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OptimoRoute overview

Cloud-based for straightforward and centralized deployment, OptimoRoute is a route planning and scheduling software for companies deploying delivery drivers and field service technicians. Available across scalable Starter, Business and Enterprise pricing packages, the system claims enough flexibility to meet the needs of any service industry that sends drivers and technicians into the field. Promising efficiency increases as much as 15-25%, OptimoRoute leverages genuine travel times and actual geographic distances to calculate unlimited route plans that really do meet the generated schedules. This not only inspires confidence in the accuracy of implied time and cost savings, but also that services will more than meet client or customer expectations.

Users can import orders in batch from CSV, generate routes and then share these plans with drivers. Orders can be viewed on the intuitive map-based interface and edited directly where necessary, setting order, driver and technician parameters. Administrators can stipulate work hours, overtime, start / end locations for particular drivers, lunch break times, skills, service areas and more, while defining fixed costs, distance-based costs and time-based costs. Different vehicle types too can be described to acknowledge limits on capacity such as number of boxes, weight and volume etc., plus any defining characteristics. Driver workloads can be balanced by hours and orders, and routes modified manually with automated recalculations to reflect changes. Routes can then be shared, exported, or sent directly to drivers via email with navigation links for installed smartphone apps and satellite navigation devices.


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OptimoRoute screenshot: OptimoRoute provides genuine, accurate travel times for effective scheduling How to plan routes in OptimoRouteOptimoRoute screenshot: The system suggests which driver or technician should be used to carry out certain orders and the sequence by which they should be dispatchedOptimoRoute screenshot: Reduce overall driving distances and needless time wasting with OptimeRoute's Smart Stop sequencesOptimoRoute screenshot: Automate processes with integration API support, which enables connectivity with a web store, ERP solution or other third-party appsOptimoRoute screenshot: Import orders from Excel and CSV files, and export generated routes to spreadsheet  OptimoRoute screenshot: Email routes directly to drivers or export to Microsoft Excel for convenient sharingHow to import orders via copy/paste

OptimoRoute reviews

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Mark Brown

Simply the BEST

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-04-16
Review Source: Capterra

So you might have guessed I'm a little impressed with this software. I have been using route4me mobile for the last 3 weeks and it was adequate, but lacked. You CANNOT upload an address it does not recognize and as I previously mentioned "geotag". This simple ability, not to mention their generous 30 day trial (not 3) and the fair pricing led me to purchase a years subscription before I even used the software live on my route. I had a question about some routing so I emailed support on a Sunday and had a response within the hour. If you are on the fence about routing software, belive me this is the one. Don't even try anything else, unless you like giant pains in your butt or losing your hair from frustration!First and foremost what I like the best is the pricing. I know that seems like a shallow response but I have not been able to find a comparable route planner that realizes I am only one person, not a fleet, and offers me a reasonable price for their service. Other benefits are the address matching function, it is much better than the programs I have been using. Better yet, if the program does not recognize an address in my upload lists it will proc a geotag I can move to where I want the address located. I work in a rural area and this is probably the most amazing ability I have found. Want it to be better?? It saves the name of the location in your active address book and will pull it up the next time eliminating future corrections. The fact that the computational process is all done on their servers means I can run the webservice on a very basic machine I feel safe leaving in my vehicle for this service. The mobile phone app is so simple, yet elegant in its design it boggles my mind. No heavy features to get in the way just simple functionality. The GPS tracking in real time is also quite accurate. The fact I can just push a route to my mobile from the Web service is outstanding. There are a host of other commonalities that this shares with other services like "in delivery" and "complete" functions.

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Pablo Sanchez

Worth more than the subscription price

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-02-07
Review Source: Capterra

I'm doing snow removal from a set of static locations. I am completely unfamiliar with all the streets and these locations. OptimoRoute is my wingman. It reduces my overall driving time, which translates to fuel and maintenance reduction costs.I am a recently retired computer geek. I have done a lot of work solving problems for clients. In my retirement I decided, among other things, to drive a snow plow. :) I was handed a textual description of my route and told to get started. With my background (Computer Science degree), I realized that optimizing the route is a typical 'Traveling Salesman' problem. It is *extremely* difficult to solve. Before my retirement, one of the many things I would do is analyze software solutions for customers. I employed the same technique to find 'delivery route optimization' packages. I looked at many and found OptimoRoute to be 'best of class.' o I can easily import a set of 'orders' (stops in my case). o I can pre-assign the 'orders' to drivers and do it quickly. o Based on my knowledge of the route, I can fine-tune the optimized route. o The Android is map-agonistic. It uses my device's default mapping tool. In my case, due to lack of coverage and no data, I use Google Maps in Offline mode. o Once a route is created, I do not have to re-gen it, I can copy it from day to day. This way a driver can memorize the route. o The Support staff will actually call you to help you out. I don't think this is sustainable though. ;) Yet, this is pretty amazing. o The pricing is extremely reasonable for a small (or even large) business. o They're smart to push the optimization (which is seriously CPU intensive) to a server. As an engineer, this is an at-scale solution.

