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SmartSignin overview

What is SmartSignin?

SmartSignin's SSO makes life easier for employees, enabling a one-click login to every application your organization uses without any pre-integration or collaboration with a third party like most other solutions require.

For businesses, passwords are too insecure on their own, so additional forms of authentication are necessary. Aside from geo-location detection and machine identification, SmartSignin's Identity and Access Management Suite offers customers with an SMS one-time password and knowledge-based authentication. Additionally, our patented Smart Key algorithm gives an extra layer of protection.

SmartSignin can directly be accessed on cloud or deployed within your network inside the firewall. SmartSignin is Cloud agnostic and hence can be hosted on any cloud-based infrastructure.

SmartSignin lets you integrate your AD/LDAP and other identity stores for easy syncing of users and to access all the apps you use in the cloud. SmartSignin also supports other Idenity Stores like Google Apps, SalesForce, Office365, Netsuite, Box etc. This whole system raises productivity, empowers your company, and gets rid of security liabilities. *We're constantly expanding our integration base, adding more cloud APIs for easy onboarding/offboarding.

To address the issue of BYOD, SmartSignin acts as a secure portal for mobile access. If someone wants to access company resources from device outside of company's firewall, they must authenticate through SmartSignin. Once connected, your company's policies can dictate how things go from there. In case an employee loses his mobile device, the network admin can suspend access rights to company apps for that device.

Organizations with multiple departments and/or groups need to provide their users with different levels of access in different applications. SmartSignin allows you to sync users and map their permissions across any application, quickly and efficiently. Simply create a user and assign the user to a group. The person gets access to all the group's applications instantly and they can access all these application from their individual SmartSignin dashboard.

Most companies fail to offer sufficient protection to their users. Single-factor (Username/password) authentication is the prevailing paradigm, but its weaknesses are very evident on today's Internet. Using SmartSignin's Single Sign-On and multi-factor authentication, service providers can provide their customers with the convenience of password management and auto-login and also a promise of extra protection for their online credentials and data. Service providers can also utilize SmartSignin to reduce forfeiture of revenue due to subscribers sharing their credentials with others. By protecting their customer's privacy and critical data, service providers not only gain their trust and goodwill but also loyal customers.


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ipshita gon gupta

Great app for convenience and productivity.

Reviewed 2014-12-23
Review Source: GetApp

We have been using SmartSignin for the past six months and it has help our organization immensely. Now I can manage over 100 different application credentials for all my employees from one dashboard. It has increase our security and since we have a lot of vendors, maintaining their privacy and security is a piece of cake.

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Ty Gabriel

Identity and Access Management for Government

Reviewed 2014-12-23
Review Source: GetApp

After reviewing several cloud identity products, we found that SmartSignin's unique tech platform provided the most protection for credentials and data, which is of paramount importance to our clients in the public sector.

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SmartSignin features

Single Sign On
User Management

API (157 other apps)
Access Control (119 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (101 other apps)
Activity Tracking (58 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (66 other apps)
Authentication (71 other apps)
Compliance Management (115 other apps)
Password Management (63 other apps)
Policy Management (72 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (77 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (94 other apps)
Risk Alerts (62 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (71 other apps)
Third Party Integration (86 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (60 other apps)
Vulnerability Scanning (57 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Your company is in constant growth and flux. It’s important that, while staff and technology may change, you can keep your business constantly secure, by having the utmost control and security across all platforms and software. SmartSignin offers you total control over your entire cloud access security lifecycle. SmartSignin brings cloud-based apps and solutions together across personal and professional mobile and computer devices, allowing for a single single sign-on, authentication, authorization, access management and audit, so you, your team and even your clients can access all your cloud-based tools with a click of a button.

SmartSignin is a cloud identity and access management tool that looks to balance privacy and security through a cookie-free, token-free architecture. It allows admins to on-board and off-board users with a single click and without needing to remove access from every single application.

