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PTV Route Optimizer logo

Schedule & route optimization software

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Route Optimiser is a schedule and route optimization software that helps transport and mobile field service business customers to improve productivity and cut costs through features for strategic transport and planning, daily route scheduling and optimization, and real-time fleet management

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Dynamics TMS logo

Transport Management Solution for Legacy & Microsoft ERP

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Dynamics TMS is a transportation management system designed to help businesses handle route planning, appointment scheduling, accounting, and various other administrative operations on a centralized platform. Supervisors can manage purchase & shipping orders and streamline load planning processes.

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Truckin Digital logo

Cloud Trucking Software ERP

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Truckin Digital offers real-time dispatch capabilities, enabling you to assign, track, and optimize routes with ease. You can improve communication between your drivers and dispatchers, ensuring on-time deliveries and happy customers.

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CoreWarehouse logo

Cloud based warehouse management system for SMBs

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CoreWarehouse is a multi-feature cloud-based warehouse management software designed primarily for distributors and third party logistic providers

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Glow logo

The next-generation, customer-centric delivery platform.

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Glow Technology's user-friendly software automates logistics, optimizing delivery for businesses. Its real-time tracking, route optimization, and secure cloud-based system enhance productivity and customer satisfaction and reduces costs. The platform is scalable for businesses of all sizes.

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Streamliner logo

Supply Made Social

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Streamliner's collaborative slot booking and yard management platform seamlessly connects you with your suppliers, customers, and carriers. This connectivity guarantees a smooth monitoring process for both inbound and outbound operations.

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SmartTracker logo

Purchase order status tracking and in-transit visibility

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SmartTracker is a web-based cloud-hosted purchase order status tracking and in-transit visibility tool.

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Constellation TMS logo

Multi-modal transportation management & services

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Constellation TMS is a multi-modal transportation management platform that provides shippers with the technology to rate, tender, and track shipments, and more

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Cloudex logo

Powerful End-To-End Freight Management Software

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At CLOUDEX, we understand the challenges facing freight forwarders today, and we're committed to providing solutions that solve yesterday's problems, address today's issues, and anticipate tomorrow's needs.

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ShipConsole logo

Shipment tracking and Shipping software

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ShipConsole provides out-of-the-box integration with Oracle ERPs. We provide seamless integration with Oracle NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP Cloud and JD Edwards

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Packsoft logo

Packaging optimization software

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Intuitive, Packsoft always provides you with the best result, whether for a palletization, or for a multi-level packaging : optimal format of the item, its pack, its case and palletization.
With one click you launch the design of thousands of packaging from your Excel list.
The data goes to your ERP

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Consignmate logo

Cloud based Transport Management System (TMS)

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Consignmate is a cloud based Transport Management System. Designed to streamline your operation, Consignmate will manage your transport jobs, Despatch to Drivers, Sign on Glass, GPS Tracking, Invoicing, EDI, Subcontractors and a whole lot more...

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Merit for Life Science logo

Cloud-based ERP for life science organizations.

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Cloud-first ERP for fast-growing life science manufacturers in pre-clinical and clinical stage. Designed to be the first and last solution needed. It advances Dynamics 365 to deliver quality, procurement, materials management, production, and compliance, etc. for biotech, pharma and med device.

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Webshipper logo

Cloud-based e-commerce, logistics, and shipping software

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Webshipper is a logistics management tool that connects e-commerce platforms with shipping carriers, allowing users to automate shipping operations. Key attributes include 3PL management, barcoding, RFID, order fulfillment, returns management, parcel shipping, tracking, and third-party integration.

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Routetitan logo

Last mile delivery software

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Routetitan is a platform that helps drivers easily find the most efficient routes to deliver their customers' packages

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Software for managing the industrial transportation process

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ELOGATE is a cloud-based logistics software designed to streamline industrial transport management processes, catering to various industries such as automotive, food, packaging, and construction. Its freight procurement module enables businesses to manage their interactions with service providers and shippers, right from the initial contact to electronic communication.

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Loop logo

Cloud-based solution to manage deliveries, orders and routes

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Loop is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage deliveries via route optimization, and real-time tracking capabilities.

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Maino logo

Management software for international trade

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Maino is a management platform for international trade that makes it possible to create and issue import e-invoices, control a customer portfolio, manage sales flow and the progress of orders, adopt multiple price lists, calculate representatives' commissions, and more. Available in Portuguese.

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dvproduction logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC add-on for manufacturers

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Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC add-on that helps manage the entire supply chain of a manufacturers. Including planning, MRP, MES, shop floor control, maintenance, quality control and assurance, scheduling, inventory stock status, serial and lot tracking, distribution, purchasing, financial...

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Parcelhub Shipping Software logo

Multi-carrier delivery management and tracking support.

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Parcelhub is a bespoke and proactive multi-carrier delivery management solution.

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VIA logo

Visual transportation management platform for 3PL

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VIA is a web-based visual transportation management platform designed to assist logistics & delivery businesses with freight planning, routing, and tracking. Features include what-if scenario planning, filtered views, quote tracking, color-coded load labeling, and group & user management.

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Modaltrans logo

Cloud-based freight management software for logistics

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Modaltrans is an all-in-one freight management software developed according to the unique needs of the logistics and supply chain industry.

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Botree DMS logo

Distribution management system

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Botree DMS is modular and extendable and can connect seamlessly with the company’s ERP systems, Botree SFA, and helps companies with novel business insights with its integration to its data analytics platform.

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Fieldlink logo

Right job with the right data and people at the right time

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Fieldlink is an oilfield mobility platform for Field Service Management that drives operational efficiencies & digital transformation.

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Key Software Systems logo

Delivery management software

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Key Software Systems is a courier management software that helps final mile delivery and logistics providers manage dispatch automation, real-time tracking, route optimization, and customer communication. The platform enables managers to assign drivers and optimize route planning using a unified interface.

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