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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 logo

Data backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is designed to help businesses schedule backups and restore data for various Microsoft 365 applications such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. The application enables employees to streamline data recovery, mining, testing, filtering, and storage operations via a unified platform.

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Locoia logo

Germany-based all-in-one integration & automation platform

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Locoia is a Germany-based all-in-one integration & automation platform (iPaaS) tailored-to-the European market with its special requirements in terms of data protection and GDPR compliance.

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MineOS logo

Simplifying data privacy & eliminating compliance complexity

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With Mine’s PrivacyOps, you can drastically simplify data privacy operations at your organization. Mine's platform emphasizes automation and simplicity with the end goal of making the system as user-friendly as possible while maintaining impactful features and great design.

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Genuity IT Admin Suite logo

IT management platform for businesses of all sizes

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Genuity IT Admin Suite is a cloud-based platform which helps businesses generate actionable insights and streamline process workflows for IT departments. Key features include ticket management, network monitoring, asset performance tracking, and spend analysis.

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Frontegg logo

User Management for the PLG Era

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Frontegg is a developer platform that enables product-led-growth via a user-management UI interface embedded seamlessly for SaaS apps.

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Business performance management software

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SCALUE is a business-performance management software that helps procurement teams gain real-time insight into total spending to discover hidden costs and inefficiencies across business processes. Administrators can categorize unstructured procurement data and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

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BetterCloud logo

Eliminate up to 78% of SaaS management work

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BetterCloud eliminates up to 78% of SaaS management work by automating onboarding, offboarding & mid-lifecycle changes, SaaS application access & entitlements, and security policies in a multi-SaaS environment.

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Platoyo logo

Marketplace solution

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Platoyo is a user-friednly cloud-based marketplace solution for B2C and B2B multi-vendor platforms. The platform offers features such as shopping cart, automatic billing & invoicing, GraphQL interface, legal templates, and more.

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Qualys Cloud Platform logo

Computer and network security software for IT professionals

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Qualys Cloud Platform is designed to help businesses automate the security and monitoring of web applications and gain visibility into the utilization of IT assets. It enables IT professionals to detect threats related to unauthorized access across networks and conduct audits and IP scans.

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Jamio openwork logo

Workflow Managment, Nocode, Development Platform, Cloud.

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Jamio is a no-code business process management platform designed to create cloud applications. The applications created on Jamio openwork platform helps companies drive digital transformation. It can automate and simplify company procedures, manage documents , offer collaboration tools and much more

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WASK logo

AI-based digital marketing and advertising solution

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WASK is an AI-based SaaS solution designed to assist advertisers in managing their digital campaigns. The platform helps advertisers achieve better results without requiring technical knowledge by automating the optimization of campaigns to target more customers and users. WASK also facilitates the measurement of website and application visitors and customers.

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Cledara logo

All-in-One SaaS Management Platform

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Cledara is a SaaS management software that helps businesses manage and streamline purchasing, management, and cancellation processes on a unified platform. Supervisors can gain visibility of all SaaS subscriptions to improve operational processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

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EQUP logo

A Premium CRM Software that Truly Performs

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EQUP is designed is to bridge the gap between the currently available solutions and the requirements of small business owners.

Things that no one else offer
- Inventory pooling
- Free version has no feature restrictions
- Dedicated resource to manage your account.
- Industry-specific solutions

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Sensory analysis software

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SENSESBIT is a sensory analysis software for companies to conduct sensory studies. It generates automatic reports thanks to artificial intelligence. SENSESBIT works with predictive models which allow teams to anticipate consumers’ tastes and create the ideal product they are looking for, thus reducing the failure rate in the launch of new products to the market.

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Cloudmore logo

B2B Subscription providers across many verticals

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Use Cloudmore to solve your B2B subscription billing and management challenges.

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Recurring logo

Take control of your software subscriptions

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It is a SaaS subscription management tool that helps founders & managers track the expenses, usage, and efficiency of their platforms.

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onetool logo

SaaS management tool with spend reporting

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onetool is a web-based users provisioning software designed to help businesses set up and disable all their company's apps, including Slack, G Suite, Trello and more. It lets teams to add new hires to apps based on their profiles, update app access according to role or department changes, and automatically disable access to apps when an employee leaves the organization.

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Python RPA logo

Robotic Process Automation Platform

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PythonRPA is a no-code, user-friendly RPA platform that streamlines operations and boosts productivity. Easily automate tasks, integrate with popular software, and deploy bots without restrictions. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, offering partnership opportunities for integrators.

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SailPoint logo

Enterprise identity. Secured.

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Transform enterprise security with SailPoint. Our AI-driven security platform provides the autonomous governance that best solves the needs for the modern enterprise. Ensure that the right identities have the right access to the right data at the right time.

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Axonius logo

Cybersecurity asset management platform

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Axonius is a cybersecurity asset management platform which gives organizations a comprehensive asset inventory, helps uncover security solution coverage gaps, & automatically validates & enforces security policies with 130+ management & security solution integrations, & more.

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Thales Sentinel logo

Entitlement-Driven Growth

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Thales Sentinel offers dynamic licensing and entitlement management for rapidly expanding businesses.

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Blissfully logo

SaaS application license, usage, and spend management

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Blissfully is a cloud-based SaaS management solution which provides organizations with automated visibility into their SaaS apps, spend, and usage. The platform also includes workflows for change management and IT automations to streamline onboarding, offboarding, and other repetitive tasks.

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Push Security logo

Stop identity attacks.

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Push is a browser-based identity security solution.

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IT and SaaS account management & monitoring

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Youzer is an online IT and SaaS account management and monitoring software that helps companies to allocate the relevant tools to their employees and control the use of SaaS apps within their IT system. Additional features include anomaly detection, cost analysis, and IT security via the dashboard.

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Sastrify logo

SaaS Procurement and Management Software

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Sastrify makes it easy to discover, manage and negotiate your software subscriptions saving you 35% or more on your SaaS Stack (Guaranteed). Sync over 22,000 solutions — from Google Workspace to AWS hosting — and get complete transparency into your SaaS stack.

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