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  • How to Improve Customer Loyalty and Fulfillment for an Ecommerce Site  

    11 February 2016
    Shoppers are a fickle lot these days, showing less brand loyalty than ever and voting with their feet when the price, service, or shopping experience aren’t right. If you run an eCommerce site, you have a whole list of extra headaches that hamper customer retention and loyalty, one of which is shipping. Research shows that […]
  • Why 2016 Is the Year of Monitoring at Scale  

    10 February 2016
    Olivier Pomel, CEO and co-founder of cloud monitoring service Datadog, explains why 2016 will be a banner year for adoption of public and private cloud. (originally posted on Datadog) We first started working on Datadog in late 2010 because it seemed obvious to us that IT infrastructure would look drastically different in 2020—and as such […]
  • 10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Social Audience Marketing  

    3 February 2016
    It feels like we’ve been living with social media forever. But in the context of global business practice, it’s still fairly new to the list of essentially mandatory facets of company management. Using the official clients provided by social media companies, we’ve all experienced the frustration when the inbound volume grows too quickly and replies […]
  • Top 10 Alternatives to Salesforce CRM  

    28 January 2016
    If you’re in the market for a CRM chances are you’ll have come up against one name again and again: Salesforce. Maybe you looked into the system and were put off the idea of CRMs altogether because of the price points, implementation time, and the complexity of the system. After all, small businesses and startups […]
  • The Top 5 Online Project Management Software and Why It Rocks  

    27 January 2016
    Choosing an online project management software for your small business can be like wandering into a candy store. There’s a dazzling choice of bright and shiny apps, and everyone’s keen to recommend a different flavor – but you can start to feel a bit queasy if you try too many. Thankfully though, there are some […]
  • How Energy Companies Are Using Mobile Forms to Improve EHS  

    18 January 2016
    For field service workers in energy companies like oil, gas, and utilities, EHS (environment, health and safety) is a huge concern. Surveying the field and making sure that it’s safe for workers and compliant with health and safety regulations is an important part of this process. This is why it comes as a surprise hearing […]
  • How to Use Your CRM to Improve Phone Sales and Service  

    13 January 2016
    If you’ve invested in a CRM system like Salesforce or you’ve probably already started to realize the benefits of having all of your customer data stored in one place. But, did you know that by using a CTI adapter to integrate inbound and outbound phone calls with your CRM, you can extend your investment, […]
  • 6 Ways Specialized Sales Teams Improve Lead Generation  

    7 January 2016
    In the “good old days” of B2B selling, you’d call in person on your customer to chat through your product and – depending on the goods you were selling – either show them the item or flip through a catalog. You’d do the research, find the client, carry out the demo, close the sale, and […]
  • How to Prepare Your Customer Support Staff for the Holidays and Beyond  

    23 December 2015
    The holidays are a wonderful time when families come together, exchange gifts, and perhaps even roast some chestnuts over an open fire. It’s also a time when businesses, both small and large, see a rise in customers and (hopefully) profits. But the holidays are also the time of year that people need help assembling gifts […]
  • 10 Ways to Stop Users From Uninstalling Your Apps  

    22 December 2015
    If your name’s not Mark Zuckerberg it can seem like an insurmountable hurdle to get make your mark on the App Store or Google Play, especially when the top ten app list has been populated by the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, seemingly since records began. But while you aren’t going to match these […]
  • Benefits of Cloud-Based Unified Communications – a Customer’s Perspective  

    18 December 2015
    As a growing business, one of your primary concerns when choosing technology should be if it can scale as your company gets bigger. Whether you’re a solopreneur looking to bring on staff or a small business growing at a rapid pace, you need a solution that will continue to meet your needs and allow you […]
  • How to Ensure Smooth Board Transitions at Nonprofits  

    17 December 2015
    Leadership changes happen. Every year or two years any nonprofit organization or member association led by board volunteers will go through this major transition. According to research from Bridgespan Group, nearly 25 percent of C-suite leaders at nonprofits say that they plan to leave their current job in the next two years. This could be […]
  • See the Full Picture of Your IT Infrastructure During Cloud Migration  

