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Shopping Cart Elite overview

Shopping Cart Elite is custom built for online retailers and wholesalers who are disappointed and frustrated with the limitations of their shopping cart. SCE is an enterprise level solution that will completely automate your eCommerce business.

We create and serve beautifully handcrafted store fronts powered by some of the most advanced features seen in eCommerce today. Features such as Predictive Smart Search, Product Filters, Auto Ship, Live Inventory, Live Chat, Bundles, Discounts, 360° Product Views, Wholesale Accounts, and Marketplaces Selling all come standard on every Shopping Cart Elite website.


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Shopping Cart Elite reviews

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Outstanding Customer Support

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-23
Review Source: GetApp

We are a builder and contractor supply servicing the construction industry since 1991. Mostly, we were worried about messing with a good thing. We already had a site that had worked well for us. We were most concerned about loosing SEO ranking and possibly upsetting existing customers. We switched the DNS settings and then waited nervously. We then sent out a mass email to our existing customers and used the SCE discount module to offer each a 5% discount off their first purchase. The reaction was excellent! The nerves went away quickly as we saw the site perform well! Since switching 95% of the customer feedback has been great! And according to our SEO company, we are ranking very well for the targeted keywords. The 301 Redirect Module and ""Discovery"" within SCE was extremely helpful with that. The feature I like best is the Bulk Product Uploads and Changes. I am thrilled with the amount of time it saves me! The marketing apps are also great. We have used SCE to list our products on Amazon and adding our products to Google Shopping was extremely easy and so far has been very effective. Discounts - The SCE Discount Module is very good. Unlike discounts on most platforms the discounts here can be customized and filtered greatly, ie. by region, weight, product, category and so on. Very useful! Reporting - SCE has a built in reporting system that tracks everything. (Great if you don't trust Google to report on itself) Employee settings - When it comes to the websites I run, I like to control everything! With that being said, we can always use help. With SCE I can set up employees and only give them access to the parts of the site they need to accomplish the task at hand. We did a comparison earlier today. We compared July 2013 online sales (Oscommerce) with July 2014 sales (SCE) 32% increase. Along with all the features SCE offers, their support staff and the ability to get in touch with the correct person for any given issue is very effective and much appreciated.Reporting - SCE has a built in reporting system that tracks everything.

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Best Value Shopping Cart

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-21
Review Source: GetApp

"My name is Jeff Gast and I am the Vice-President of Central Parts Warehouse. We are a snowplow equipment and parts distributor along with truck equipment. We have a few websites that we are doing with SCE:,, and There a lot of features we like with SCE. A few that come to mind is that they offer a complete solution. SCE has so many features and they setup everything for you to succeed like adding your data to your websites in the correct way. From the SEO, to the Marketing Info that you can use to really see what your customers are doing on your website. We also like the support we get and help in how we want to utilize SCE. We had a very good experience starting with SCE. We had to migrate over 30 years of data from a couple of different systems. We had to clean up our data before we imported it into SCE. SCE was very good with helping us with this process and offered us a hands-on way of doing it because that was what fit our situation best. They also did a lot of it for us when our data was ready. SCE is a very flexible system that will let you do a lot yourself or they can do a lot for you if you provide them with the data. One of the websites have generated a great increase in the products that we have on that website. Our old website generates a 6 figure number a month and we expect it to increase around 30-40% once we launch that website with SCE and also it will be integrated with Scout Inventory System that SCE helped us with. My point is it is a large complete overhaul of our overall system. Although we are in the beginning phase of working with SCE they have showed us that they are committed to building a relationship and helping us with what we need to grow our business. I think that anyone that is in business knows that building a successful website takes a company that is willing to listen to what we need as we know our customers best. SCE lets you do this and will work with you and your staff to get the end result you need to be successful. One other thing is that I really have appreciated how Igor Soshkin, the CEO of SCE, has personally worked with us to help with what we needed for our business. It shows that SCE is about the long-term relationship and cares about what we are trying to do."There a lot of features we like with SCE. A few that come to mind is that they offer a complete solution.

