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ClickUp logo



Project management, task tracking, & professional goal tools

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What users say about ClickUp

Super easy to use, powerful features, ability to invite guests for FREE, Great technical support, lots of video tutorials available.
Too complex for an individual's needs, sometimes illogical, and a terrible android app is the icing on the cake.
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Wrike logo



Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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What users say about Wrike

The benefit of having all in one place is a great promise. And helps a lot that the entire team is using one single place for all organizational stuff.
It also makes the relevant conversations and files more difficult to track down, since they might be lost in any of these subtasks.
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Celoxis logo



The All-in-One Project Management Software

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What users say about Celoxis

From the beginning with the sales person, the demo provided, deployement of the product and now the full time use of it I am very happy with. The great online support is the absolute best.
So it is difficult to read more than a few lines at a time while entering the defect.
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Project Management Made Easy

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What users say about

The best feature of is its ability to help you integrate your tasks into your calendar. The easy to use tool allows you to efficiently manage projects and meet deadlines.
The software spam your inbox with many unwanted mails. Unable to track project goals easily.
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Asana logo



The work management platform for teams.

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What users say about Asana

This has been a great management tool for our company, the integration of comms has been great and has allowed us to cut down on mails as which has been amazing.
The worst thing is that some resources are paid, which limits the use of the platform by people who cannot pay.
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Forecast logo



A full-suite alternative to point project mgmt solutions

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What users say about Forecast

I like how Forecast is intuitive, fast and most importantly, fun to use. When completing tasks, you get an avatar popping up telling you great job which is fund.
Not usable on mobile devices, and disappointed by the aggressive upselling and hidden cancellation terms.
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Zoho Projects logo

Zoho Projects


Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking

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What users say about Zoho Projects

Highly customizable and effective program with a good value. Would recommend to anyone who likes a lot of options.
Had problems with my 2FA when I lost my cellphone which was very odd it locked me into that option only for logging in.
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Airtable logo



Cloud-based organization & collaboration tool

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What users say about Airtable

There are premade templates that are great, and provides awesome insight on how powerful the software really is. I frequently use their social media calendar, and the project list.
What I dislike most about this software is that I cannot type extended sentences in one box. Whenever I try to paste a long sentence or paragraph the words go into the rows beneath.
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WorkOtter logo



#1 Rated SaaS Project, Resource, & Portfolio Management PPM

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What users say about WorkOtter

WorkOtter staff are very friendly and helpful. They are good communicators and easy to work with.
I have not yet found anything so far that I dislike about the software.
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Scoro logo



All-in-one work management software.

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What users say about Scoro

The best, easiest business software. I recommend for everyone who wants quick and effective solution.
For me, filtering is difficult. If you mark Make Task done, you will have to create a new reminder for yourself - it disturbs that there will be additional movement for me in this regard.
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Jira logo



Project & Issue Tracking Software - See why we're #1!

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What users say about Jira

Jira is pretty straight forward. Once you get used to how to set up a Jira, and subscribe to notifications it works on auto-pilot helps to get track of complex issues, resolution and monitor progress.
It has limited number of software integrations. Error notifications can be annoying sometimes.
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Trello logo



Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

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What users say about Trello

So natural to utilize Very visual Price is correct Easy to add/eliminate individuals Search ability is superb.
The accidental "drag/move/delete" is scary for us because you can accidentally move a card when you're just trying to scroll over on the screen and that can be problematic.
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Statera logo



Project management software for architects

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Statera is a time and expense software designed to help businesses add project information, upload documents, communicate with clients and coworkers, design projects, and more. The platform advanced project management functionality, request for proposals (RFQs), automated project costing capabilities, resource management tools and more.

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Basecamp logo



Flexible project management & team communication tool

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What users say about Basecamp

Our company likes the ability to share content with the entire team no matter where anyone is in the world. Simple secure login from any computer and poof instant content for all to read & share.
I believe the roll out of this new website and way of tracking our progress was poor and has cause a lot of frustration, discouragement and even loss of membership for our older members.
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ZenHub logo



Productivity management for disruptive software teams.

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What users say about ZenHub

The programmability is amazing and it generates the perfect reports as needed as well as the simplicity and ease of use makes it my first choice.
I always have to refresh my my page severally before I can see update in different column of my workflow which sometimes can be time wasting and frustrating.
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Hive logo



The world's first democratically built software platform.

