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Cloud-based Bill of Materials (BOM) management software

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Ciiva overview

What is Ciiva?

Electronic products often contain hundreds of electronic parts, sourcing from various global electronic manufacturers and distributors. BOM modification can be made at various stages throughout the life-cycle, often without changing original hardware design data, such as schematics or layout. For many companies, this can be an error prone manual change to a spreadsheet or design document, with no record of when they were made or why they were made or by whom. Many small and medium size enterprises are still using Excel spreadsheet for BOM management, which is not optimal and can lead to a variety of well documented problems

Ciiva is a changes history traceable, version controlled BOM management system (BMMS), and where every single component used in a BOM is managed in a cloud component library. It is also a collaborative product lifecycle management solution. This means it is designed to support multiple users working from different global locations with the same main component library simultaneously. It uses real-time database synchronization between multiple users to guarantee that every user is always working with the latest and identical database, so that information fragmentation and data conflicts will not occur. User can now instantly check what products a specific component is used on, making it extremely convenient to see what impact a change to a component may have on which products, such as a component product life-cycle change notification.

Ciiva provides real-time pricing and stock information from a wide range of top distributors allowing instant price and stock comparison. It is flexible to be used and provides the ability for companies to customize their database by defining custom attributes. Ciiva products solve customer problems by organizing and integrating stand-alone and fragmented information sources, saving time and money.

Installation of the client does not require any administrator privileges or IT expertise. Ciiva client software is updated automatically without user's effort. In this respect, it is as simple as using a web based application. It is not entirely web based allowing offline working, faster performance, greater flexibility and much tighter integration with the rest of the tool chain.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 5 other markets, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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Ciiva screenshot: Instantly query real-time component information including datasheets, alternatives, pricing, stock and lead time informationExcel BOM Automatic Analysis & QuotationCiiva screenshot: Get instant real-time lifecycle information on individual BOMs or the entire component library with a single clickCiiva screenshot: Instantly search millions of component in the Ciiva Cloud and add search results directly into the component libraryCiiva screenshot: Compare component pricing in real-time from a variety of different suppliers, easy visualise price breaks, stock quantities and MOQsCiiva screenshot: Populate supplier shopping carts directly with the component purchase toolCiiva screenshot: Instantly see what component is used and where with the Relationship MapCiiva screenshot: Easily compare two bill of materials, visualising differences and comparing component attributesCiiva screenshot: Import bill of materials and component data with an extremely, accurate and fast configurable import toolCiiva screenshot: Export Bill of Materials to Microsoft Excel, with various customisable export parametersCiiva screenshot: Step back in time through a bill of materials, inspecting every change that was ever made, by whom and whenCiiva screenshot: Navigate the bill of materials, add, remove delete designators and components and compare differences with the component libraryCiiva screenshot: Compare differences between component attributes and draw price comparison graphs in real-timeCiiva screenshot: Check historical component pricing and stock informationCiiva screenshot: Step-by-step instructions on how to complete specific tasks such as creating new components and importing BOMs.Ciiva screenshot: Point and click at an area of the application to learn more about what it does and how it works.Ciiva screenshot: Customise your database structure with user defined attributes and enumerations.Ciiva screenshot: Backup your database to create restore points which you can easily revert back to at any time.Ciiva screenshot: Dozens of configuration parameters from colours to enumeration definitions can be easily customised.BOM Pricing, Availability & Order Online

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Reviewed 2015-02-18
Review Source: GetApp

Our design house is in US and manufacturing department in China. This tool allows our multiple users to work on the same BOM simultaneously and avoid any overwritten mistakes. Another interesting feature is it allow you to estimate the product cost and risk of component obsolescence at early design stage.

Easy multiple users configuration and usage

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Neg Tyer

An affordable cloud solution to manage your bill of materials

Reviewed 2014-05-23
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Excel spreadsheet to manage our BOMs for many years. However, it is causing more and more issues like data synchronization between different product lines and different teams, changes management, typo, etc... We realized that we need a centralized database to manage our BOMs and electronic components. Ciiva BOM solves our trouble by providing a complete centralized database, where our engineers can work in the same database synchronously no matter where they are. It supports revision control and full tractability. It's integrated with a powerful online components search engine where you can query real-time components information like stock, price across global suppliers, and other useful information like lifecycle, alternatives, datasheet, images... The tool is free with some limitation of users count and storage space. But it could be enough for small company and freelancer. The Pro version remove the limits and pricing is much cheaper than its' competitors in the same market.

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Tatiana Strapacova

Full of bugs and unsolved problems

Reviewed 2016-05-10
Review Source: Capterra

We bought this software because according the webpage it should make your ordering process easier. The problem is that software has so many bugs and is working in not exactly consistent way. This software should be reworked and not to be released for customers in such unfinished version. We are quite disappointed that some company can sell something like that.

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Joel Philips

A good tool for electronic design companies and ems providers

Reviewed 2015-02-17
Review Source: Capterra

The tool provides some unique features to help user to manage their component library and BOM in one centralized database. The real-time collaborative approach allows users to work simultaneously across the world yet avoiding mistakes. It takes quite some hours to build up your first database but it's worth of the effort in the end. The support team responded my email in a timely manner.

Response from Ciiva

Thanks for working with us.

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Ivo Dimitrov

Very powerful bill of materials management software

Reviewed 2013-11-11
Review Source: GetApp

Product lifecycle management has become much easier with this intelligent software. Its web-based and client-based search feature allows me to search for a wide range of electronic parts, including their prices, alternatives and lifecycle trends. Its support of BOM import/export and online purchase also saves me a lot of work. The free version has a storage limit, but I find it fairly enough for individuals/small businesses.

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It's free of charge for 2 users, up to 10,000 components. The subscription package costs 20 USD / User / Month or 200 USD / User / Year, with no component limit.

Ciiva features


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Additional information for Ciiva

Key features of Ciiva

  • Electronic Component DB & BOM Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Real Time Collaborative Software
  • Multi-user, Multi-location Capable
  • Real Time Pricing & Availability
  • Supplier Comparison & Online Ordering
  • Instantly Search Electronic Parts, Datasheets
  • Check Lifecycles, Obsolescences
  • Search Alternatives, Second Sources
  • Document Management
  • Version Controlled with Full Traceability
  • Custom Attributes & Enumerations
  • Simple Excel Import & Export
  • Excel BOM Automatic Analysis
  • Data Available Offline
  • True “All-in-One” Solution
  • Inventory Control
  • Shopping Cart Automation
  • Advanced ODBC
  • Support for MySQL and MS Access
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Lifecycle, availability and historical information
Alternative and substitute component suggestions
Get associated documentation such as datasheets, manuals, application notes, etc.
Search by part number or descriptive terms
Organize all electronic parts used across all products (the Bill of Materials)
Centralized component library, users (design engineers, procurement stuff, etc.) can collaborate in real-time
Full revision control, 100% trace-ability of any changes made to components or Bill of Materials
Our tools and services are based around very low cost subscription based licensing models