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Cacti® overview

Cacti® is an opensource RRDTool (Round Robin Database Tool) that enables you to input data and information feeds to the platform and Cacti® will automatically generate accurate graphs and diagrams based on the feeds. Cacti® is free to download and comes complete with regular patch updates and mods. You can visit the website to donate to the Cacti® developers.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Cacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-UserManagementHow to monitor devices with CactiCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-SettingsCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-PreviewModeCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-GraphZoomCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-GraphSettingsCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-DualPaneTreeView2Cacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-DualPaneTreeViewCacti® screenshot: Cacti-RRDTool-DeviceManagement

Cacti® reviews

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Jeremy Cunningham

Cacti is Great

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-19
Review Source: GetApp

Very useful I use it to graph my routers, switches and printersThe graphs,the ability to use SNMPv3 and the community which is of course FOSS

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Cacti® is an open source platform, users are encouraged to donate via the website.

Cacti® features


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Additional information for Cacti®

Key features of Cacti®

  • RRDTool
  • Open source
  • User management
  • Graph display
  • Templates
  • Data gathering
  • Data sources
  • Graphs
  • Free download
  • Sendmail Statistics
  • Connected FreeRadius Users
  • Bind 9 Statistics
  • iptables Chain Counters
  • Apache Statistics
  • Echoping Response Time
  • Perl-Based cmd.php Replacement
  • Perl-based TCP Ping
  • Sendmail Stats
  • qmail Stats
  • Get Memory Information
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Displays and graphs: By feeding data and information into Cacti® the platform automatically takes the codes and creates real-time charts and displays to reflect the data.

Open source and free downloads: Cacti® is 100% free to download and the software is accustom to regular patch updates and integrations - which are free to update on your software.

Data sources and gathering: All Cacti® feeds can be modified and updated whenever you need. The code is completely transparent and you see exactly what Cacti® displays in the end product.

User management and displays: Cacti® gives you complete customization of your graphs and management of data flow. Cacti® generates the data in a matter of minutes giving you accurate diagrams and graphs.

Additional Cacti® scripts:
-Sendmail Statistics
-Connected FreeRadius Users
-Bind 9 Statistics
-iptables Chain Counters
-Apache Statistics
-Echoping Response Time
-Perl-Based cmd.php Replacement
-Perl-based TCP Ping
-Nagios Data Collection Scripts for Cacti
-Sendmail Stats
-qmail Stats
-Get Apache Webhits