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John Tarnoff MA

Glad to Have Found Wrike


Keeping my entire project life in Wrike, and also linking to Evernote as my reference library (putting links in each project as needed), as well as Google Docs/Sheets - which are integrated right into Wrike. They also have a Zapier integration that's letting me add new Google Contacts right into a light CRM folder so I can follow up with them.


Very intuitive UI, allows me to work exactly the way I want. I tested/trialed a number of enterprise team collaboration product managers, which I was forced to do because I found the functionality of the task managers like Asana, To-Doist and others to be inadequate for my purposes. I'm also a David Allen GTD fan, so I am always looking for a way to incorporate that paradigm into my management tools. When the list manager I was using, NirvanaHQ, proved inadequate, despite its almost perfect GTD integration, I went on a search and found Wrike. Unique to Wrike is a drag/drop Folder/Project functionality that allows you to set up and nest projects inside folders to create a totally customizable working hierarchy. Whether you want to organize by client, by team member, by project, but function - however you want to do it - Wrike let's you set it up. But then, you can use any folder as a TAG by dragging and dropping it onto another Folder or Project. That way, you can instantly access projects and folders by pulling everything related to that Tag. Finally, Wrike lets you create Dashboards that lay out projects and tasks in infinite ways to make sure you are looking at the work you have to do - OR work that's due or in progress by the whole team. Plus, there is a messaging interface and an easy way to add people to your tasks/projects/folders as followers or assignees. And they were totally ready for me, with a well-developed GTD suggested setup.


Teamwork Projects, Zoho, Monday, Podio etc., it holds its own.

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