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Qualio logo



Life Sciences Quality Management and Compliance

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Achieve 100% FDA/ISO/GxP compliance. 5x faster Document Control, Training, CAPA, NCRs, Audits and more. 2x faster accreditation.

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QT9 QMS logo



Scalable & Easy-To-Use Quality Management Software

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The most adaptable & easy to use quality management software. The QT9 QMS is a highly modular web-based system designed for biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace and general manufacturing companies. Automate ISO 9001, ISO 13485 with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature compliance.

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Intellect QMS logo

Intellect QMS


Highly intuitive QMS software with extreme configurability.

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Intellect QMS 4.0 Suite built on the Intellect Compliance Platform

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Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform logo

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform


Make your operations SMARTER

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Plex Systems, Inc.® delivers the first smart manufacturing platform that empowers innovators to make awesome products.

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Benchmark Gensuite Quality Management logo

Benchmark Gensuite Quality Management


Quality management tool for meeting compliance requirements

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Benchmark Gensuite Quality Management software solutions are designed to help businesses boost quality standards, meet compliance requirements, and exceed customer expectations. Our software solutions are streamlined and built with the flexibility to match your business-specific needs.

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Greenlight Guru logo

Greenlight Guru


Quality management software for medical device industry

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Greenlight Guru helps medical device businesses create, launch, and manage custom workflow templates to streamline operations across multiple departments and teams. Users can automate quality procedures by integrating compliance and risk management guidelines into design and development processes.

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ETQ Reliance logo

ETQ Reliance


QMS integrates data to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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ETQ Reliance is a cloud-native QMS powered by an agile platform that drives 40 best-in class applications adaptable to your environment. The world’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven QMS software for quality-centric customers in dozens of industries.

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Dot Compliance logo

Dot Compliance


Ready to use QMS for life science companies

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Dot Compliance offers the industry's first ready-to-use Quality Management Solution powered by the platform. Dot Compliance solutions include an extensive set of off-the-shelf solutions including: Document management, Audits, Training, CAPA, Complaints, Risk management, Deviations.

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Harrington Quality Management System (HQMS) logo

Harrington Quality Management System (HQMS)


QMS with customization and integration. On-premise or hosted

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Highly secure Document Control, Audits, Corrective Action, Calibration, Training, and the HQMS Supplier Portal with personalization, configuration, customization, and integration.

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qTest logo



Suite of Agile software testing tools with JIRA integration

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qTest is an agile dev testing platform for in-sprint test management. Designed specifically for DevOps teams, the cloud-based suite of tools helps users collaborate on open source testing, exploratory testing & BDD (behavior-driven development), whilst providing real time visibility into results.

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Digital Business Transformation Suite logo

Digital Business Transformation Suite


Quality, Compliance, Governance, Improvement & Digitization

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Interfacing’s EPC ensures full visibility from audit management, CAPA, regulatory training and management of standard operating procedu

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SimplerQMS logo



Stay compliant and work Smarter with SimplerQMS

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SimplerQMS is a fully validated, cloud-based, and fully compliant Quality Management Software designed specifically for Life Science companies. The software system automates documentation processes allowing you to work efficiently and paperless while complying with regulatory requirements.

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ZeuZ logo



Cloud-based and on-premise automation testing platform

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ZeuZ is an automation testing solution, which enables businesses to create and schedule tests within multiple web browsers and manage manual or automated bugs, tests, and feature requests. Supervisors can receive notifications about test results, create data reports, and gain visibility into performance metrics according to requirements.

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QIT Enterprise Quality Management logo

QIT Enterprise Quality Management


Quality management system for businesses

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QIT Enterprise Quality Management System is designed to help businesses automate processes for maintaining quality standards of products & services. It lets users conduct root cause analysis through audit questionnaires/checklists to ensure compliance and discover hidden system problems.

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QCBD logo



Windows-based QMS for mid-size manufacturing companies

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QCBD is a Windows-based QMS (quality management system) for small to mid-size manufacturing companies which supports a range of modules including training, supplier, and equipment management, plus nonconformance tracking, document control, customer complaints, reports, and more

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Accreditation and certification solution

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ARMATURE Fabric is a customizable accreditation and quality management solution that caters to the need of businesses of all sizes in accreditation and other industries including manufacturing, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

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Document Locator logo

Document Locator


Windows document management

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Document Locator is a document management solution with full Windows integration supporting task automation and paperless office deployment

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BabtecQ logo



Quality Management Software for Sustainable Business Success

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In the quality management software BabtecQ, all relevant quality data is exchanged between the modules, e.g. FMEA, inspection planning, audit, complaint and action management. With the help of this information, you can continuously optimize your quality processes.

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CQRM XD Quality Management logo

CQRM XD Quality Management


All-in-One LIMS, ELN, QMS, and DMS Platform

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Labwise is a unified laboratory management system that unifies LIMS, ELN, QMS, DMS, data management, and analytics. Manage your laboratory, improve operational efficiency, and ensure quality and regulatory compliance.

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SpiraTest logo



Powerful Test Management Software

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SpiraTest® delivers the features, performance and speed to make the software testing life cycle more productive and efficient that using any other system available today. SpiraTest is a complete quality assurance and test management system with integrated release scheduling and defect tracking.

