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ParishSOFT logo



Church management software for parishes and dioceses

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ParishSOFT is a church management software that helps parishes and dioceses manage operations related to religious education, donations, pledges, and more. The family database allows administrators to register members for formation classes, create volunteer lists, and update contact information.

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ShelbyNext Membership logo

ShelbyNext Membership


Cloud hosted solution for church and nonprofit organization

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ShelbyNext Membership offers attendance tracking, events scheduling and automating processes & workflows for churches and other non-profit organizations

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Breeze logo



Cloud-based church management software

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Breeze is a cloud-based church management software designed to assist small & mid-sized churches in managing events, donations, follow-ups, volunteers, and more

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Aplos logo



Accounting and giving software for nonprofits & churches.

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Aplos makes church management easy by letting you track designated funds, run reports, communicate with your congregation, accept online giving, and generate giving statements by member or household. You can also use Text to Give to accept tithes and offerings.

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Elexio Community logo

Elexio Community


Smart and Simple Integrated Church Management Software

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Elexio Community is cloud-enabled church management software that is simple, easy to use, and integrated, for whole church management. Start your free trial today!

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T.M.A.S. logo



People Counting - Management and Analytics Software

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Storetraffic is a web-based footfall counting software designed to help retail stores, libraries, casinos, large events, places of worship, community centers, and other physical locations monitor, calculate, and manage the crowd and occupant density of the premises.

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Servant Keeper logo

Servant Keeper


Complete church management software, on cloud or on premise.

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Manage everything from attendance to contributions with web, mobile, and desktop apps for pastors, teachers, staff, and members!

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SimpleChurch CRM logo

SimpleChurch CRM


Smart & integrated cloud-based church management software

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SimpleChurch CRM is simple, easy to use, and integrated, cloud-based church management software. Start your free trial today!

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Aware3 logo



A Member Engagement Platform for churches: Mobile App + Text

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Church mobile app, real-time messaging, giving, forms, member insights, support and services.

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Mobile Text Alerts logo

Mobile Text Alerts


#1 SMS Marketing Service for Businesses

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Mobile Text Alerts helps businesses grow their sales through SMS marketing. Our online dashboard and mobile app allows users to send and receive mass text messages, manage subscribers, segment lists, engage in 2-way conversations, connect integrations and interact with messaging analytics.

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TouchPoint logo



Flexible Church Management System with Mobile App

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TouchPoint is the only fully mobile-responsive church management system with native iPhone and Android apps that sync two ways with your database.

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Faith Teams logo

Faith Teams


Easy & Affordable Church Management Software. Start Free!

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Easy & Affordable Church Management Software with all the features you need in One Single System.

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Churchteams logo



Church and small group management software

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Churchteams is a church management software aimed at churches overseeing multiple small groups and ministries

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Church Office Online logo

Church Office Online


Web based church management software

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Church Office Online is a church management software which includes native iPhone and Android apps, designed to support churches of all sizes

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Church Windows logo

Church Windows


Web based and hosted management software for churches

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Church Windows is a church management software for modern churches to manage memberships, donations, church receipts, budget and employee payroll

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FlockBase logo



Church management solution for small to midsize churches

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FlockBase is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help small to midsize churches streamline processes related to accounting, payroll, memberships, communications, attendance tracking, and more. The online giving module allows donors to make contributions via credit cards or eChecks.

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Anedot logo



Powerful fundraising tools made easy for everyone

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Anedot is a cloud-based platform designed to help churches, political campaigns, ministries, schools, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes manage and streamline processes related to fundraising. It allows users to create & manage multiple campaigns and accept donations from various sources.

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Gabriel  logo



Church management tool for streamlining parish communication

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GabrielSoft is a simple-to-use cloud-based church membership management software. Manage data as well as member and group communication, service scheduling, fundraising, and religious education. Level-up your administration skills so you can spend less time behind your computer screen and more time

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Donarius logo



Church management system with donation tracking features

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Donarius is a web-based church management system for small to medium-sized churches and ministries. It includes donation tracking, gift registry, attendance tracking, photo directory, and other features. The system allows churches to manage people, events, and administration tasks, all from one easy-to-use integrated system.

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Text In Church logo

Text In Church


The trusted text & email software to help your church thrive

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Specifically for communication via email and text messaging for churches.

