5 Best Click Tracking Software For Marketing Teams

May 10, 2022

Five best click tracking software to help marketing teams analyze visitor activity and increase marketing campaign efficiency.

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5 Best Click Tracking Software For Marketing Teams

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As a digital marketer, you know that marketing or promoting your business does not end with just creating a blog, building a website, or executing an email marketing campaign. You also need to constantly monitor interactions, track potential fraudulent devices, and revise your marketing strategies to increase conversions. But, how can you do that efficiently when you have multiple channels to track? The answer is through click tracking.

Click tracking monitors how many clicks your website is getting, where they are coming from, and determines what links are or aren’t getting clicked. Gaining these insights will help you spot errors, adjust your campaigns to deliver more value, and generate reports on acquisition and engagement.

To make your search for click tracking software easier, we created this list of the five best click tracking software options in GetApp's catalog. (Products are listed alphabetically. See the end of this piece for our full selection methodology).


1. ClickCease

ClickCease is an ad tracking and click fraud prevention tool designed for Google and Facebook Ad campaigns. The software protects campaigns by tracking and blocking traffic from harmful sources such as competitor clicks, bot clicks, click farms, accidental clicks, and brand haters.

By using its fraud detection algorithm, ClickCease monitors ads to distinguish between fraudulent and harmless sources. It automatically adds suspicious IPs to the AdWords IP exclusion list and blocks them to secure your marketing campaign. The fraud detection algorithm can be customized to suit your industry specifics.

This link tracking software offers actionable insights into details of every click—including browser, time, device, location, ISP, and keyword—to maintain your advertising campaign health. This tool also lets you analyze competitor ads to see what keywords they are using or what market they are targeting, and execute better campaigns.

ClickCease is a web-based ad tracking tool with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The software also offers customer support via live chat, phone, and email.


Fraudulent device tracking in ClickCease (Source)

2. ClickGUARD

ClickGUARD is a click fraud prevention and click tracking tool designed for Google Ads PPC (pay-per-click) client managers and advertisers. The tool analyzes every click and identifies fraudulent clicks and irrelevant traffic.

The PPC forensics feature provides actionable insights into the exact time and date of every click, duration of each session, IP address of the visitor, and geolocation. The software performs threat assessment to eliminate wasteful clicks and traffic from dubious sources that may negatively impact Google Ads campaigns.

ClickGUARD captures potential leads and increases customer acquisition. The link tracker tool allows them to set custom rules for each marketing ad campaign based on post-click visitor behavior and select how, why, and what traffic to block.

Offering customer support via live chat, email, and query tickets, this click tracking tool is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


Click reports in ClickGUARD (Source)

3. Clixtell

Clixtell’s click fraud protection software secures Google Ads and Bing Ads by blocking clicks from competitors, bots, and click farms. Its 24/7 click fraud detection algorithm monitors every click, identifies invalid clicks, and blocks them from PPC campaigns.

The tool offers real-time conversion tracking to help marketers identify and focus on the most effective campaigns, keywords, ads, and pages. Marketers are then able to focus on capturing potential leads and increasing conversions by eliminating the time spent manually analyzing clicks.

With Clixtell’s visitor session video recorder, marketers can capture mouse movements as users navigate through your webpage. The tool provides insight into how users interact with your page, where they clicked, and what made them leave.

Clixtell is a web-based link tracking software with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. It offers customer support via live chat, phone, and email.


Click tracking in Clixtell (Source)

4. Kochava

Kochava is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics tool equipped with deep linking, affiliate tracking, fraud detection, data and analytics, measurement and attribution, and user engagement tools. Its Global Fraud Blocklist feature uses an AI and data-driven algorithm that analyzes global traffic and identifies a fraudulent traffic source in real-time.

The software enables you to create customized blocklisting criteria with dynamic conditions that align with marketing strategies, and the interactive link tracker dashboard explores fraudulent traffic across campaigns. It provides actionable insights into click-to-install ratios, click frequencies, and other patterns that might help you set unique fraud thresholds.