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James Finch

Small company using sofware

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-12-11
Review Source: Capterra

All in all it is a positive experience with Optimo Route. I know some of the options I would like to see could be accomplished through their web api, but we prefer out of the box solutions. If you are looking for a simple cost effective scheduling software this is a great start. I do change the route that is automatic many times and I am ok with that.We signed up with Optimo Route early on when they came out, price point is good when you have a small fleet. We utilize it with a rotating of 2 drivers at a time with 7-12 stops each. I use it mainly for the fact that I can send the route to the guys via app & e-mail. *Easy to set up *Easy to use once you get the hang of it *Great customer service on getting locations set up. We only use locations for our customers not customers. Most of our customers have a single location that we go to. *Some customization via custom fields (We transport chemicals and I wanted a way to put down which chemicals we transport. While I don't have a great way to do this I did do a work around to get it to work. *Mobile app for drivers *Online only which is fine with me *Live tracking of trucks - this feature works maybe 80% allot in my assumption has to do with network and users device quality. I use it to see how my guys are doing on their route and to get an idea when they will be back or if they are meeting someone else.

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OptimoRoute review - One year later

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-12
Review Source: Capterra

The folks at Optimo are passionate about their product and it shows in their ability to effectively respond to our specific business needs. Up until now, we've never been able to find an off the shelf product capable of managing our specific logistic requirements and Optimo has done an outstanding job in tailoring OptimoRoute to meet every one of these requirements. OptimoRoute has proven to be a very versatile platform for our logistics department. The software accommodates all of our time, date and licensing constraints which was critical for our business needs. In addition to effectively managing our constraints, Optimo also manages the large volume of orders/routes we process every month. Another feature we have found to be beneficial is Optimo's ease of use. The UI is very well thought out and users can begin creating routes with very little need for tutorials.

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Joe Cocuzzo

Everything we needed, big time saver

Used other for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-01-16
Review Source: Capterra

I run a charity "Christmas Tree Pickup" each January. 800 pickups on three Saturdays, maximum of 6 trucks. Previous method of routing involved home grown JavaScript utility to make the routes, imported into Delorme software to produce maps, directions, and then somewhat manual process to load custom points of interest into Garmins for the trucks. Optimoroute let us load the stops into their web based application, route automatically across our number of trucks, including a return to depot so that the trucks could unload per every 28 trees. Routes sent to smart phone per truck worked great. The application saved me many hours of semi-automated route creation, map printing, and pickup sheet printing. Having navigation and an order list on smart phone per truck was excellent, as was the ability to track progress of trucks. We did not use the tracking feature where we would email customers. We already had an automated "put your tree out" and "thank you" build in our reservation database via an Active X control and some VBA programming in Access. A way to configure a pickup sheet out of the fields in the software, rather than exporting Excel sheet and then pruning and formatting would be nice. I will write a Crystal Report to reformat the spreadsheet data instead to save time.Pre sales support, including an extended 1:1 demo/training was excellent. Speedy and intuitive web application, combined with nice phone application for drivers that provides them with an order list and navigation to each stop. Ability to add stops to routes in process and resent to the trucks is very nice. Real time tracking of progress of all trucks also very helpful.

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Business: $26.10 per driver, per month (billed annually)
Enterprise: $35.10 per driver, per month (billed annually)

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  • Scheduling
  • Collections management
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  • Email integration
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OptimoRoute is a cloud-based route planning and advanced scheduling solution that is scalable to support the deployment of driver staff and service technicians across food delivery, retail and distribution, maintenance, healthcare and similar trades.

The solution claims to deliver an increased operational efficiency by as much as 15-25% by servicing a greater number of orders via optimized routes demanding less driving time and a reduction in miles that requires less fuel.

Setup and usage promises to be a matter of steps, starting with the ability to import multiples of existing orders from Excel or CSV files, assigning those orders to the best planned route, before sending those routes to drivers or exporting to Excel.

OptimoRoute works off of real travel times and distances in a way that ensures businesses, dispatchers, drivers, clients and customers alike can be confident that generated schedules are accurate and effective.

API-based integration allows OptimoRoute to be linked to web stores, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or any variety of third-party applications for adding further process automation capabilities.