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Locus MotionTrack

Real-time fleet & workforce performance tracking software

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Locus MotionTrack overview

What is Locus MotionTrack?

Locus MotionTrack is a fleet optimization software designed to help businesses in logistics, e-commerce, retail, and other sectors track vehicles, optimize routes, and manage shipment orders. It enables administrators to analyze supply chain operations and gain insights using heat maps, trend lines, and comparisons between planned and actual service level agreements (SLA).

With Locus MotionTrack live tracking module, employees can share shipping details including expected time of arrival (ETA), driver’s contact information, current location, and more with customers in real-time. It allows supervisors to track business vehicles by collecting GPS coordinates from on-field employees’ mobile applications or third-party GPS devices. Stakeholders can use the platform to monitor the fuel consumption and engine temperature across vehicles and receive real-time alerts, in case of threshold breaches.

Locus MotionTrack provides an API, which facilitates integration with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, enabling businesses to push and pull data across systems. It also helps businesses to record and access vehicles’ previously taken routes by selecting a specific date in the live view dashboard.


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Locus MotionTrack features

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Key features of Locus MotionTrack

  • GPS Tracking
  • Geocoding
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Route History
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