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Pega CRM logo

Innovative technology, proven results

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Pega is a customer relationship management and customer experience application designed by PegaSystems® Inc to help maximise your customer retention and customer acquisition levels. The Pega CRM software allows you to input live data into the web based application which in turn analyzes information and produces real-time reports. The entire CRM system is optimized for mobile devices, making it ideal for editing, creating and reporting on the go.

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Project-SalesAchiever logo

Fully featured CRM for the construction industry

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Project-SalesAchiever CRM is designed to help manage complex sales processes around the construction industry for architects, engineers, contractors & suppliers

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Tesseron logo

Help Desk, Contract Management, SLA, SSO, Asset Management

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Ticket Management
Keep track of your tasks and those of your teams.

Quickly and easily capture information about your customer requests.

Access shared knowledge

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UKG HR Service Delivery logo

Cloud-based human resource (HR) management software

learn more
PeopleDoc is a cloud-based human resource (HR) management software that enables businesses to manage administrative workflows and facilitate employee onboarding processes. The advanced analytics module allows supervisors to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) on a dashboard.

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C2CRM logo

Affordable, Robust & Easy to Use CRM

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C2CRM streamlines sales process by providing real-time information on leads, prospects and customers. It helps improve marketing efforts by tracking which marketing initiatives work and which ones do not. while streamlining the customer service by providing comprehensive customer information.

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QAlert logo

Citizen request management solution for local & county gov

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QAlert is a a web-based citizen request management software solution suite used by local and county governments and 311 call centers to track, log, and manage the life-cycle of non-emergency requests, concerns, and complaints.

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IncidentMonitor logo

Service desk software with self-service web portal support

learn more
IncidentMonitor is an on-premise or cloud-based help and service desk solution, delivering process management, support ticketing and self-service web portals

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CA Service Desk Manager logo

Knowledge base management software for the IT sector

learn more
CA Service Desk Manager is an IT service management software designed to help businesses manage service requests, configurations, incidents, and other desk operations. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with team members on a unified interface.

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Lapzo logo

Your talent platform

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80% more committed employees.

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Galisto logo

Cloud-based platform for knowledge sharing

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Galisto is a cloud-based knowledge sharing solution designed to help businesses exchange relevant information & facilitate collaboration across teams. It lets users organize content in entries & subjects according to date & time, as well as merge them permanently or temporarily for overview.

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Experience the all-in-one HR-software of WELDER.

learn more
WELDER helps organizations measure and improve the engagement and happiness of their employees.

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Drupal Wiki logo

Drupal Wiki - Knowledge and Quality Management Software

learn more
The Enterprise Wiki - Make Drupal Wiki the center of knowledge and quality management in the enterprise.

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indyRIOT logo

It's your community – own it!

learn more
Building an ecosystem on an indyRIOT solution gives users a better way to have safe and meaningful interactions with the members of their community. Members can access more information, learn, empower, change, and most importantly - they can connect and interact with each other.

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP logo

Web-based IT service management software

learn more
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based IT service management software designed to help businesses handle help desk, reporting, service catalogs, asset tracking, and other operations from within a unified platform.

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aiio logo

AI-enabled business process automation platform

learn more
aiio is a business process management platform that helps organizations optimize processes using native artificial intelligence (AI) integration in a Microsoft 365 environment. It offers BPM shapes used to model processes as well as enables employees to share expert knowledge with the company and visualize any process without prior knowledge of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) guidelines.

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myQuest Connect logo

Create flawless knowledge sharing across the organization

learn more
myQuest Connect helps you create flawless knowledge sharing across the organization and improve employee productivity in the flow of work.

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chabaDoo logo

Training and learning management platform

learn more
chabaDoo is a learning management system (LMS) that helps learners acquire knowledge and skills. Teams can reuse micro-learning objects. These learning objects are breaking complex topics into smaller, manageable chunks, so learners can focus on one concept at a time, making it easier to understand and remember.

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SpiceCSM logo

Integration Platform as a Service for contact centers

learn more
SpiceCSM is a web based on-demand platform for increasing the efficiency of your contact center agents. Designed as a "point solution," SpiceCSM Guided Services turn your agents into subject matter experts, without additional training. With a unique blend of decision tree technology, data collection, and easy to use creation tools, your contact center will not only provide higher quality service, but at a lower cost.

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SAVO logo

Prescriptive content delivery and global sales enablement

learn more
Save is a global sales enablement platform that prescribes content, messaging and subject matter experts to sellers within the context of deals

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Coveo Relevance Cloud logo

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled enterprise search tool

learn more
Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software designed to help businesses across manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and other industries streamline enterprise search and knowledge management operations. It enables professionals to manage content filtering, agent responses, and customer service and support activities.

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SutiCRM logo

CRM for sales, marketing & support teams

learn more
SutiCRM is a SaaS CRM for businesses of all sizes, designed to automate sales, marketing & support processes, with a 360 degree view of customer data

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Aysling logo

Professional Services ERP

learn more
Aysling is a cloud-based professional services ERP that aids businesses with streamlining their back-office operations and managing every step of the client lifecycle. The platform offers modules including CRM, project management, order management, and more.

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Breeders App logo

Business management for horse breeders

learn more
Breeders App is a business operations management system designed specifically for horse breeders and stables. It offers tools including feeding and training management, email integration, horse location tracking, veterinary records, vaccination tracking, reporting, and more.

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SAP Service Cloud logo

AI-enabled customer service platform for remote support

learn more
SAP Service Cloud is a customer support software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve clients’ queries on a centralized platform. Managers can examine incoming service tickets, sort them into relevant categories, and assign tasks to available agents.

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Aurea CRM logo

CRM w/ integrated campaign management, previously update.CRM

learn more
Aurea CRM - previously update.CRM - is a cloud-based and mobile CRM solution, with integrated campaign management for specific industries and job roles

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