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Bitrix24 logo



100% free CRM, collaboration and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 #1 free church management software. Cloud, mobile, open source.

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SeekerWorks logo



Church management software for nonprofits and churches

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SeekerWorks is a church management software designed to help churches and nonprofit organizations handle visitors, volunteers, attendance, pledges, fund accounting processes, and more. Pastors can access assimilation forms, add or update prayer requests and add required information including name, address, marital status, contact details, family members, and other fields.

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grplife Church Edition logo

grplife Church Edition


Church management and social networking platform

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grplife Church Edition is a church management system that combines social networking, people management and productivity functions in a single software

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GraceSoft Church Reservation System logo

GraceSoft Church Reservation System


Reservation management software for churches

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GraceSoft Church Reservation System is a church management software designed to help congregations handle online ticketing processes, visitors, members, registrations, and more from within a unified platform. Administrators can schedule emails to send reminders to members about upcoming services and customize confirmation messages according to requirements.

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ChurchTrac logo



Online church management software

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ChurchTrac is a church management software with features for membership management, donation tracking, accounting, reporting and attendance management

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Church Management

If your church is losing membership faster than ever, it is time to reflect on what can be changed in the ways you manage and interact with the members. Some of the reasons that potentially affect membership include lack of communication with members, mismanagement of donations and pledges, and something as simple as losing member data.

Churches can deploy church management software for:

  • Storing and updating member data so that no contact gets misplaced.

  • Managing volunteers and tallying their schedules for congregations.

  • Tracking donations to make sure that financial contributions are safe and accounted for.

  • Fostering communication between members and ministers through text messages, emails, etc. to boost engagement.

  • Tracking member attendance and analyzing reports to identify areas of improvement.

Despite the evident benefits, it could be tough to convince the church staff to invest in a software tool. A major reason behind this is the lack of confidence that technology can help religious establishments drive their mission.

To help churches make informed technology choices, we have put together this guide with the necessary information that will get them started. Here is the information we will cover:

What is church management software?

Church management software is a tool that helps churches take care of their administrative tasks such as managing memberships, donations, and congregations. 

What are the deployment options for church management software?

It is important to understand which deployment option is more suitable for your church. Here is a brief explanation about the two options available with church management software: 

Cloud-based deployment (SaaS): Under this option, the software is hosted and maintained by the vendor. The software can be accessed from computers or mobile devices over the internet, giving greater flexibility. Churches only need to pay for the preferred subscription plan, which is typically based on monthly/annual renewals.

On-premise deployment: Under this option, a church needs to procure the licensed copy of the software and install it on their own computers. Associated costs such as software upkeep are church responsibility. The upside to on-premise tools is that the control over data rests with the church. 

Key question to ask a SaaS vendor before you buy: Does your product have a native mobile app?

Key question to ask an on-premise vendor before you buy: Do you provide implementation assistance and/or training on using the product? 

What are some common features of church management software?

Now that you have read about the deployment options for church management software, the next step would be to learn about the features of the software. Here is a brief description of the important features you should be aware of:

Membership management: Store personal information of church members, such as their names, membership status, and phone numbers, at a central place. This allows for quick access to details of all members for sending out notifications/reminders.

Membership Management in ChurchTrac

Membership management in ChurchTrac (Source)

Donation management: Accept donations via different modes, such as cash, credit card, or online, and maintain record of every donation made by a member or volunteer.

Donations management Breeze

Donation management feature in Breeze ChMS (Source)

Attendance tracking: Record member and volunteer attendance at congregations. Tracking attendance details helps in understanding member engagement and identifying areas for improvement.

Attendance tracking ChurchTrac

Attendance tracking in ChurchTrac (Source)

Volunteer management: Capture volunteer details such as name and contact number and track their past volunteering activities. Understand volunteer interests to determine suitability for upcoming congregations and send notifications to prospective ones.

Volunteer registration Touchpoint

Volunteer registration in TouchPoint (Source)

Member outreach: Reach out to registered members over various channels, such as emails, text messages, and phone calls, to notify them about upcoming congregations/events.

Messaging feature in Church Social

Messaging feature in Church Social (Source)

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What are the additional features available with your software?

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.