The monitoring and logging of the complete access lifecycle puts the company in compliance with the highest level of governmental security standards.

What is SmartSignin?

SmartSignin is a tool for your Internet admins to bring all your cloud-based tools and logins under one secure control and password system. The security and convenience offered by the app give users the ability to move from one device to another seamlessly, independent if the devices are or aren’t behind a corporate firewall or simply your employee’s personal iPhone.

SmartSignin provides business leaders with access management and control over all corporate devices, automating password resets, and adding and removing users a one-click process. Administrators can see which employees have accessed which apps and the devices they used to do so. With strong authentication requirements, employees can no longer make reckless password choices, such as using a first name or the word “password” to access crucial business systems. IT managers can provision access to various applications based on roles, user groups and departments. Besides automated password resets, admins can now on-board new employees and off-board ex-employees with just one-click.

Plus, centralized access-tracking and automated periodic reports can also be generated to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other forms of regulation. It can help organizations around the world adhere to government compliance requirements quickly and easily.

Who is SmartSignin For?

SmartSignin is available to businesses of all sizes in all industries, with a primary target of enterprises having a user base of 250-2,000 employees. The company reaches out to top management and information technology managers, since both groups are currently struggling with the many challenges mobile device security now presents.

Those who will be especially interested in SmartSignin are organizations with a large number of mobile device users, especially if work is being conducted on employees’ personal devices or across a series of cloud-based solutions.

Main Features

Secure Architecture for Single Sign-On

SmartSignin has a unique and secure architecture that allows for employees to use a single sign-on, using its patented SmartKey algorithm to ensure complete privacy and security of user data, without the often insecure implementation of cookies or tokens. This one encrypted log-in gives each user access to all the necessary cloud-based tools, while allowing administrators to revoke access easily at any time.

A “zero-knowledge tool,” all sensitive data is encrypted through SmartSignin before it even leaves any device.

Authorize Users with Government-level Security

SmartSignin puts password resets and user management within an administrator console, making it easy to manage accounts for employees located throughout the organization, allotting individual cloud access to each member.

For organizations that deal with regulatory and compliance requirements, SmartSignin can help ensure audits go more smoothly. Restricted access ensures administrators know every person who is accessing which apps when for how long. The system can also generate reports, complying with PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulations.

Easily Manage Businesses of All Sizes

SmartSignin integrates with a business’s existing Active Directory, importing users and groups to provide the current level of access to each. When a new employee comes, an administrator only has to add a user to a specific group and establish his or her access rights to give that user the same rights as everyone else in the group. If a change has to be made to access, that change can be made with just a couple of clicks, rather than having to be applied to each individual user.

Because SmartSignin is connected to Active Directory, changes can be synced there, as well. This allows businesses to use SmartSignin as the sole user management tool. The app’s easy-to-use interface gives administrators the ability to map permissions across an entire enterprise quickly.

Grant Secure Access to Business Partners and Freelancers

Businesses today are regularly adding users to networks who aren’t immediately located within the organization, ranging from the sales rep accessing tools to show clients from his iPad to those working at a home office or on a freelance basis. SmartSignin allows administrators to efficiently grant application access to these team members, who may be working from personal devices, without putting security at risk. This partner or service provider will be given one password that offers access to all authorized applications. Of course, for both internal and external employees, this leads to smoother transitions, technological implementations and, without constant requests to override forgotten passwords, a more relaxed tech support.

Complete Control over User Accounts

Uncreative passwords like QWERTY and 123456 have put thousands of businesses at risk. SmartSignin solves this by providing centralized provisioning, monitoring, and control. Admins can even provision the apps to users without ever telling them the actual log-in credentials and the end user can access the apps by a single click.

Users can be added and changed based on roles, user groups, and departments, which makes adding and removing users easy and secure. SmartSignin’s strong authentication helps protect connected accounts from phishing, pharming, identity theft, and other forms of account tampering, by consistently validating each user’s right to access each piece of data.

