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Public safety command center with emergency notifications

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CommandCentral overview

CommandCentral by Motorola Solutions is a public safety command center software that facilitates central surveillance of emergencies and helps mobilize workflows and information so that first responders get the information they need quickly. CommandCentral helps deliver mission-critical operations to ensure lifeline teams are ready in advance. It puts real-time video and data in the hands of first responders, so they can effectively respond to the situation.

CommandCentral features the latest radio technology to help everyone on the network stay connected at all times. Video surveillance and analytics help detect and deter crime well before things get too serious. The broadband PTT (Push-To-Talk) solution helps first responders and tactical operatives stay focused during their mission by giving seamless connectivity. It can be connected through a radio, PC or a smartphone.

Running on AI, CommandCentral serves to enhance a team’s decision-making capabilities and automates all manual processes. It offers unique integrations between a wide range of applications and seamless data sharing to simplify the team’s experience during a mission. Other features include coordinating a quick response, maximizing collaboration between agencies and increasing situation awareness.


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Motorola Solutions Command Center Software Suite for Public Safety

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CommandCentral features

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API (129 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (64 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (51 other apps)
CRM Integration (60 other apps)
Call Monitoring (52 other apps)
Call Recording (81 other apps)
Call Reporting (50 other apps)
Call Transfer (58 other apps)
Caller ID (58 other apps)
Chat (72 other apps)
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Instant Messaging (55 other apps)
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Monitoring (51 other apps)
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SMS Integration (49 other apps)
Third Party Integration (77 other apps)
Voice Mail (50 other apps)

Additional information for CommandCentral

Key features of CommandCentral

  • AI & machine learning
  • Advanced analytics
  • Broadband PTT
  • Case management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Court management integration
  • Crime scene management
  • Criminal database
  • Data sharing
  • Dispatching
  • Emergency call handling
  • Evidence management
  • Field reporting
  • Geo targeting
  • Incident mapping
  • Land mobile radio support
  • Mass notifications
  • Public safety LTE support
  • Public safety management
  • Response management
  • Scheduling
  • Secure platform
  • Service management
  • Two-way communication
  • Video surveillance & self-learning video analytics
  • Workflow management
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• The PTT (Push-To-Talk) can be used to add quality of service preemption and priority of MCPTT to existing communications that are critical.

• CommandCentral can be connected to two-way radios that are built to handle rough situations and weather conditions.

• CommandCentral is designed to convert huge volumes of data into actionable intelligence that can be used to plan strategies for solving a crime or plan responses that are much smarter.

• The platform can be integrated with Avigilon and Motorola Solutions to help provide an analytics and surveillance solution that will cater to rapidly increasing public safety requirements.

• CommandCentral’s advanced logic and context engines help in completing processes and managing administrative tasks to help teams focus more on important tasks.