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Aug 03, 2017

Top 20 recruitment experts and influencers to follow on Twitter

How do you stay up-to-date with recruitment news? We've put together a list of recruitment experts on Twitter so you can follow people who know their stuff.

Karen McCandlessContent Analyst

How do you stay up-to-date with recruitment news? Along with email newsletters and maybe even subscriptions to magazines (if you’re old school like me), Twitter is likely one place you’ll go to keep ahead of the curve and get useful advice. But, as we all know how much noise there is on social networks these days, we’ve put together a list of recruitment experts on Twitter so you can follow industry influencers who really know their stuff.

To put this list of recruitment experts together, we used data from BuzzSumo, which takes into account number of followers, activity on Twitter (including retweets and replies), and the pagerank of a Twitter profile.

Key trends that we saw from a lot of these experts are social recruiting, AI, and employer branding.

Here’s our top 20 list of recruitment experts, which we will keep up to date as the industry (and Twitter) changes and evolves.

Greg Savage

Our first recruitment expert is Australian Greg Savage, who is a veteran recruitment advisor and consultant who has set up four different recruiting business. Aside from being a GetApp contributor, Greg hosts a sixty second podcast called Sixty Savage Seconds where he offers honest and direct recruiting tips, and tweets articles about topics such such as social selling, and what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you as a recruiter.

Follow @greg_savage

Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman never wears a suit but always wears a hat. Aside from that fact, Bill is a social recruiting expert, organizes The Recruiting Unconference, and provides advice to recruiting applications. His Twitter feed is a mix of comments on the political situation in the UK, and some recruiting and HR chat.

Follow @BillBoorman

Katrina Collier

Dog lover and global traveler Katrina Collier is the founder of social media recruitment training company The Searchologist, as well host of the Social Recruiting podcast. She has more than a decade’s experience in social recruiting, and counts KPMG, Zalando, and SWIFT among her clients. Katrina tweets about how to better advertise jobs, social media news, and recruiting on different social platforms.

Follow @katrinamcollier

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Stacy Donovan Zapar is the founder of talent attraction company Tenfold, and has more than 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, as well as The Talent Agency, which recruits recruiters. A classic movie and online gaming fan, Stacy tweets about how to recruit recruiters, employer branding, and hiring best practices.

Follow @StacyZapar

Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett is president of IT and engineering staffing firm HRU Technical Resources. He regularly blogs about general HR and talent acquisition issues, and believes that improving core talent base is the most important thing HR can do to boost a company’s bottom line. Tim tweets include practical topics such as hugging rules for work and swearing in the office.

Follow @TimSackett

Will Staney

Will Staney is founder of recruiting strategy consultants @ProactiveTalent and co-founder of employer branding community @TalentBrandOrg. In a previous life, he was in charge of recruiting at Glassdoor, and has also worked at SAP and VMware. Will tweets about sourcing, candidate engagement, and industry news.


Ian Knowlson

Ian Knowlson is a training, leadership, sales, and recruitment expert. He runs the @SellingSuccess1 corporate and relationship sales training company and associated website. Ian tweets about topics such as AI, blockchain, recruitment tech, and leadership, and blogs about topics such as the future of recruitment. He also enjoys a spot of golf and is a big supporter of Liverpool FC (an English soccer club successful in the 1980s).

Follow @ianknowlson

Irina Shamaeva

Irina Shamaeva is a partner and chief sourcer at executive search firm Brain Gain Recruiting, as well as founder of the People Sourcing Certification Program. Irina has a background in bio-tech companies, especially in the San Francisco Bay area. Her tweets focus on sourcing best practices and news, as well as using Boolean Search in recruiting.

Follow @braingain

Jim Stroud

Social recruiting seems to be a hot topic right now, as Jim Stroud is another expert in social recruitment. He is currently senior director of RPO Recruiting Strategies and Support at Randstad Sourceright, as well as host of the It’s All Recruiting podcast. He’s also a prolific blogger, and tweets on sourcing and tech, especially AI.

