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Propeller Platform

Browser-based 3D site surveying

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Propeller Platform overview

Propeller is a web-based analytics and data visualization platform which allows users to measure and map their worksites through 3D site surveys. The software is designed to streamline stockpile measurements, design conformance and road-grade checks, and volumetrics, and enable visual assessment of sites.

Data from drone surveys is used to create 3D site surveys in Propeller Platform. All data processed through the platform is delivered with filtering analysis, checkpoint verification, and processing reports, and is reviewed by Propeller’s data team to ensure its quality. Stockpile and pit volumners can be calculated within seconds to provide accurate inventory estimates. The platform can also be used for blasting and extraction planning, and haul road monitoring with its 3D visuals and simple measurement tools.

Propeller Platform provides users with a timeline of their site surveys, enabling visual assessment of progress over time and identification of nonconformance issues. Design surfaces can also be uploaded for comparison against site surveys. Measurement breakdowns are recorded in downloadable CSV and PDF reports, and users can share reports with colleagues. Direct-to-measurement hyperlinks are included to simplify collaboration between users.


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Propeller Platform features

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Key features of Propeller Platform

  • 3D Modeling
  • Checkpoint Verification
  • Cross Section Creation
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Nonconformance Issue Identification
  • Pit Optimization Reporting
  • Pit Volume Calculation
  • Road Grade Checks
  • Stockpile Volume Measurement
  • Surveying
  • Visual Progress Tracking
  • Visual Site Timeline
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• A full 3D site model allows users to create full virtual walkthroughs, and streamline volumetrics, stockpile measurements, design conformance checks, and road-grade checks.

• Data quality can be verified with processing reports, checkpoint verification, and filtering analysis delivered with every dataset.

• The timeline slider allows users to visually assess surveys of their site over time and compare progress made.

• Design surfaces and linework can be uploaded and compared against the final grade with single-point, cross-section, or surface-to-surface comparisons.

• Propeller’s data team review design uploads, images, and checkpoints to ensure that all data is processed accurately.