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Officer Assist

Web-based mobile security guard tour system

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Officer Assist overview

Officer Assist is a dispatch and guard tour system which allows security guards to collect incident details and photos while being tracked with GPS and RFID technology. In addition to guard management and guard tracking technology, Officer Assist also incorporates automated periodic activity reporting, which provides users with visibility and real-time insight into guard activity.

Officer Assist’s guard management tools allow users to track employee working hours and attendance, understand guard performance metrics, and print parking citations on the move. GPS guard tracking, RFID NFC tag scanning, and strategic location checkpoints allow users to track guard location at all times.

Automated daily activity reports and performance metrics provide users with real-time insight into business operations and guard performance. Clients can access status reports as well as historical activity reports through the Officer Assist web portal. As a web-based system, Officer Assist affords users the flexibility to access and track information anytime, anywhere from all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


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Officer Assist screenshot: Guards can manage their shifts, breaks, patrols and incidents from the Officer Assist smartphone appKugadi OfficerAssist Product DemoOfficer Assist screenshot: Log in securely with user name and passwordOfficer Assist screenshot: Record incidents, parking citations, noise or suspicious persons on patrolOfficer Assist screenshot: Using GPS and RFID technology, managers can know the exact location of their officers at all timesOfficer Assist screenshot: Visualize report data Officer Assist screenshot: Gain insight into guard activity by automatically generating daily activity reportsOfficer Assist screenshot: Generate incident reports on issues such as parking violations

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Officer Assist features

Compliance Management
Permission Management

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Additional information for Officer Assist

Key features of Officer Assist

  • GIS visualization
  • Guard management
  • Time & attendance monitoring
  • Real-time reporting
  • Portable citations
  • Customer management
  • Permission management
  • Customer portal
  • Compliance management
  • Dispatch system
  • RFID technology
  • GPS
  • Location tracking
  • Employee location tracking
  • Overtime management
  • Break management
  • Daily activity reporting
  • Guard performance metrics
  • Parking citation printing
  • Multiple branch support
  • Strategic location checkpoints
  • Shift management
  • Patrol management
  • Activity tracking
  • Data visualization
  • Real-time information
  • Automatic status reports
  • Activity management
  • Activity logging
  • Records management
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Available as a native mobile app on Android, Officer Assist allows guards to manage shifts, breaks, patrols, and incidents on the move.

Branch level permissions ensure that all data is managed securely everywhere from small shops to large multi-branch operations.

Time and attendance monitoring enables users to track employee working hours including normal hours, overtime, and breaks.

Automated email reporting and performance metrics give users valuable insight into business performance and guard activity.

NFC RFID tags allow guards to check-in automatically at strategic location checkpoints, ensuring managers know the exact location of their security guards at all times.