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AppsWatch overview

AppsWatch is an application performance monitoring solution which enables users to monitor all business applications for Citrix, PeopleSoft, Windows, Oracle, custom apps, and more. Proactive performance monitoring, troubleshooting and SLA reporting technology helps users to identify and resolve issues or irregularities in performance. Regular analysis and SLA reports allow users to see trends in application behavior over time, allowing users to plan accordingly.

Protocol-independent technology allows users to test any application in any environment. With the ScenarioBuilder, users can create any sequence of end user actions without the need for complex test scripts. AppsWatch simulates real user activity instead of relying on network activity deductions or calculations when monitoring response times.

Dashboards and reports give users actionable insight into performance data, with the ability to move between annual, monthly, daily, hourly, and 10-minute data. Continuous monitoring helps users identify problems at any time of day. Deep front end or back end error analysis with screenshots also allows users to visualize application performance data.


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AppsWatch screenshot: The ScenarioBuilder allows users to create any sequence of end user actions without the need for complex scriptingPerformance Testing and Monitoring: AppsWatchAppsWatch screenshot: Dashboards and reporting give users actionable insight into performance dataAppsWatch screenshot: View deep front end and back end error analysis with screenshotsAppsWatch screenshot: Click to see an actual screenshot of the failed screen with the error or missing icon circled in redAppsWatch screenshot: Generate graphs to view peak problem periods, recurring trends, summary statistics & moreAppsWatch screenshot: Create daily, monthly, and yearly analysis reports

AppsWatch reviews

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Jared Butler

I enjoy using AppsWatch and Scenario Builder you can automate and test functionality of applications

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

We benefit from this software by developing scripts to automate processes when testing version upgrades in EPIC.The OCR is a nice feature. I also enjoy the record option which makes scripting easier to complete. The smart image configurator is very useful in troubleshooting unfound images

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AppsWatch features

Data Import/Export
Real Time Data
Real Time Reporting
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration

API (249 other apps)
Access Control (70 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (106 other apps)
Activity Tracking (62 other apps)
Application Integration (67 other apps)
Auditing (75 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (98 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (57 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (82 other apps)
Projections (64 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (76 other apps)
SSL Security (68 other apps)
User Activity Monitoring (54 other apps)
Workflow Management (70 other apps)

Additional information for AppsWatch

Key features of AppsWatch

  • Individual transaction tracing
  • Root-cause diagnosis
  • Full transaction diagnostics
  • Alerts
  • Numerical paging
  • SNMP trap
  • Custom scripts
  • Email alerts
  • Assignment management
  • Customizable alarm thresholds
  • Four alert levels: down, error, warning, information
  • Custom reactions
  • Monitoring window profile creation
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time data
  • Real-time analytics
  • Historical graphs
  • Comparison graphs
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Summary reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Template management
  • Periodic reporting
  • User management
  • Third party integrations
  • Proactive performance monitoring
  • Response time monitoring
  • Testing management
  • Protocol-independent technology
  • Real user activity simulation
  • Scenario builder
  • SLA reports
  • Dashboards
  • Front end error analysis
  • Back end error analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Data export
  • Text filtering
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AppsWatch allows users to monitor all business applications from a single, central platform.

Protocol-independent technology enables users to test any business application in any environment.

No complex scripting is required as users can create any sequence of end user actions through the ScenarioBuilder.

AppsWatch is compatible with all layers of a user’s environment including Citrix, 3rd party applications, Windows, VMware, and more.

Dashboards and SLA reports help users gain actionable insight into performance data.