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Finally, a cart worth it's weight in gold

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-22
Review Source: GetApp

The reason I went with shopping cart elite after I checked out several other platforms is first, I felt like it was the complete package, inventory, website, marketing..... another thing was showing me how to save time with quicker shipping and back office details. The last thing was when I talked to Igor I felt he was way superior over any one of the other companies as far as understanding my business itself. I would reason the staff, the complete package that the software does. It is intimidating at first and still is at time but the more I do and learn the more possibilities I see for growth of our company in the very near future!!! I don't even think we are 10% of the capabilities of SCE, best thing is we have had tons of issues and everyone works to fix them and Igor of course is always there for me any time of the day. I spend years of researching for a platform that I could sell in all the marketplaces and I have tried so many trials. First what kept me coming back to SCE was first the value, second that the software is not just a simple software. I knew it was going to be a learning experience to take our systems and install them with SCE, yes it was a challenge, but we also have over 30,000 SKU's so it was no small task to put each and everyone of them into the SCE software. The best part of SCE if you have an issue is they will respond and fix it or in our case they customized many things on the software just to help us with our situation. The development of the software is on going, a couple times a month they will do an update on it weather it is for more speed, talking to selling channels, easier listing items.The development of the software is on going

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Great eCommerce Design

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-02
Review Source: GetApp

Im the owner of Red Lion Motorsports LLC, an aftermarket car parts retail website and we distribute for over 1,000 brands at over 2 million parts available. I found that SCE was the best shopping cart program available. Its the best user friendly program, and the support they offer is top notch. The tutorials they make available really lend to their user friendliness. Also, design quality, money friendly, and most importantly the SCE team is operating under a lattice. Meaning you can approach any one associate and ask for their opinion or advice, if they dont know the answer themselves they will put you in contact with the right person. I have learned a lot from SCE and couldnt imagine building my website without them. In my experience SCE has provided me with great support and answered any questions for me quickly and efficiently. Just from the amount I have learned has been a great experience. I have recommended SCE to many other CEOs and friends looking to start a business. Again the user-friendly side of SCE makes it great. The back office design and all it includes for the price cant be beat.Its the best user friendly program, and the support they offer is top notch.

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Susan McLaughlin

Stress-Free Setup and Custom Features

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-02
Review Source: Capterra

Shopping Cart Elite has done an amazing job with our website. Igor, Korina, and the rest of the SCE staff were exceptionally professional and attentive, addressing each of concerns and requirements with ease. They removed the stress from the development process and worked with us to develop customized website layouts based on my unique designs. On top of a full featured cart system, part of our website required the creation of a custom juice mixing widget that was perfectly executed. Korina worked side by side with me on a daily basis to resolve issues as they popped up, while providing ideas and solutions when necessary. Training for the backoffice and website management part went quite smooth and we were provided reference videos of the sessions. We have a gorgeous, fast website, built on a rock-solid framework that works great on any platform that will be launching very soon. We are extremely happy with the results and couldn't have done it without them.Relatively cheap custom work and software customizations

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Access Control (52 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (70 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (69 other apps)
Content Management (75 other apps)
Custom Forms (60 other apps)
Customizable Branding (95 other apps)
Customizable Templates (95 other apps)
Data Import/Export (67 other apps)
Discount Management (50 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (78 other apps)
Electronic Payments (69 other apps)
Product Catalog (66 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (67 other apps)
SSL Security (51 other apps)
Search Functionality (72 other apps)
Social Media Integration (48 other apps)
Third Party Integration (110 other apps)
eCommerce Integration (51 other apps)
eCommerce Management (65 other apps)

Additional information for Shopping Cart Elite

Key features of Shopping Cart Elite

  • SEO
  • Customizable Themes and Templates
  • Rotating Homepage Banners
  • HTML5 friendly
  • Data Import and Data Mapping
  • Dynamic Image Cropping and Resizing
  • Intro and Exit popups
  • Data Center
  • Bench Marking
  • 24-hour full backups
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Accounting
  • CRM
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Stunning website designs custom built for your exact business needs. Fully Search Engine Optimized and mobile friendly.

Powerful Search features to help your Customers find what they need. Predictive Smart Search shows users what they are looking for as they type while Search Filters help them narrow down their choices.

Rock-solid eCommerce features such as Auto-Ship, Inventory Management, Product Bundles, Discounts, Gift Registries, and more.

True OmniChannel selling, list your existing products and inventory on Amazon, eBay, Jet, Newegg, Sears, Overstock, and Rakuten.

Smart Automation such as Auto-Inventory, Auto-Repricing, and Auto-Tracking ensures you have the time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.