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ERP/MRP cloud software for small to midsize manufacturers

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MRPEasy overview

What is MRPEasy?

MRPEasy is a cloud ERP/MRP software for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors.

It consists of five functional blocks:
- production planning;
- shop floor control and reporting;
- stock management;
- supply chain management;
- CRM.

By using MRPEasy manufacturing SMBs have access to the same sophisticated manufacturing resources planning functionality, what earlier was available for enterprises only.

Such functionality contains:
- serial numbers tracking;
- scrap reporting;
- parallel execution and overlap of manufacturing operations;
- dynamic rescheduling of manufacturing orders;
- shelf life and expiry date functionality;
- products with parameters;
- multi-stock and multi-production sites;
- kiosk mode for shop floor reporting;
- barcode generation.


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MRPEasy screenshot: MRPEasy ERP is multi-browser and multi-deviceMRPEasy - Cloud MRP Software IntroMRPEasy screenshot: The MRPEasy initial home screen MRPEasy screenshot: The MRPEasy dashboardMRPEasy screenshot: Dynamic rescheduling of manufacturing orders with MRPEasy

MRPEasy reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Ann Richmond

Forgot to Post new function - Adding document to a Manufacturing Order

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-04
Review Source: Capterra

This modification supports our move to one source always available anywhere we are.

We wanted this so we could upload our quality testing results to the MO and not have to maintain a separate manual file or data base. Everything in one place make audit and research SO much easier.

This is such a great $$ performer, I can't really complain and the support is great.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Benjamin Raffiani

Best value in the small manufacturing space by far.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-11-14
Review Source: Software Advice

With MRPeasy our capacity doubled. It streamlined our production, and procurement so well that I'm now able to spend a lot more time on growth and sales.

Extremely comprehensive and works seamlessly with Xero and Shopify. It is user friendly and easy to understand for any systems oriented thinker. The video support library made the initial setup much easier, and the support team was there to fill in anything I couldn't figure out on my own.

There are a few functions specific to the apparel space that have not been added yet, but I have been told they are in the development pipeline.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Tim Grant

Ahead of its time

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-04-06
Review Source: Capterra

Quality from the beginning. This is one of the best programmed software out there for this industry. It's logically grouped, and follows a constructive workflow. This makes it easy to use, to train, and to implement.

Easy of use and simplicity to understand. This is one of the best programmed software out there for this industry. We setup, train and implement manufacturing software for multiple companies, and clients find it easy to understand and operate. This is one of the very few SMB manufacturing software on the market. It's reasonably priced, and contains all of the functionality a small manufacturer will need: sales, purchasing, production, inventory management and accounting.

The integration with QB Online, while functional, is limited. There is no Class tracking, and you cannot select multiple COGS accounts. Support is also only by email, normally.

Response from MRPeasy

Thank you for the detailed feedback. The integration with QB Online will be seriously improved in 2020.

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Value for money
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Sue Glover

MRPEasy software - almost great

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-09-09
Review Source: Capterra

I needed an affordable cloud based MRP that was easy to set up and use with a manufacturing focus. It was easy to set up, but onerous to update. The initial training and set up support was very helpful, but once I bought in and really needed assistance, my helpful support person was replaced with the anonymous support team that took 24 hours to answer any questions and the answer was almost always either a. no the software doesn't do that, b. thats a good idea, we may decide to do that later, or c. you can pay us to make that change to our software. For the price, it's ok, a lot of potential, but not great.

the ease of use, wide range of potential ability, accessibility, focus on manufacturing. there is the potential to customize the software for an extra fee.

technical support is rather lacking. There's a lot of potential in the software capability but every aspect of use is limited. There's a lot of features that are "almost there", but to fix them costs extra. Entering inventory manually is a basic thing and should be simple, but because it creates automatic write offs, adjusting inventory manually can create annoying issues. When I reported this and asked support about it, I was told to stop manually entering inventory and to trust the system - not an easy thing to hear.

Response from MRPEasy

Thank you. Your "Advice for Buyers" is great.
We're happy to answer your questions. You won't always have the same staff member to work with because when you purchase the software and have questions regarding functionality and terms, a sales rep helps you. One you purchase the software, and have questions about the technology and customizations, our technical support team is there to help.

We make new releases of the software 2-3 times a quarter. We always encourage our customers to send us feature requests, and we analyze and consider each of them. We can customize the software, however, in some cases those customizations do require some cost.

We have a large support team available to answer questions. Since they work in shifts, and each work for all of our customers, you'll notice they don't personalize their responses. However, each customer's tech support request is answered within 24 hours to ensure that our team can collaborate on a solution that works best for the user.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 6/10

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James Cockell

Good software and support

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-09-16
Review Source: Software Advice

MRPeasy has been a great way for us to transitioning to MRP. We've formalised our item and BOM structures, improved our production planning and made our operational purchasing more robust with this software. Overall we are happy with the product.

The interface is slick and modern. No issues with the software being slow. The program is intuitive and can be picked up easily. There is a surprising amount of functionality. The Junior MRP easily supports multi level BOMs, different production resources, customisable fields on items, adding images etc to items. Stocked and non-stocked items are supported, as are indivisible items (I've seen some much larger systems that don't support this). Safety stock levels can be easily set and maintained, allowing for simple planning. The inventory system allows a fair amount of freedom to define stock locations as needed. The purchasing system works fine, allowing easy tracking of what is on order. I'd say something similar for the Customer order interface -customer orders can be input easily, documents such as proforma or commercial invoices can be defined. We've definitely appreciated the customer support we've received. Answers come back within 24 hours and though not everything can always be changed, the answers are helpful. On more than one occasion I've provided feedback on certain screens and have had the response come back that yes, that sounds like a good change to make and we'll release that change in a week or so. We've found this super helpful and haven't seen that from too many other software companies.

There is not too much here, but the main bugbear for us is the work orders. Our BOMs have multiple levels and we would expect that MRP would spit out individual work orders for each operation that needs to be done. Instead, a single work order comes out, which can be worked on by different resources, but when a production process can take several weeks that means things like WIP become hard to manage. So we have to either accept this and make that work or split our work orders down, which makes production planning more manual.

Response from MRPEasy

Hello James,

Thank you very much for kind words and detailed feedback!

Regarding too big work orders. MRPeasy has a special environment optimized for workers: Internet-kiosk. It shows tasks that are assigned to a particular worker. All other information, that isn't needed, is hidden.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Starter plan: $39 per user/month
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Enterprise: $69 per user/month
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MRPEasy features


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Additional information for MRPEasy

Key features of MRPEasy

  • BOM
  • Inventory control
  • SCM
  • CRM
  • Bills of material
  • Cost analysis
  • Customer database
  • Dashboard
  • Gantt charts
  • Job costing
  • Multi-location
  • Order management
  • Planning tools
  • Procurement management
  • Quotation management
  • Rights management
  • Routing
  • Vendor management
  • Work order management
  • Purchasing management
  • Barcode printing
  • Barcode support
  • Stock management
  • Inventory forecasting
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All needed functionality for small and midsize manufacturing and distributing company
Cloud-based, no initial investment needed;
Free support, backups, updates;
Full overview over orders, operations and stock;
- user,
- currency,
- language,
- stock;
- production site.