Follow @jimstroud

Andy Headworth

Andy Headworth is another social recruiting expert, and - just like Ian above - is also a Liverpool FC fan. When he’s not following his favorite soccer team, Andy works as head of recruitment at HM Revenue & Customs in London, and is managing director of Sirona Consulting. He’s also the author of Amazon best seller Social Media Recruitment – How to successfully integrate social media into recruitment strategy.

Follow @andyheadworth

Matt Alder

When Matt Alder is not providing his expert opinion on various HR and recruitment topics for GetApp, he works as talent acquisition and innovation consultant at Metashift. Matt is also a recruitment marketing and content marketing expert, as well as author of Exceptional Talent, and a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland (just like another famous author- J.K. Rowling).

Follow @mattalder

Ross Clennett

Melbourne-based Ross Clennett is a recruitment coach who provides professional development and online leadership programs in Australia and New Zealand. He used to work for Hays, the UK’s largest public recruitment company, and is also a soccer fan - this time Arsenal - as well as enjoying cricket and tennis. Ross takes a news-based approach to his tweeting.

Follow @rossclennett

Steve Levy

Steve Levy has one of the most interesting Twitter bios of our recruitment experts featured here: “They’re people not candidates or talent”. Steve works in strategic sourcing at Lockheed Martin, as well as running Recruiting Inferno Consulting, and the associated blog. He tweets on the importance of treating employees and candidates as customers (or people) and moderates a career Twitter chat.

Follow @LevyRecruits

Emilie Mecklenborg

Emilie Mecklenborg combines social media with employer brand and media management to help improve the candidate experience for hard-to-fill positions. Emilie tweets on ways companies can attract and hire candidates by improving the way their company culture is perceived. This is complemented by her love of 80s music and French Bulldogs.

Follow @EmilieMeck

Tom Bolt

Tom Bolt is an HR specialist whose aim is to humanize talent acquisition and management. His blog, Make HR Happen, focuses on improving the candidate experience and improving the quality of recruiting firms. Tom is also the founder and CEO of human capital management consulting firm Leute Management Services. His tweets range from recruiting articles to unusual news about Connecticut.

Follow @TomBolt

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl isa recruiter who has helped build sourcing organizations for the likes of Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Motorola. He is also founder of the Sourcing Institute Foundation, which provides educational grants for people with disabilities, military veterans, and the unemployed to help gain employment in talent sourcing and recruiting.

Follow @shally

Jessica Merrell

Austin resident Jessica Merrell is the founder of @workology, a recruiting and HR resource. Jessica previously worked as a HR and talent acquisition practitioner with companies such as Whole Foods, AT&T, OfficeMax, and Home Depot. Her tweets focus on HR tech, recruitment compliance, and practical tips for candidates.

Follow @jmillermerrell

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a recruitment technology and social hiring expert, as well as co-founder of BarclayJones recruitment advisory service. When she’s not baking or watching movies, Lisa creates IT and marketing strategies, with a focusing on attracting, engaging and converting candidates. Lisa tweets about industry events, recruitment marketing, and hiring techniques.

Follow @lisamarijones

Kevin Green

Kevin Green is chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which provides representation for the UK’s private recruitment industry. There he focuses on improving customer service for members. He previously worked at the Royal Mail as HR director. Kevin tweets about recruitment events, industry news, and the effect of Brexit on UK jobs.


Cameron McLennan

Cameron McLennan is a predictive recruitment specialist at hiring solution Firefish Software who uses data, recruitment marketing, and social selling to help companies attract more - and more suitable - candidates. When he’s not engaged in recruiting, he is yet another golf aficionado, as well as a fan of HIIT training.

Follow @CameronFirefish

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Who are your top recruitment experts?

Did we miss anyone off the list? Let us know who your favorite recruitment expert is, or who think should have been included, in the comments below or by tweeting me @karenmccandless.

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