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Vendavo PricePoint

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Vendavo PricePoint overview

What is Vendavo PricePoint?

Vendavo PricePoint is a complete, cloud-based solution that enables B2B organizations to operationalize their ideal pricing strategies across their lines of business, regions, and channels. PricePoint supports all major pricing strategies such as value-based and competitive-based, to ensure pricing is always up-to-date and based on ever-changing market conditions. Vendavo PricePoint is a suite of products that mange everything from global list pricing structures, to regional, local and channel.

Vendavo PricePoint comes with an accelerated implementation system, which allows users to handle the entire optimization set up process, from activation to configuring best practices and integrating with ERP/CRM systems. Features include user-defined dashboards, audit trail, custom tables, automated price conversions, waterfall simulation, and more. A target list pricing module uses data from internal and external market trends to suggest prices for new, as well as existing products.

Vendavo PricePoint allows managers to create custom dashboards and set alerts for various events such as product changes, cost updates, KPIs, and more. An audit trail system tracks all changes across the platform to ensure compliance. The solution integrates with various in-house, as well as third-party applications such as Profit Analyzer, Deal Price Guidance, Business Risk Alerts, and SAP.


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Vendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint alerts screenshot Vendavo® PricePoint™ - Intelligent Dynamic Pricing, Delivered.Vendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint custom pricing rules screenshotVendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint dashboard screenshotVendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint market level simulation screenshotVendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint price management screenshotVendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint target price graph screenshotVendavo PricePoint screenshot: Vendavo PricePoint visual analytics screenshot

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Cecilia Ströberg Hallefält

easy to work in - easy to learn

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

Similar products have received similar prices, which means that I have received less questioning about prices.

The software is easy to search in and it is easy to price part after you decided which family the part belongs to.

The reports. I have some reports I use seldom and there is always a fault in them when I get them out. I can't see the log to a part. I can't see when and by who a part been priced/ changed.

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Key features of Vendavo PricePoint

  • Channel Analysis
  • Competing Product Analysis
  • Price List Management
  • Price Optimization Automation
  • Price Plan Management
  • Price Testing
  • Pricing Analytics
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Strategic Price Setting
Local Market Pricing
Dynamic Pricing
Deal Price Guidance
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Transfer Price Management
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