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Lex Machina

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Lex Machina overview

What is Lex Machina?

Lex Machina is a cloud-based legal analytics software that enables law firms to assess cases, extract litigation data, and predict case outcomes using natural language processing and machine learning technologies. It helps lawyers formulate potential strategies by analyzing opposing counsels' client lists, legal status as defendants, plaintiffs or counter claimants, and case counts.

Lex Machina allows businesses to analyze litigation data for cases across the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), district courts, and International Trade Commission (ITC). The case management platform lets law firms monitor judges' responses to specific cases, utilize the motion metrics report to view grant or deny rates, and calculate the potential time taken for trial, termination, or permanent injunction. Businesses can use the solution to compare law firms and gain insights into trends, case termination rates or damage incurred through charts or graphs. Using party group editor and case damage analytics, lawyers can evaluate stakeholders' legal status and the number of lawsuits or damages involved.

Using Lex Machina's patent portfolio evaluator, attorneys can access the patent's litigation history and examine damages, infringement or cases of invalidity. The motion kickstarter helps lawyers draft legal motions, compare drafts to previously used styles, and search the database based on the court or judge's name.


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Key features of Lex Machina

  • Dockets & Documents
  • Intellectual property litigation data & analytics
  • Judges & Case Outcomes
  • Search by keywords, case types, case studies, parties, dates
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