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Agatha Applications logo

Agatha Applications


Solution for clinical and quality operations

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Agatha provides a suite of applications for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies to manage their processes. Agatha applications include Solution Manager, Formulary Management, Quality Control Reporting, Clinical Research Management and Regulatory Compliance.

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ACE Essentials logo

ACE Essentials


Quality management software with pre-configured workflows

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ACE Essentials is a quality management software that helps businesses manage documentation, training, project workflows, and more on a centralized platform. It provides a pre-configured event management module, which allows staff members to schedule tasks, set up due dates, and send reminders.

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ACE Inspection logo

ACE Inspection


Inspection Management

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ACE Inspection is an inspection management software that helps businesses improve their inspection process through streamlining, improving response time for requests, and providing end-of-day meetings.

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Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE) logo

Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE)


Enterprise Quality Management System

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Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE) is a cloud-based quality management system designed to help businesses in biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries manage compliance, quality, and efficiency across all operations in real-time.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud


Connect data, workflows, and teams

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The construction quality problems that cost the most are the ones that you miss. Standardize on a proactive QA/QC process with construction quality management software that enables the whole team to participate in quality inspections from mobile devices.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Quality Management

Social media makes it easy to voice opinions in a blink.

As a result, a product’s bad quality has catastrophic outcomes on the brand’s image. If a customer is dissatisfied with a product, they can quickly share their experience on Facebook or Twitter. Such posts grab numerous eyeballs and spread like wildfire. Poor quality also results in low customer ratings on eCommerce sites, such as Amazon, which impedes online sales. 

To build a successful brand, you need to establish a foolproof quality management process. This process will help you identify quality issues, amend the issues, and inform employees about the best practices for quality management. However, manually managing all these steps isn’t easy. It involves a lot of documentation and paperwork.

To implement a foolproof quality management process, you need a quality management software (QMS). The software automates all the steps, saving you time and ensuring that your products adhere to the quality standards. It also stores documents in one place and allows users to approve the paperwork online.

To help you select the right quality management software for your business, we’ve compiled all the essential information in this guide. Here’s what we’ve covered:

What is quality management software?

QMS is a tool that helps manufacturers implement and manage quality standards in their processes and products. It lets you manage the following quality-related aspects of the manufacturing process:

  • Compliance: Manage the requirements for different quality standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 9000:2015.

  • Audits: Perform periodic inspections of products and processes to ensure that all the standards and regulations are met.

  • Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA): Create a course of action if an audit or customer complaint flags quality and process issues. These steps could include conducting training and selecting a new supplier.

  • Regulations: Create policies and regulations to ensure that you meet all the quality standards.

  • Approvals: Administer and manage the approval process for different steps in quality management such as conducting audits, organizing compliance training sessions, and approving the CAPA.

What are the deployment options for quality management software?

The first step to selecting the right QMS for your business is understanding the deployment options. Based on our research, here are the main deployment options for this software:

Cloud-based deployment: These solutions are hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed using a web browser or mobile application. The vendor usually has a subscription pricing model, where you pay a fixed monthly or annual fee (per user) to access the product.

On-premise deployment: Unlike cloud-based systems, on-premise systems are hosted on an organization’s own servers and accessed via a desktop application. These systems usually charge a one-time, per user license fee. You may also need to pay extra for software upgrades, advanced features, and integrations.

GetApp recommends cloud-based systems for small and midsize businesses. As the vendor is responsible for server maintenance, you don’t need to purchase servers or network equipment nor hire IT staff to maintain the solution. These systems are also scalable and allow you to add/reduce the data storage capacity by upgrading/downgrading your payment plan.

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your product offer a mobile app? What features are available in the mobile app?

What are some common features of quality management software?

After checking the deployment options, the next step is to learn about the common features of this software. This information will help you shortlist products based on your quality management needs.

According to our research, here are the common features of a QMS:

Document management: Lets users store, manage, and access compliance-related documents. Some products also store the historical versions of documents, so that users can track changes. However, the tool ensures that users have access to the recent versions with all changes updated in real time.

Document Management in Genebra

Document management in Genebra

Audit management: Lets you create and manage the steps in an audit workflow. These steps can include audit approval, auditor selection, and reporting. It lets you manage different audit requirements such as internal requests, external, FDA, and ISO.

Audit management in Qualityze

Audit management process in Qualityze (Source)

Corrective and preventive action (CAPA) management: Identifies process-related risks by analyzing issues and customer complaints. Proactive inputs on process risk areas help you develop training ideas to inform employees about potential risks and process changes.

CAPA process in ComplianceQuest

CAPA management in ComplianceQuest

Supplier management: Allows manufacturers to implement and manage quality standards for vendors. Users can schedule audits, approve/unlist vendors based on performance, and communicate the corrective actions as well as points of improvement.

Supplier quality management in QIT Consulting

Supplier quality management in QIT Consulting QMS (Source)

Change control management: Allows you to create and manage tasks to achieve the desired changes in a process or product. The steps can be assigned to different employees across different teams.

Change control management in Qualityze

Change control management in Qualityze (Source)

Training management: Lets you create and administer training sessions to inform employees and suppliers about corrective and preventive actions. It tracks session attendance to ensure that all employees are aware of the latest regulations, policies, and guidelines.

Training management in eCAP

Compliance training in eCAP (Source)

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your product offer all the common features mentioned here? Besides these features, are there other features that will be useful to my business?

*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.