For individual users with account privileges, SmartSignin provides a full-service security solution. While each account requires both a password and cryptphrases, users may feel more secure with three knowledge-based questions required at login. To help organize apps, users can also tag individual applications. Apps can be grouped by such tags as “business applications,” “shopping,” “news,” “social networking,” and more.


By its very nature, SmartSignin integrates with almost every app imaginable, from Gmail to a business’s own apps. No pre-integration with apps is necessary to use SmartSignin, which sets the company apart from its competitors.

SmartSignin integrates with identity stores like Google Business Apps, Box, Salesforce, Netsuite, and Microsoft Office 365. On a directory level, SmartSignin integrates with Active Directory and LDAP.


Free plans are available that allow single sign-on for up to four apps. For an individual user, plans cost $4 a month, which includes an unlimited number of apps.

On a business level, SMB plans are available starting at $6 per user per month. This allows an unlimited number of accounts and one admin. Enterprise packages are priced on a per-organization basis, depending on how many admins and users will be involved in using SmartSignin.

Bottom Line

  • Retain control of all logins and cloud access for all employees
  • Unique SmartKey algorithm and architecture ensures security across devices and apps
  • Manage user access to apps by assigning one password for all solutions within the organization
  • Easily manage access by setting up groups
  • Import Active Directory to maintain existing organizational structure
  • Gain insight into which users are accessing which apps and the devices they’re using to do so

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Key features of SmartSignin

  • Proprietary Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Centralized Provisioning, Monitoring & Control
  • Strong Authentication
  • On Premise or Cloud Deployment
  • Identity Store Integration
  • Mobile Identity and Access Management App
  • One Click On-Boarding and Off-Boarding
  • Group Based Control
  • White-Labeled SSO for Service Providers
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Active Directory integration
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SmartSignin helps IT administrators tie all the cloud apps into a single directory and allow their customers, employees and partners to login to those applications with a single click, without needing them to repeatedly enter login credentials.

Administrator can make sure that tough passwords are set for every application thereby reducing the risk of password fatigue and password sharing.

SmartSignin helps organizations reduce their overhead cost:

Eliminate Password Reset Cost: With the option of self service password reset employees can reset their own passwords without needing to call helpdesk every time they forget their passwords.

Reduce Extra Licenses: With the help of 'User Summary Reports' you can find out how many employees are actually using an application and only pay for that many licenses.

No IT Infrastructure Overhead: As SmartSignin authentication does not require a Public and Private key Infrastructure there is no overhead cost associated with any appliances or devices.

SmartSignin is made with small businesses in mind and do not require an IT managers to set up the product. Instead of creating additional identities for their employees, organizations can integrate existing Active Directory/LDAP services to SmartSignin and start provisioning users in minutes.

Furthermore, no pre-integration is required with any 3rd party applications and no additional investment in PKI tokens or expensive appliances are required.

SmartSignin is device independent. Your employees, partners can see and sign in to all the cloud apps they're authorized to use, on the go, through any mobile device. SmartSignin ensures robust protection of credentials and critical company data even when your users are constantly accessing corporate resources from different locations and platforms.

SmartSignin is also cloud independent which means that it can be deployed on any type of cloud environment, be it a public, private or hybrid cloud. This also ensures that customers are not isolated from using SmartSignin just because of the cloud dependency.

SmartSignin works with our patented SmartKey algorithm which ensures the complete privacy and security of user data. Our technology makes customers the real owner of their data by allowing them to select their own private key to decrypt data. No one, not even the staff of PerfectCloud can ever access the critical data of our customers.

To give a private experience, SmartSignin works on a cookie-less and PKI free architecture thereby eliminating the use of cookies and tokens.

To further enhance the security of our customers we log them out and delete their session information if they have been idle for 20 minutes. This timeout is configurable.

IT can control and audit access to adhere to government compliance. Centralized access-tracking and automated periodic reports can be generated to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other forms of regulation.