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What users say about Hive

My writers love how clear and concise their workload is presented each day. The ability to change and insert new assignments or move them around is also great.
The reporting and accountability factors are lacking a little in Hive. There is some bad logic in their recurring actions that prevent us from being able to generate accurate productivity reports.
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Quickbase logo



No-code application development platform & online database

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What users say about Quickbase

It’s feels like 1990 MySpace you have to build it out like we kids with nothing to do but hook up our myspace page. So if you like that then its cool.
It is very bad to send an email with the name of an unconfigured company just because it has a simple caret.
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Kantata logo



Unleash the power of professional services,

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What users say about Kantata

Easy to use, good loading times, simple but effective design, great reporting capabilities.
We basically had to figure it out on our own. THe "integrations" through thier integration tool are very poorly built and the tool is terrible.
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Smartsheet logo



An online work execution platform for any size organization.

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What users say about Smartsheet

It's been great having so many templates to choose from and customize. Awesome that it can be integrated with MS Teams.
I then took the Smartsheet training to be certified and that opened my eyes to the power of the tool (and also to the fact that the sheets I hated were users in our company using it very, very WRONG).
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Resource Guru logo

Resource Guru


Cloud based team scheduling software

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What users say about Resource Guru

Resource Guru is extremely easy to use and effective at managing a team. It loads quickly, is super reliable and is our go-to software for managing any project.
It's unfortunate that this tool doesn't link up with our PM tool, Asana. There's no 'undo' button if you accidentally click and drag a booking unknowingly.
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LiquidPlanner logo



Prioritize What Matters

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What users say about LiquidPlanner

Experience has been good. The customer service is responsive and determined to find the answers.
It can become difficult to manage a work space with many projects (50+). Details can get lost and it can be overwhelming to users.
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Project Management, team collaboration, and task management

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What users say about

I'm finding the ease of use along with the great flexibility is really encouraging me to stay focused on what's important and keeping me organized.
There's nothing that can be complained about this software.
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ProWorkflow logo



Project Management & Time Tracking For Teams Of Any Size.

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What users say about ProWorkflow

Connects seamlessly with xero. I love it, I tested many demos, it has an attractive interface, accuracy, great support - this task management system gets a 9.8/10 from me.
So if I have 10 contractors I use, I have to buy full account access for each of them, even though they may only use the software 2-6 times a year. This has always been my biggest complaint.
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kintone logo



Agile, No-code Business Application Platform

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What users say about kintone

I have accurate reports, solid information and feel confident in my presentations because of the ability to have reports at my fingertips.
But if we had to go this alone, we'd never have endured.
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Autodesk Construction Cloud logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud


Connect data, workflows, and teams

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What users say about Autodesk Construction Cloud

The ease of the program has been great. The ability to obtain the information out in the field is a plus benefit.
Plangrid has a function to add hyperlinks within the planes, so that they lead directly to another plane. This system is very uncomfortable, and tends to make the platform collapse, so it is useless.
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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Project Management

Project management software is used by project managers and stakeholders to plan projects, follow their progress and development, and ensure the timely completion of key tasks. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll look at the core features of this software and the top considerations businesses should have in mind when evaluating a solution.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is project management software?

Project management software is designed to help businesses track the progress of projects from inception to completion. They can use these applications to manage various aspects of a project - from tracking tasks as well as optimizing people and resources to sharing important project documents.

What are the different types of project management software?

The general purpose of project management software is to improve communication, transparency, and team collaboration, allowing for full visibility over processes, tasks, and workflow.

However, some project management applications are designed with specific teams in mind such as software developers. Others cater a more diverse range of workers.

Given below are different types of project management software and what you can expect from these tools:

  • Task management software: These are basic tools for businesses looking to eliminate manual processes such as the use of spreadsheets for tracking project progress. The software helps project managers schedule employee tasks and track progress on visual dashboards. Employees can prioritize tasks with color codes or labels as well as set up automated notifications and due date reminders.

  • Project collaboration software: This is suitable for teams that want to improve communication among project members. These solutions offer basic task management, with a specific focus on collaboration features, to help employees quickly connect with each other. Functionalities include team activity dashboards, document sharing, real-time chat, and voice/video calling.

