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Cristal logo

Fleet management software for transportation businesses

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Cristal is a supply chain management software designed to help businesses in the transportation and logistics sector manage fleet, from tracking vehicle movements and monitoring driver performance to providing feedback on driver behavior. The software features a mobile application that allows drivers to view subscription plan details, manage bookings and invoices, and access fuel cards and vehicle maintenance reports.

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MTS-1 logo

Transport management system for carriers

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MyTrooperS enables businesses to import delivery data, optimize deliveries and returns, select carriers, and more. It includes live tracking capabilities, an analysis tool, and a delivery application.

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Gain independence from ‘one size fits all’ mapping solutions

learn more is a unified geospatial platform built for enterprises. Overcome location challenges & manage location data with AI-driven, use-case-specific custom solutions.

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QuadMinds logo

Online software for routing and dispatch

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QuadMinds is the most complete tool for routing and dispatching, allowing you to optimize routes and improve the level of service.

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e-Parcel logo

Software for the parcel, delivery and courier industry

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Package and courier software with modules that cover the entire operation. e-Parcel is based on globally standardized processes.

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Dispatch Science logo

Artificial intelligence for your unfair advantage

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Courier & parcel delivery businesses such as shippers, transporters, and couriers operating same-day, on-demand and fixed route deliveries.

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Zippykind logo

Delivery management solution for local businesses

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Zippykind is a delivery management solution designed to help businesses in industries, including medical, floral, food & beverage, retail, dry cleaning, and home care, streamline delivery operations. It lets merchants add order details, assign delivery tasks to drivers & track delivery progress.

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DelivApp Delivery Management logo

Highly customizable platform for hyper-fast deliveries.

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DelivApp is a SaaS for managing food-deliveries on-demand. DelivApp brings visibility into the business, allows to automate tasks, and painlessly grow delivery volumes.
DelivApp can be customized for any operational needs and adjusted to any growth stage.

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RoutiGo logo

Fleet management software

learn more
RoutiGo is a cloud-based shipping management software that helps businesses manage delivery planning, routing, tracking, and more. Its planning dashboard features algorithms that allows administrators to optimize routes and predict traffic duration.

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Shipox DMS logo

The ultimate answer to Delivery Management System services.

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We make our clients happy by providing a completely safe and sound courier service.

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tiramizoo Last Mile Master logo

tiramizoo optimizes the last mile for you

learn more
tiramizoo developed the Last Mile Master for the optimization of last-mile logistics. The SaaS platform was awarded multiple times.

With many practical features, it will simplify logistics processes for you and make you more efficient.

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Onro logo

Lastmile delivery management software | courier software

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Onro, as a design-first delivery management software, provides a high-tech solution for companies who want to be more automated, reduce costs and have better control over the business.

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SafeToLoad logo

Logistics solution to handle hazardous material

learn more
SafeToLoad solution enables streamlined operations regardless of the conditions, managing incident prevention at every logistical stage along with risks and costs. By adopting SafeToLoad, businesses choose a path that ensures both safety and operational efficiency.

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EasyPost logo

Ship Smarter. Your Customers Will Thank You

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EasyPost is a Shipping API that solves complex logistics problems for eCommerce businesses, enabling them to deliver an online shopping experience that delights customers.

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QuickShipper logo

SaaS for booking own or external delivery couriers

learn more
SaaS platform for optimizing last-mile delivery processes either using in-house couriers, or utilizing the external fleet from the trusted delivery companies.
Companies have the opportunity to compare real-time offerings & prices of delivery companies via QuickShipper marketplace.

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ConNote logo

Consignment management software

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Built around consignments, ConNote is a transport management system that tracks the information for quotes through to pickups, manifests and invoices. Know the status of pickups with the mobile companion application. Make information readily available for clients with the customer portal.

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Bringoz logo

Complex Logistics Made Simple

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Bringoz is a cloud-based delivery management platform, which assists shippers and carriers with route and dispatch management. Key features include shipment tracking, real-time monitoring, risk management, scheduling, permissions management, performance tracking, and resource allocation.

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ShipTrack logo

Track Anything, Anywhere (Real-Time Shipment Tracking)

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Our clients include some of North America's largest couriers. ShipTrack is configurable to allowing courier companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage its market leading functionalities. From route planning to real-time tracking, our platform is at the forefront of courier technology.

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Logdio logo

Powerful mobile all in one solution for delivery management

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Powerful solution for delivery management and real-time tracking. Create optimised route easy and fast. No more spreadsheets, whiteboards and Google maps. Perfect for couriers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce, waste management, roadside assistance and many other areas

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R-SAMi logo

Fleet management tool for logistics and field services.

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R-SAMi is an all-in-one resource scheduling, fleet, asset, and incident management with excellent 360 reporting system.

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WooDelivery logo

Cloud-based delivery management software

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WooDelivery is the cutting-edge delivery & field service management solution for thousands of businesses across different industries including couriers, e-commerce, retail, food and beverage, laundry and more.

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FreightExchange logo

Multi-carrier Shipping Platform

learn more
FreightExchange is a multi-carrier shipping platform that is easy to use and scalable.

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GetSwift logo

Simple SaaS platform that streamlines your delivery business

learn more
GetSwift is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps businesses to streamline their dispatching, routing and delivery operations

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SmartRoutes logo

Streamline your entire delivery process with one platform.

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SmartRoutes is an end-to-end logistics planning and management platform. With SmartRoutes, logistics teams can plan routes, capture PODs, automate notifications and track fleets all from one platform.

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Fleet logo

Fleet: Empowering Efficient Logistics and Transportation

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Power up your courier services with Fleet's cutting-edge software. Optimize deliveries, track shipments in real-time, and enhance customer experience. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver excellence with Fleet.

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