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Intelligent Audit Management Software

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ECAT overview

ECAT is an intelligent audit management solution that serves an array of industries worldwide who have significant auditing needs, enabling businesses to conduct accurate and frequent audits. Organizations are able to inspect safety, production, equipment, security, hygiene, processes, people, places, and more. Mobile technology allows users to get a complete picture of inspections while on-the-go, even when offline.

When setting up a new inspection, users define all the predetermined requirements once, and ECAT handles the rest. For each issue that might arise, users determine the information to be gathered, the action to be taken, the person to be tasked with resolving, the length of time they have to resolve and the escalation process. Once an inspection is downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet, users are able to inspect, regardless of internet connectivity.

Organizations can set a full inspection schedule as necessary, and define by hour, shift, day, week, month and more. Users can also enable ECAT to randomly select when and where to request additional inspections. Barcodes and NFC tags/discs can be affixed to equipment and locations, and scanned using any smartphone or tablet to ensure proof of presence. Users can tap to add and record GPS co-ordinates, location, time, and date.

ECAT’s highly flexible reporting engine allows each user to create their own personalized dashboard and reports, in order to quickly see what’s most relevant to them, and track their KPI’s. All top level reports link directly to the related detail, enabling users to drill down to details in seconds. Automated reports can be emailed whenever needed. Alerts highlight key issues, and filters help users find what they need by function, date, department, person and more.


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ECAT screenshot: Get audit process status while on-the-go anytime, including a dashboard providing statistics of audits conducted such as audit score, non-conformance's, entities audited, and top non conformance's ISS Facility Services' Testimonial for ECAT Audit Management SoftwareECAT screenshot: Complete overview of corrective action including the current status, due date, alerts in case of overdue and closing of the corrective actionECAT screenshot: Conduct the entire audit cycle via mobile device and work offlineECAT screenshot: Conclude the audit by capturing a digital signature of approved authority via mobile deviceECAT screenshot: Schedule inspections exactly as needed, and define by hour, shift, day, week, month and moreECAT screenshot: ECAT features a powerful, highly flexible reporting engineECAT screenshot: View user audit count reports with easy to read graphs and chartsECAT screenshot: Create all types of inspections for all sorts of purposes, and view them via mobile deviceECAT screenshot: Each user can create their own personalized dashboard and reportsECAT screenshot: Scan the big picture or dive into detail by filtering by date, function, department, person and more

ECAT reviews

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Richard Seddon

Noonan ECAT user

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-14
Review Source: Capterra

One system that can be used to answer a wide variety of our client's needs. Very attentive support function who have assisted in adapting the system to accommodate new requirements.

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Vicky Millard

Uncomplicated, convenient and delivers results!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

Cost savings and time savings. Centrally as mobilisation costs are low, unit based savings from convenient auditing and fast reporting.

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Larry Dunne

Ecat Review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-01-14
Review Source: Capterra

Overall my experience of Ecat is good. Useful app for identifying upcoming maintenance for buildings.

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Patrick Lyons

Fast, effective and to the point. The ECAT team understood what we needed and delivered in days

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-08
Review Source: Capterra

Information access, efficiency, instant information distribution, Altitude reporting, Trending analytics, root cause identification, trace-ability,

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David Connolly

Very personable product with a user friendly functionality

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

No more completing reports on paper and the archiving of data online was very benefical

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ECAT features

Activity Dashboard
Audit Trail
Customizable Reporting

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Additional information for ECAT

Key features of ECAT

  • Report templates
  • Speech recognition
  • Failed inspection tracking
  • Code enforcement
  • Photos in reports
  • Print on site
  • Multi-year planning
  • Inspection
  • Offline access
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Scan barcodes and NFC tags
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • Reporting engine
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Mobile integration
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ECAT helps businesses cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain competitive edge through deep, accurate, and frequent audits.

ECAT provides ongoing assistance in audit configuration and consulting with high speed audit hierarchy and location setup.

Affix barcodes or NFC tags/discs to equipment or locations to ensure proof of presence, and scan using any smartphone or tablet.

Mobile technology allows users to get an instant, complete and accurate picture of the state or status of inspections while on-the-go.

Embed processes and drive standardization using the ECAT platform which provides the flexibility and intelligence to support any type or style of inspection.