    16 December 2015
    You’re ready to move to the cloud. Or maybe you just want to consolidate your IT infrastructure. While you may be keen to get going, it’s important that you understand all the dependencies between your existing infrastructure components first. You probably already have an inventory of your physical servers, but that isn’t enough—you need to […]
  • The Best Field Service Management Apps to Improve Offsite Operations  

    14 December 2015
    Do you know what your field technician is doing right now, or why he’s been late to his past three scheduled appointments? Managing off-site employees is notoriously difficult, especially for service companies that rely on customer referrals to generate new business. Field service management apps are a great way for service and repair-based businesses to […]
  • Why Your Startup’s Priorities Are All Wrong  

    10 December 2015
    Keeping a company on track as it scales up can be challenging. Juggling operations, sales, marketing, and finance is something that a founder does every day. Growing a startup’s priorities tend to focus on raising capital, but what about recruiting new team members – how do you prepare your hiring for rapid growth? Let’s take […]
  • The Best Project Management and Planning Apps for iPhone and iPad  

    10 December 2015
    There are lots of great project management and planning tools based in the cloud, but not all of them have mobile apps that are accessible from an iPhone or iPad. The ability to access, contribute to, organize, and edit projects using an iPhone or iPad is essential for any business using project management software, especially […]
  • Top eCommerce Apps for the Holidays  

    7 December 2015
    The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to hustle for that sweet, sweet Christmas coin. The biggest player and perennial cash cow in seasonal sales, Santa, uses the oldest and most sophisticated eCommerce system on the planet: elves. Some even say that the e in eCommerce stands for “elf.” Unfortunately, the only chance […]
  • How to Choose a CRM App for Your Small Business  

    4 December 2015
    CRM, or customer relationship management, software has evolved significantly since its days as a glorified rolodex. Much more than just a book of contacts, CRMs now include functionality for lead generation, customer lifecycle management, and yes, of course, as a bank of contacts. They can help growing organizations manage their customers, keep different departments like […]
  • How to Choose a Field Service Management App  

    2 December 2015
    If you’ve recently expanded your field services team from one to many, it might be time to start thinking about a field service management app. From plumbers to electricians, technicians to engineers, keeping track of employees in the field only gets trickier as business starts to pick up and your field service team starts to […]
  • Alternatives to Microsoft Project  

    26 November 2015
    Whether you can’t get enough of Gantt charts, or you’ve had your fill, project management is a tough nut to crack and there are plenty of ways to go about it. And if you’ve worked with Gantt Charts, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve worked with Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project is a powerful piece […]
  • How Retailers Can Avoid Scheduling Chaos This Holiday Season  

    26 November 2015
    The holiday season is here, and for retail managers this means onboarding a stampede of new workers. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers are expected to hire between 700,000 and 750,000 seasonal workers this holiday season alone. With this wave of new hires flooding in, managers are tasked with reconciling the availability of their […]
  • Forgotten About Small Business Saturday? Last-Minute Tips to Get Shoppers Rolling In  

    25 November 2015
    It’s Small Business Saturday this weekend, a day when shoppers are encouraged to support the ‘little guy’ by buying from local, traditional brick and mortar businesses. So if you run a small store, you’ve no doubt set up a marketing campaign around the event to get word out to potential customers that they should come […]
  • Taking a Holiday These Holidays? Why the Answer Says a Lot About Your Business.  

    23 November 2015
    Are you too busy to take a vacation this holiday season? Or, is work likely to intrude by cutting it short or interrupting your family time with phone calls and emails? If you normally spend the season of goodwill chained to your desk or superglued to your cell phone, this is a warning sign that […]
  • Why Your Small Business Needs a Cloud Based CRM  

    18 November 2015
    Does your business need a CRM system? The answer is almost certainly yes. We can’t say it often enough: customer service is a fundamental part of any business of any size. Consumers today expect personalized experiences tailored to their needs, no matter what kind of business you run. Even if you already know all this, … Continue reading Why your small business needs a cloud based CRM
  • What Is a CMMS and How Can It Save My Business Money?  

    17 November 2015
    If your machine breaks down, who do you call? The maintenance team, of course. But they’ve got 10 jobs to do before they get to your issue, because a clear priority list is not in place, and they are performing maintenance in order of request received. If this scenario sounds familiar, then your company could […]