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WAERlinx overview

What is WAERlinx?

The core to our offering is WAERlinx, a powerful transaction execution engine that underpins all of our applications. WAERlinx has flexible customisation and configuration layers which not only address specific supply-chain challenges, but which can mitigate disruption and change to your organisation by seamlessly aligning with your current business processes.

All the functionality, visibility and reporting you would expect to find in a next generation warehousing management solution is integrated into WAERlinx.

Work tasks such as picking, putaways, internal movements and shipments are assigned to operators based on flexible rules. Configurable dashboards provide a real-time view of all warehouse operations and mobile scanning functions can be used extensively, maximising operator mobility.

Any warehouse structure can be modelled, from a small, simple storage entity, all the way up to large-scale, sophisticated multi-warehouse operations. Setting up a new remote warehouse or forward stocking location via our Cloud solution could not be simpler – all you need is a scanner, printer and an internet connection.

What's more, sophisticated reporting and data capture allows for better and more accurate forecasting.


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English, French, German, Spanish
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Darren Asker

Exactly what we needed!

Reviewed 2014-05-29
Review Source: GetApp

Having used WaerLinx for our Aerospace hub at Heathrow Airport for close to 6 years, the flexibility of the system allows us to manage our customer's inventory in a very efficient and cost effective way, whether that be via EDI connectivity or by simple manual processes. Providing web visibility across many of our international facilities along with the ability to define and monitor KPI's, other operational trends and a host of reporting tools remotely is of huge benefit to our customers. Easy to use, quick implentation times, and superb support services I personally would recommend WaerLinx as a Warehouse Management System.

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Andrew Quigley

Working together

Reviewed 2014-04-28
Review Source: GetApp

Our company recently won a big contract to provide material management services to a leading French defence contractor and we needed to augment our ERP system with a Cloud-based service for demand management, Kitting, transaction processing, inventory management and point-of-use replenishment. We selected WAERlinx and it has proved to be a good choice. We really like the software, it interfaces very well and we also have a good working partnership with the team at Waer too.

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WAERlinx projects have three elements; hardware, project implementation and then a per user, ongoing, SaaS licence model.

WAERlinx features


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Additional information for WAERlinx

Key features of WAERlinx

  • Warehouse Management
  • RFID
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Managed Inventory Solution
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Kitting
  • Track and Trace
  • Kanban
  • SAP Integration
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Barcode Scanning
  • ITIL / ITSM Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Document Management
  • NetSuite Integration
  • Lean Processes
  • Supplier Management
  • Asset Disposals
  • Cloud Solution
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Total Flexibility
WAERlinx has a cutting edge ‘container’ design, giving you the flexibility to adapt your supply chain with minimal disruption. You can focus on any part regardless of its location (e.g. in a kit, pallet, warehouse or even country). You can always view the detail and you always see the product.

Features can be readily enabled or disabled as your business evolves, ensuring that the user's experience is strictly relevant to the task in hand and our agility ensures that projects are implemented within sensible timeframes at reasonable cost.

Our highly experienced development team is adept at solving the business challenges others have failed to solve.

Lower cost of ownership
As a SaaS solution, WAERlinx has a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware and no need to install software. In fact, our tailored systems are more cost-effective than many of the better known off-the-shelf packages.

End to End Solution
WAERlinx combines a powerful warehouse management system with inventory optimisation. As stock is scanned in or out, the entire supply chain is updated and optimised – with no manual intervention.

Waer products and solutions are designed for delivery over the web. They can be provided via the Cloud or from within your own infrastructure.

They are highly configurable and when delivered, seamlessly fit into existing processes without the need to re-engineer the business.

Practical and Results Driven
WAERlinx is easy to use for non-technical employees even though it is a powerful and sophisticated system. It provides high-level management reports for a complete overview of your operation.

Additionally, it uses the language of your company (existing codes and references) to ease transition to the use of a new solution.

WAERlinx provides analysis and advice but it also keeps your supply chain optimised and moving automatically.