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Keelvar Sourcing Optimization

Cloud-based sourcing optimization system

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Keelvar Sourcing Optimization overview

Keelvar Sourcing Optimization is a cloud-based sourcing optimization solution which enables businesses to perform ‘what if’ scenario analysis, initiate single-round and multi-round bidding events, offer tiered discounts and combinatorial bidding, and more.

With Keelvar, users can initiate eAuction and RFX events with adaptable strategy designs. RFIs can be used as a qualification stage for sourcing events, requiring bidders to fill in all mandatory sections of questionnaires before they are allowed to access the bud sheet, or they can be run in parallel with RFQs. Field names and formats can be customized, and data is automatically validated on submission to ensure that all fields are answered in the correct format. Data can also be uploaded in bulk and mapped automatically, enabling users to create events from pre-existing data. With RFQs and RFTs, users can collect thousands of bids across lots, including package bids with contingent discounts. Online and offline bidding processes are supported, and multiple currencies can be used. Multi-lot eAuctions can be used for commodity goods and services, and create an audit trail, enabling users to justify their award procedures.

Keelvar allows users to carry out analysis on multiple ‘what if’ scenarios, using award criteria that users can set to align with risk management policies or corporate strategies. Evaluations and reports are generated automatically, and take into account any defined business rules or biases either against or in favor of bidders when describing outcomes. Cost and quality tradeoffs can then be presented to shareholders visually, enabling them to assess the impact of different decisions, and select preferred outcomes based on corporate objectives.


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Keelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshotKeelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshot: Event data can be uploaded into Keelvar Sourcing Optimization from spreadsheetsKeelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshot: Users can set reserves, minimum and maximum bid values, and moreKeelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshot: Users are automatically notified of any issues or errorsKeelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshot: Users can schedule multiple event rounds of any duration, and select the winning scenario from eventsKeelvar Sourcing Optimization screenshot: Bidding for each supplier can be previewed

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Keelvar Sourcing Optimization features

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Additional information for Keelvar Sourcing Optimization

Key features of Keelvar Sourcing Optimization

  • Tiered discounts
  • Alternate bids
  • ‘What if’ scenarios
  • One-click evaluations
  • Multi-lot eAuctions
  • RFX
  • Single-round & multi-round events
  • Online & offline bid preparation
  • Validation at entry stage
  • Multiple RFI response types
  • Bulk upload & download
  • Customizable workflows
  • Combinatorial bidding
  • Multi-currency support
  • Scenario analysis
  • Audit trail
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Multiple scenarios can be evaluated with flexible rules, and the impact of decisions presented visually, enabling stakeholders to assess the tradeoffs of each scenario.

Business rules and award criteria can be defined to align with risk management policies or corporate strategy, including managing the number of suppliers, supporting SMBs, or avoiding monopolies.

Before submission, supplier bid data is checked and validated to ensure clean, reliable data is received.

Automated evaluation and reporting describes outcomes according to any predefined business rules or specific biases against or in favor of certain bidders.

Existing data from spreadsheets can be uploaded in bulk and automatically mapped to create events.