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Fishbowl overview

Fishbowl is a complete manufacturing and inventory management solution that helps medium and large businesses face demand trends and manage supply issues. Designed to automate the manufacturing process, Fishbowl's features include orders and work planning tools to maximize production efficiency.

Fishbowl takes an inventory-centric approach, for real time control of the inventory process. Fishbowl tracks goods through every stage of operations, from order receipt, to production, to shipment and delivery. Fishbowl is built to integrate with QuickBooks, automatically updating records in real-time, according to an item's sales or orders.

Fishbowl comes with a reporting tool that enables users to collect data on different business aspects (e.g. inventory and sales) and then organizes it to show how each process could be improved.


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Fishbowl reviews

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Cassie Mills

FB has abled our business to grow from a home based co. to a 10,000ft fully functioning warehouse

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-21
Review Source: Capterra

Being able to operate above and beyond to what we used to. We can now compete with our competitorsI absolutely love that FB is easy to use and easy to teach. It has all the features that our company uses daily. Examples include customer pricing rules, customer "numbers" or customer sku's, Auto PO function, The import/export feature has been a God-send when we need to import products to our website or send information to our customers. The substitute feature is very helpful too. We also really love how we can create custom fields within every module. I really love how the FB team remembers our company when we call and goes above and beyond when we have a hiccup or questions. We can thank FB for some of our company's success. W/o being able to correctly track inventory and use it for daily operations, we wouldn't be operating at the level we are today.

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Lucas Jorge

We totally regret the purchase!

Reviewed 2016-09-27
Review Source: Software Advice

The Part & Product feature works fine. The Calendar function is good. This guy (can't say his name) was the ONLY PERSON that should not take the blame for a bad customer support. He was excellent and I am very thankful to him!

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Vinko Bradanovic

Could be a good fit/value for some with a few significant caveats

Reviewed 2016-09-25
Review Source: Software Advice

We run FB 2016.11 with QuickBooks Premier 2015. FB handles quoting, sales orders, your basic pick/pack/ship, purchase orders and inventory. It has BOM capability but we find this limited. The price was right for us, esp. compared to our previous Sage software. Prepare to spend 3 to 4x the cost of the software in customization, support and initial set-up. Find other companies doing what you do (or more importantly the way you do it) and see FB in action. The software continues to have limitations and I have continued reservations about that. Some previous reviews bring this up: one's requests aren't really acknowledged or their sort of pooh-poohed. That doesn't make for a good feeling. Despite all the frustrations, limitations, and problems, Fishbowl has helped us. We'd purchase it again. We're at a point where we are again growing, and I think FB can grow with us.

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Christy Clark

Using Fishbowl for a year

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-18
Review Source: Capterra

I've been using Fishbowl for the past year. I bought it for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons for me was because it can allow me to save credit card information for clients who continually order through our company. Another reason I liked it, is because I could place orders from anywhere using one of the plug ins. But the biggest reason I purchased it is because of it's accuracy in inventory, and because of the depth of the software features, I know that when I expand and have more than one location, a warehouse full of vases, ribbon, and potentially open a wholesale location for a facet of the industry in addition to the flowers, I'm not going to outgrow the software. I'm not even using all the features right now, but I can't wait until my small flower shop is big enough to have 3-4 locations, and use the reorder points! I know that sounds silly, but the software has been so nice because I can scale it for what I need now, and grow into it. And it's PAID for. That always feels nice :)Encrypted credit card capture to charge recurring clients Stores pictures of the products that we sell Easy to add parts and products Lots and lots and lots of reports--- I don't think I've even opened half of them yet! I like how many features it has even though I don't use them all... it makes me think "When I get that far, then I can use this software to {fill in the blank} it's nice to know I literally have no limitations

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Carlos Quezada

Absolute Ripoff

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-06-23
Review Source: Capterra

Ignore any of the positive reviews they are clearly lies placed by the company. Notice how only the negative reviews mention any specifics. If you can adopt this software to fit your business needs, you will quickly find it is not a scalable solution whatsoever. The software allows for minimal to zero customization and requires to follow every step of their preset workflows. The product is essentially an open-source, i.e. free, database packaged with a one size fits all schema and a slow and clunky front-end. They include an open-source reporting platform (iReports) and market it as having fully customizable reporting. Yet they do not support this free reporting platform and barely support getting it connected if you're patient and don't mind waiting up to a week for answers. They also sale a completely impractical mobile interface that will quickly make anyone prefer to run over to a computer before trying to navigate their handheld device software. It could NEVER be used by someone operating a forklift. This product is a complete RIPOFF targeting a great group of suckers, i.e. businesses without the financial or technical acumen to move beyond the world of QuickBooks. Before you spend $50,000 on a bad, bad, solution think about return on investment and whether your business plas to grow. Then find one of the many scalable ERP systems that can be implemented for the same price, even if it takes a little longer to get setup. Better to get by with spreadsheets for 6 months and have a real solution down the road then waste time and resources in solution that if you're lucky enough to get to work, you will outgrow in a year. THIS SOFTWARE SUCKS A¿¿!!The 2016 front end looks slick. There is an API, but it will cost you more to hire a progammer to figure out how to integrate with it than to just get better softwate that plays better.

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Additional information for Fishbowl


Integration: Fishbowl is designed to integrate with QuickBooks and many other popular business solutions for better automation of business processes.

Work planning: Generate work orders for assembly, disassembly, replacement, repair, and other jobs. Save commonly used work orders and bills of materials for use in future projects.

Inventory management: Receive real-time inventory updates to understand inventory levels at all times. Set automatic re-order points on all products to avoid stock-outs.

Asset tracking: Track items by lot number, serial number, expiry date etc. Monitor asset levels in multiple locations and transfer between locations when necessary.

Inventory tracking: Track inventory across every step of your operations from order to delivery.