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Smartplan logo



Employee Scheduling for small and midsized companies

learn more
Smartplan supports small and midsized companies with optimizing and digitalizing their Workforce Management processes. We offer employee scheduling tools, precise time-tracking, overtime management, absence management, a communication platform, ESS and data exports for executing further analysis.

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Sqed logo



Simple and smart internal communication

learn more
Sqed is the simplest, smartest and most agile digital platform for internal communication.
Sqed connects people to organizational content in a very easy way raising productivity and engagement

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Chat platform for streamlining business communication

learn more is an AI-powered team chat platform that makes it easier for groups of any size to interact and work together more efficiently than ever before.

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Vega HR logo

Vega HR


Employee recognition software

learn more
Vega HR is a employee recognition software that helps inculcate a culture of continuous feedback & recognition using channels like rewards, P2P shoutouts and coupons.

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Workbeat logo



Cloud-based workforce management tool for HR managers.

learn more
Workbeat is a cloud-based human resource management tool which helps midsize and large businesses in retail, events, design, construction, and other sectors organize employee records, manage payroll processes, and streamline internal communications. The solution lets managers categorize organizational structure by positions or job descriptions, group employees using staff templates, and catalog employee skills and strengths.

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Workplace from Meta logo

Workplace from Meta


A simple and secure way to connect your organization.

learn more
Workplace from Facebook is a simple and secure way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected communities.

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Sling logo



Employee scheduling made easy and free!

learn more
Sling is a scheduling and communication software that incorporates employee scheduling, team messaging, time tracking, task management and reporting functionalities and allows managers and employees alike to organize all aspects of their work on a single platform.

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WinTeam logo



ERP software for janitorial and security contractors

learn more
WinTeam is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help janitorial and security service contractors manage their workforce and automate financial operations. Features include performance tracking, job costing, timekeeping, benefits planning, analytics and reporting.

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One Chat logo

One Chat


Messaging application for MAC and iPad users

learn more
One Chat is a MAC-based messaging application designed to help Mac users communicate across multiple social accounts including WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, and LinkedIn via a unified platform. Administrators can define the time and date for messages in advance and send communications to specific individuals using different messaging services.

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Axonify logo



The frontline learning solution that actually works.

learn more
Axonify is a central hub for training and communication for your frontline workforce. Keep you frontline teams engaged and connected to your organization with an internal social feed, built just for them.

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Zoho Cliq logo

Zoho Cliq


Team communication software

learn more
Zoho Cliq is a team communication & collaboration solution from Zoho with team & private channels, video conferencing, file sharing, searchable chat histories & more

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The digital workplace for your frontline teams

learn more
Manage yout frontline team with an all-in-one digital workplace for task management, communication, and training.

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Starmind logo



Workforce and knowledge management software

learn more
Starmind is a workforce and knowledge management software that is designed to assist multiple business sectors, such as human resources, sales, research & development, customer support, project staffing, and IT operations. It helps organizations manage content, share knowledge resources, handle networking, search specific information, and more from within a unified platform.

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Yapp logo



Mobile app builder for communications, community, and events

learn more
Yapp is a web and mobile app builder that lets you create iOS and Android apps for internal communications, community, teams, and events with no coding knowledge required.

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learn more
SocialChorus is the workforce communications platform that empowers companies to work as one.

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GaggleAMP logo



Employee advocacy and engagement tool for content marketing

learn more
We enable companies to boost the distribution of workforce internal employee communications and external social media messaging by fostering a network of people via employee advocacy.

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Happeo logo



An exclusive G Suite integrated Intranet & social platform

learn more
Happeo is a modern intranet software focused on improving internal communications. It integrates exclusively with G Suite and provides users with a content management system, employee engagement analytics, permission management brand customization and the rest of the Google’s collaboration tools.

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Butterfly logo



Great Managers make great teams

learn more
Designed for businesses of all sizes, Butterfly is an employee management solution that enables managers to get feedback, initiate conversations and build connections with employees no matter where they are in the organization.

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Netpresenter  logo



Emergency notification and internal communication platform

learn more
Netpresenter is a collaboration application that facilitates firms to keep employees informed and engaged, improving productivity and workplace safety. Key features include geotargeting, scenario planning, survey & contact management, multi-channel communication, and real-time chat messaging.

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VidyoConnect logo



Web conferencing platform for chat and video communication

learn more
VidyoConnect is a web conferencing platform that helps corporate businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations conduct virtual meetings and facilitate team communication through audio or video calls. Customers can record video conferences or meetings for future reference.

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Team on the Run logo

Team on the Run


The All-in-one Business Process Communication solution

learn more
Secure private smartphone/desktop communication and other process automation tools for leading business teams: group chats, PTT, NFC, VoIP..

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Oracle Cloud HCM logo

Oracle Cloud HCM


This is Work Made Human

learn more
Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of human capital management applications that help find and retain talent including HR, benefits, payroll, & performance management

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Jive logo



Interactive intranet and collaboration hub for business.

learn more
Jive's Interactive Intranet unites your people, information and content in a single hub for getting work done. It's a secure out-of-the-box solution for company communications, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, with an engaging user experience that drives adoption and productivity.

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Lark logo



Collaboration tool for SMEs and education institutes

learn more
Lark is a collaboration software that helps businesses establish communication through instant messaging and audio or video calling. It lets users create chat threads and view interaction history to streamline communication and provide context on specific topics.

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Teamogy logo



Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies

learn more
Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies from startups to large international companies. Helps to manage company finances, people and documents. Share, access and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

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