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Gnosis for Nonprofits

Church and nonprofit database software

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Gnosis for Nonprofits overview

Gnosis for Nonprofits is a membership and donor management software aimed at churches and nonprofits, with features for accounting, facility rentals and bookings, online giving, mass communication, event management and registration, membership and subscription billing, feedback collection, and more.

Gnosis enables users to consolidate information from multiple existing databases and spreadsheets into a single source, and manages details about both existing and potential members, donors, and volunteers. Members can be grouped into families and organizations, allowing users to select whether to send out either individual or household communications.

Gnosis provides multiple options for donation processing, including online donations, direct debit and credit card giving, and bulk check scanning. Transactions funnel through an inbuilt accounting system or the optional QuickBooks accounting integration for automatic export, and users can choose from a range of donor acknowledgment options to be sent out.

Gnosis offers users built-in mail merge and email generation tools, allowing users to send out personalized mass emails to members, with delivery tracking and open statistics to inform users on how their email communications are performing. A full communication history is recorded in member profiles, including the email opening statistics. Users can also send letters by mail to members without a valid email address.

Gnosis enables users to create and manage both simple and complex, multi-day events, and order and allocate resources for attendees. Members can register for events online, or through invitation and event marketing emails. Events can be filtered so that different calendars appear in different areas of the website, and event marketing can be targeted to different member demographics.

Gnosis also offers users the ability to collect feedback from members, using surveys and online feedback forms, inviting members to complete these by email, or by adding a link to members’ home pages. All responses are logged against members' profiles, and data is aggregated for analysis with spreadsheets and pivot tables.


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Gnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Gnosis keeps users informed of follow-ups and issues requiring resolutionGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Member profiles in Gnosis can contain contact information, contribution histories, communication preferences, issues and action items, and moreGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Gnosis allows users to set access privileges based on administrative rolesGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: With integrated email, users can send out newsletters, event invitations, and contribution acknowledgements through GnosisGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Gnosis enables users to track both online and offline donations, and keep contributions records for donorsGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Users can schedule and manage multiple events in Gnosis, and allocate both returnable and consumable resourcesGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Gnosis' integrated mail merge tool allows users to personalize communications with church membersGnosis for Nonprofits screenshot: Users can schedule and run a range of reports with Gnosis

Gnosis for Nonprofits reviews


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Tim Gossett

We had high hopes but it didn't quite work for us

Reviewed 2014-11-18
Review Source: Capterra

After a long and extensive search for a Church Management Software, we chose to move to Gnosis from one of the most popular other systems. Unfortunately, we've decided a year later that the move wasn't a good one for us and we're searching again for something else. Overall, it's a great product, but for certain kinds of congregations/faith groups - those with good technological sophistication, and those that are definitely OK with using a product that was developed first and foremost with nonprofits - not churches - specifically in mind. Pros - super powerful back end with extreme customizability; very quick and powerful searching of members; powerful (though difficult to learn) report creator; full-featured scheduler; a decent integrated web platform; lots of new features in development that I've heard about (e.g. a more powerful email newsletter tool.) All in all, it's got a huge feature set that I'd say is larger when compared to almost every other competitor in the Church Management Software category. And unlike a few of the big ChMS competitors (be sure to read those Terms of Service carefully!), they don't discriminate against some churches because of their theology. Cons - it really isn't the most intuitive product when you need to get past the basics. We ran into a few bugs - most of which were addressed fairly quickly, but some either never were for a few months or else we just never heard that they were fixed. No user group. The interface is a bit cluttered. Promises were regularly made about when certain things or data would be transferred, fixed, added etc. but frequently deadlines weren't met and we often never heard if a request was taken care of. The program is definitely better suited to nonprofits than to churches, as a lot of the language is just "off" a bit (e.g. sending a member an "invoice" instead of a pledge statement.) Pricey, though there are certainly some that cost more.

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Michael Scott

Fully-integrated organizational software with amazing features at a reasonable price

Reviewed 2016-03-15
Review Source: Capterra

Gnosis is without a doubt an amazing software package. The more one works with it, the more capabilities one discovers. Prior to installing Gnosis, we had three separate databases that were not compatible with one another - the programs were unable to communicate with our donor records; email was separate, requiring constant syncing of data. After installing Gnosis we had one comprehensive fully-integrated database. All departments are now able to effectively communicate to serve our community of over 10,000 names. Gnosis is used to create web blasts, general communications, handle donation management, program registration and attendance tracking and all calendaring, webcasts and reporting for all departments. This has greatly increased our capability and efficiency. The beauty of Gnosis is the ability to individualize the modules for different work environments. Modules can be used as needed and customized to address specific requirements. Because of the flexibility of the system, it is useful to have at least one person with business process or technical expertise to manage the system, and the individual departments become acquainted with the modules that are needed for their specific activities. It can take some time and effort to become familiar with all of the capabilities of Gnosis, but the more one learns, the more it will benefit the entire organization. Tech support is excellent. There are instructional videos to explain and demonstrate how to perform different tasks and if more assistance is needed, tech support is extremely responsive and available to assist with problem solving. Finally, the financial investment and maintenance cost is more than reasonable for the product features that are available. I have yet to see any product on the market that matches Gnosis in price or function.

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Gnosis for Nonprofits pricing

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There are five subscription levels available:

Express - $575 setup fee, $98 per month
Bronze - $675 setup fee, $165 per month
Silver - $775 setup fee, $249 per month
Gold - $975 setup fee, $386 per month
Platinum - $1275 setup fee, $884 per month

Gnosis for Nonprofits features

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Email Integration

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Additional information for Gnosis for Nonprofits

Key features of Gnosis for Nonprofits

  • QuickBooks integration add-on
  • Mail merge tool
  • Email delivery and opening statistics
  • Donation tracking
  • Donor management
  • Bulk check scanning
  • Online donation processing
  • Online event registration
  • Event calendar
  • Returnable and consumable resource allocation
  • Private events
  • Targeted event marketing
  • Event registration from within emails
  • Membership management
  • Automated recurring billing
  • Membership invoicing
  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Facility rentals and bookings
  • Physical and digital publication distribution
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Manage information about all member and relationship types, including members, volunteers, existing donors, potential donors, and more, with the option to group members into families and organizations.

Process donations in multiple ways, such as bulk check scanning, giving via direct debit or credit card, and online contribution processing, with a range of donor acknowledgment options available.

Contact members with personalized emails, using the inbuilt mail merge tool, with delivery tracking and opening statistics.

Schedule events, from one-off functions to multi-day, multi-session events, with the option to allocate both returnable and consumable resources to attendees, and allow members to register online or directly from their invitation emails.

Carry out surveys and collect member feedback online, and invite members to complete forms via email or embedded links in their homepage, with all responses logged against each member’s profile.