  • Agile project management software: This is specifically designed to help technical teams, such as software developers, manage projects. However, it can also be used by small non-technical teams (under 10 members) that follow agile project management frameworks such as marketing. Along with task management and collaboration features, this software typically offers kanban dashboards for progress visualization and advanced reporting such as sprint velocity metrics and burndown charts.

  • Project portfolio management (PPM) software: As small organizations grow, they need this software. It offers advanced functionalities such as project lifecycle management, risk management, and resource management. Full-suite PPM software helps businesses prioritize projects, assess potential risks, and assign the right employees to projects.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What functionalities differentiate your project management software from your competitors?

What deployment options exist for project management software?

Project management applications could either be on-premise or cloud-based offerings. Choosing the right deployment option requires you to consider factors such as software costs and your IT team's expertise. emphasizes software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-based deployment. These tools typically come with lower up-front costs, faster implementation time, and automatic updates; they also better support remote use, scale more easily, and minimize the need for IT staff and real estate. But you’ll want to broadly understand each deployment method.

Here are the key differences between these two kinds of deployments:

Software-as-a-Service (cloud based)

  • Is hosted on the vendor's servers

  • Pricing is subscription-based on per month, per year, or per user basis

  • Vendor typically takes care of data backup, security, and feature upgrades


  • Is hosted on your own servers

  • Pricing is an upfront license fee for a single user

  • You are responsible for data storage and software upkeep

Small businesses usually prefer cloud-based over on-premise solutions as the former is cheaper in the short-run. It also saves them from the hassle of figuring out data backup and maintaining the software on their own.

Key questions to ask your vendor before you buy:

  • (SaaS vendor) Do you offer automatic “offline” data synchronization for mobile applications?

  • (On-premise vendor) Do you have plans to replace your on-premises software with cloud-based solutions?

What are the key project management software features?

A common project management function is task management to set and assign tasks, deadlines, and time sprints. Some tools also facilitate communication with the help of automated notifications, document sharing, and the ability to leave notes.

It’s important to carefully examine the features to see if they meet your specific business challenges. For instance, a team with well-defined roles would need a solution that can assign specific user permissions at various stages of the project lifecycle.

Let’s look at the core features of project management solutions in detail:

Task management: Helps plan tasks, set priorities, and track progress at each stage of the project. Lets users create and assign to-dos, set up recurring tasks, and view tasks on a calendar.


Overview of in-progress and upcoming tasks in Asana

Collaboration: Allows employees, clients, or vendors to share and collaborate on project documents via shared online workspaces. They can also communicate through various channels such as email, chat, and video calling.


Commenting on tasks in JIRA Software

Document management: Facilitates centralized sharing of project-related documents, videos, and images. Allows project stakeholders to review, co-author, or redact project files.


Importing files into Smartsheet 

Project planning: Helps project managers define individual tasks, resource allocation, timelines, and deadlines using visual project planning tools such as Gantt charts.


Using Gantt charts to plan task deadlines in ITM Platform

Reporting: Allows users to view project progress and status at a glance, They can also see upcoming deadlines, completed tasks, milestones achieved, team workloads, and budget utilization.


View project reports in Workfront

Besides these core features, project management solutions offer features that help project managers customize the tool as per their business requirements. Here are two such features that businesses should look for when evaluating a project management tool:

  • Permissions and security: Allows users to set tailor-made access to all project related data. It also keeps the information secure.

  • Project Accounting: Takes charge of project finances and offers tools for tracking budgets, invoicing, and expenses.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How can the core functionalities of your project management solution help me achieve specific business results?

What are some important project management software integrations?

When selecting project management software, ensure that it integrates seamlessly with any software you currently use. Fortunately, most tools integrate with other cloud-based software, saving your time and allowing you to easily share data between applications.

Here are some important integrations that you may need with your project management solution:

  • Email integration: Supports task processing via email. These include the ability to create new tasks, edit details, assign and reschedule tasks, leave comments, and attach documents.

  • Idea management: Helps team collaborate and develop project ideas. Functionalities include mind mapping tools, document sharing and idea management workflows.

  • Bug tracking: Separates the tracking of software bugs from tasks in a project. These include custom workflows, time tracking, ticket management and reporting.

  • Accounting: Allows business to manage project accounting. Functionalities include general ledger accounting, time-tracking for billable hour reports, invoice generation, and project costing reports.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How many third-party integrations do you offer and how many more will you add in the next 1 to 2 years?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.