-cataloguing
  • MARC21 record import
  • Single Sign-On
  • User access controls
  • Predictive text searching
  • Links to interactive resources
  • Faceted search
  • Advanced federated search
  • Book carousel navigation
  • Relevancy ranking
  • Google book preview integration
  • Equipment & asset resource management
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Real-time reminders & alerts
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The acquisitions module allows users to set up cost centers, configure funds and budgets, track expenditure and review running budgets, and enter catalog records into the ordering screen.

The bookings module enables library users to place holds on resources for specific times, dates, and durations according to lending rules, which can be customized for teams or individual users.

The integrated federated search engine allows users to search multiple data sources in real time, with access to more than 1600 research databases.

The LibraryLink mobile app can be used to search, view, and reserve resources, renew loans, and download search results or reading lists using QR codes.

The serials module allows users to manage electronic journal and periodical subscriptions, with automatic email notifications to alert interested borrowers to new arrivals, automated check-in processing using publisher barcodes, the ability to catalog individual articles and upload contents pages, and more.