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Collaborative solution for product requirements management

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DevSpec overview

DevSpec is a solution for managing product requirements collaboratively, as part of the development and testing process. Built from the underlying principles of gather, define, manage and evolve, DevSpec enables the whole team and any project stakeholders to collectively finalize requirements before any development phase begins. The system is flexible enough to cater for more formal Enterprise-type definitions or a more agile, user story-based approach while giving everybody a voice in terms of adding comments or supporting documents. Requirements changes can be implemented, triggering email notifications flagging those updates with escalation rules and prompting for responses.

DevSpec integrates with Microsoft Word to leverage familiar editing tools to create and update requirements. Apart from maintaining requirement hierarchies between app and system, features include auto-versioning for tracking document changes, plus one-click previewing within DevSpec’s built-in document viewer. Additional tools allow multiple requirement type definitions to be managed and hierarchies created for displaying granularity, while strategies can be communicated via product roadmaps.


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DevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing a product roadmap for an example projectLeveraging Requirements Traceability to Deliver Product QualityDevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing auto versioning for Word document supportDevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing participation for all with comments and attachmentsDevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing the attachment of a comment to change requestDevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing the setup of an email notificationDevSpec screenshot: DevSpec showing the sharing of a weblink for linking to ideas

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DevSpec features

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Additional information for DevSpec

Key features of DevSpec

  • Collaborative requirements review for all stakeholders
  • Attach change comments, notes and supportive documents
  • Set baselines and control change request approval rules
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word
  • Snapshot requirements on distribution, status & ownership
  • 12+ report types for creating custom and standard summaries
  • Set and assign to-do list tasks between team members
  • Trace development tasks and test cases back to requirements
  • User-defined attributes
  • Track changes and rollback to previous versions if required
  • Web-based requirements management solution
  • Review requirements with one-click document previews
  • Receive email notifications on requirements changes
  • Product roadmap
  • Analytic reporting based on real time requirements data
  • Auto versioning for logging document changes
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DevSpec invites all stakeholders to collaborate on defining product requirements before development, attach comments and receive update notifications.
Microsoft Word integration allows requirements to be edited and changed using popular word processor tools, with auto versioning and one-click preview support.
Add traceability reports to requirements, following the pathway from each stage while flagging any requirement changes along the way.
Setup change request approval rules and baseline finalized requirements to check differences, highlight any changes and rollback to prior versions if necessary.
Access over a dozen options for creating custom or standard reports detailing a snapshot of real time requirements data, exportable to Excel, Word or PDF formats.