With Kochava, marketing teams can plan, target, activate, measure, and optimize mobile app campaigns to maximize their ROI. It also includes a deep linking feature to customize, supervise, and analyze link traffic in real time.

Kochava offers support via live chat and email. It has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


Overview dashboard in Kochava (Source)

5. Singular

Singular is a marketing analytics and attribution platform with deep linking, fraud prevention, click tracking, and other capabilities. As a fraud detection tool, Singular tracks each click or visit, and investigates suspicious traffic sources.

Singular provides marketing teams with the options to personalize fraud prevention strategy and customize rules to reject or flag fraudulent traffic. Its pre-attribution fraud rejection helps affiliate marketers stay focused on real users and potential leads, and avoid misreporting.

With deep links, web-to-app, and cross-device attribution, Singular provides features that allow marketers to track the full user journey and report on acquisition and re-engagement across platforms.

Singular is a web-based link tracking software with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. To contact Singular’s support team, you can use its query ticket option.


Click tracking for creatives in Singular (Source)

How to choose the best click tracking software for your business

This article covers five of the best click tracking software options available. To determine which one best fits your unique tracking requirements, consider the following factors:

  • Assess your analytical requirements: Analytical requirements differ from one business to another, and that is why it is important to write out what your marketing teams require from a click tracking system. Some click tracking features that you should look out for include link tracking, fraud detection, and IP address blocking.

  • Select multi-channel support: The click tracking software you choose should offer multi-channel support to capture and analyze clicks from different ad channels such as Google and Facebook. This allows you to track which channel is getting the most traffic on your website/webpage and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Review advanced click tracking features: It's easy to become overwhelmed with data while dealing with multi-channel marketing. With advanced filters such as traffic source, location, and time, users can track each click, categorize your visitors, and identify fraudulent sources. The software should also provide the ability to customize and schedule reports by week, month, and your specific marketing needs.

Common questions to ask software vendors when selecting a click tracking tool

A click tracking tool will help you run smooth marketing campaigns and eliminate harmful traffic, so before deciding on the software you need, ask the vendor these questions:

  • Does your product integrate with my existing tool set? Whether you are monitoring one ad channel or more, you will most likely be using a CMS or an advertising tool. If the software you have chosen is compatible with the other solutions you are already using, the tracking and analytics process will go off without a hitch.

  • Does the tool offer custom tracking features? Businesses often have different analytical requirements. Your shortlisted tool should help you create custom filters for fraud detection to track and block specific sources.

  • What are the training and support options? Implementing fraud detection and click tracking software in your marketing workflow is not an easy task. If not executed properly, it can disrupt your process. You should look for training options provided by the software vendor and become familiar with the support options in case of a technical issue.

How did we choose these products? We didn’t—you did.

At GetApp, we verify all our user reviews to recommend the most efficient tools for your business.

Our software recommendations reflect the views and experiences given by your peers. These recommendations are never bought or sold, nor based on the opinion of a single individual.

For this article we identified the tools from GetApp's click fraud software category. Check out the full methodology description for the Category Leaders report here. To be listed in this article, each product had to:

1. Have at least 20 unique product reviews published on GetApp within the past two years, with an average rating of 3.0 or higher as of April 8, 2022.

2. Have click tracking as one of the primary features along with activity tracking, visitor tracking, activity monitoring, real-time click activity analysis, and click monitoring.

The 5 products with the highest ease of use, functionality, customer support, value for money, and likelihood to recommend are featured in this article from the GetApp Category leaders for click fraud software category.

Disclaimer: We conducted this analysis based on reviews and ratings data as of April 8, 2022. In order to present the most up-to-date information, the product cards show real-time ratings. Please note that this means the ratings value in the product card may not reflect the ratings value at the time of analysis.

NOTE: The content in this piece provides the opinions and points of view expressed by users. It does not represent the views of GetApp or the content in this piece, which provides the opinions and points of view expressed by users, does not represent the views of GetApp.

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