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IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management

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IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management overview

What is IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management?

IMSXpress ISO 9001 is a quality management and document control software designed to help organizations ensure that they meet customer and other stakeholder expectations as well as deliver customer satisfaction while maintaining ISO and regulatory compliance requirements. Organizations that meet the requirements are defined as ‘ISO 9001 Certified’.

A company applying for ISO 9001 certification is examined based on sites, functions, products, services and processes. IMSXpress offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) quality management solution that offers a five-product bundle that helps organizations with everything they need to implement ISO 9001.

IMSXpress includes eleven modules such as document control/training and distribution, customer complaints, corrective/preventive action, management review, supplier control and more. Some of the features include electronic signatures, document approval process, due/past due record alerts, data filtering and export, bulk data import as well as messaging and emailing amongst others.


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IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 modules include audits, reviews, training, customer complaints, CAPAs and more.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 users can take a self study course and generate a certificate of completion.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: The document control module in IMSXpress ISO 9001 is where users can create and edit documents and have them approved with electronic signatures.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001's document library module opens documents in Adobe Reader with personalized headers.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001's message center is where users can record alerts and tasks, and send messages.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 enables electronic signatures used for document and record approvals, certification and more.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 makes data export to an Excel file possible for trending and statistical analysis.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: Users can generate detailed record-level and overview reports with IMSXpress ISO 9001.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 offers bulk import wizards for documents, personnel, suppliers and measuring equipment.IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management screenshot: IMSXpress ISO 9001 users can edit captions, labels, menus and even translate it into their own native language.
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IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management user reviews


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Steve Z.

Great cost- effective QMS solution!

Reviewed 2016-03-18
Review Source: Capterra

Used the software for about 2 years, was impressed with the ease of implementation and its features. Pros: Cost-effective, user friendly and easy to learn and customize, great document control module, all other modules very good. Mass import is also very helpful. Outstanding customer service, too. Cons: Not the greatest reporting (you still need to export to Excel and make your own charts, and there are some limitation on how much you can customize your forms), but overall great software

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Stephanie N.

Not interactive

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

We started using this 2 years ago. It functions fine as an off server storage site. It is simple to upload documents and is nice for revisions. The problem starts when trying to ensure that you have seats for all employees so that they have access to the Forms, policies, and PRP's. You don't have a dash board to show open CAPA's or to set any deadlines with reminders for the process owners. It's not interactive to help you organize with your departments. Most of what it offers can be maintained on a share file within a company at no additional expense.

Easy to upload documents and make revisions

Not interactive. Have to assign seat for each employee so that everyone has access. No reminders when due dates are approaching. No trending reports can be generated from any information placed on ISOxpress.

Response from AQA

Thank you for reviewing IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management software. The interaction and collaboration features you are missing in the software are not available in the Standard edition of the software, which you are using but can be easily added when you upgrade to Professional edition. The Professional edition has the following additional features:

- Emailing (messages, notifications and alerts)
- Electronic signatures
- Due and past due alerts (by email)
- Dashboards with document approval status, training status, document changes status, and status of all open records
- Document approval requests process
- Automated training with document control integration
-Tasking, and more...

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IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management pricing

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SaaS Subscription Software

ISO 9001 IMSXpress Software
w/ 3 Full User accounts and cloud hosting (SQL DB)
Unlimited maintenance and technical support

Standard Edition
$49/month (Annual billing)
$65/month (Monthly billing)

Professional Edition
$69/month (Annual billing)
$89/month (Monthly billing)

With options for additional full and train-read-only accounts.

IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management features

Access Controls/Permissions
Audit Management
Audit Trail
Compliance Management
Data Import/Export

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Additional information for IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management

Key features of IMSXpress ISO 9001 Quality Management

  • Electronic signatures
  • Document approval process
  • Document distribution module
  • Due / past due record alerts
  • Tasking
  • Messaging and emailing
  • Data filtering and export
  • Bulk data import
  • User and group permissions
  • Password security policies
  • Audit trail
  • Remote connectivity
  • Users and Access
  • Document control
  • Multiple revisions
  • Revision approval and release
  • Sealing of approved/released revisions
  • Revision status (active, draft, archive)
  • Document reading and editing permissions
  • Automated document training
  • ISO modules
  • Data filtering and export
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Record status alerts and reports
  • Task management and process
  • Messaging and emailing
  • Password and security policies
  • User access, edit and read permissions
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IMSXpress offers a free trial software for 30 days and potential future users can sign up for a live web presentation to discuss specific features, support, licensing, pricing and more.

Notes, tips, and comments are accessed directly from the template documents to explain specific requirements and help users customize the documentation for their unique company.

IMSXpress ISO 9001 alerts users about sections that may need some changes with a special checklist that includes "What to look for and how", helpful for internal auditor training.

IMSXpress includes a booklet for self-study or group training that explains the benefits of ISO 9001, how to prepare for the certification, and more.

Users can pay a monthly subscription for a SaaS version of the software or purchase IMSXpress and have it installed on a private server.