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  • Top Mobile Apps for Collaboration: How to Work Better With Your Colleagues (Even Ones You Don’t Like)  

    27 April 2016
    Even if your employees or coworkers drive you up the wall, you still need to work together closely if you want your business to succeed. One of the best ways to do this is to implement collaboration software. Not only will it streamline your processes – removing the need for endless emails, phone calls, in-person […]
  • Top 7 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems  

    26 April 2016
    Today’s educators and human resources departments are increasingly relying on cloud-based learning management systems for running their online classrooms. There are plenty of ways that an educator or trainer can utilize a learning management system (LMS), with the most popular applications offering tools for the delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting of online training and education programs. By managing […]
  • 6 Unforgettable Task Management Apps to Supercharge Your Memory  

    25 April 2016
    Oh to be an elephant. These days, it seems that we have more to remember than ever. Keeping track of all the to-do’s, appointments, phone calls, emails, tasks, projects, and meetings notes swirling around your head can be an utter nightmare. A pencil and paper simply no longer cuts it these days. So, what is […]
  • 7 Project Management and Planning Apps for Android  

    22 April 2016
    With more employees bringing their mobile devices to work, it’s inevitable that popular project management platforms are developing and integrating an Android (or iPad and iPhone)-friendly version of their software. It’s a no-brainer: business often isn’t conducted in an office, BYOD is becoming the norm, and, generally speaking, everybody always has a cell phone at hand. […]
  • 7 Best Free Android Finance and Accounting Apps  

    21 April 2016
    Busy professionals shouldn’t have to wait until they’re sitting in front of a computer to check their company account balances, manage their cash flow, and invoice clients. A slew of Android finance and accounting apps are changing the way people do business, making it easier to handle everyday accounting tasks when they’re on the road or […]
  • How to Use Forecasting to Plan for Future IT Spending Requirements  

    20 April 2016
    If you’re pouring over this year’s budget you might wish you had a crystal ball to help you look for clues into the future of your company’s IT spending requirements. But even without a crystal ball, you can now use sophisticated forecasting technology to predict future trends for monitored infrastructure, based on the prior performance […]
  • Choosing the Right Wrike Alternatives  

    18 April 2016
    Wrike is a project and task management solution that scales from small businesses all the way up to large enterprises. It has consistently made a strong showing in GetApp’s ranking for project management, project collaboration, task management, and project portfolio management. However, it’s always a good idea to get a view of the landscape when […]
  • 10 Best Time and Expense Tracking Apps for Freelancers  

    18 April 2016
    As a freelancer, you probably have a to-do list a mile long. There’s the work itself, the going over briefs, the interacting with clients, and then keeping your workspace organized (which is no small task). On top of all that, there’s also the part where you have to keep track of your time and expenses, […]
  • Top Excel Alternatives for Managing Your Recruitment Process  

    14 April 2016
    We’re sure you’ve heard time and time again about how your staff are the lifeblood of your business, how without the right hires you’d have gone bankrupt and be living in a cardboard box already. If this is such an accepted truth, why is your business still using a mishmash of Excel spreadsheets to manage […]
  • Picking the Right JIRA Alternatives  

    12 April 2016
    JIRA is a powerful piece of bug tracking and task/project management software that was created by Atlassian. It also integrates with many different cloud apps. However, some of JIRA’s features might be unnecessary for your business. Luckily, there are plenty of JIRA alternatives out there and we’ve compiled a list of some of them chosen […]
  • How Cloud-Based Time Tracking Enables Better Worker Safety  

    12 April 2016
    The issue of employee surveillance can be a controversial one. On one hand, employers need to make sure their staff are in the right place at the right time, and doing what they are supposed to, as well as ensure their safety. But, on the other hand, employees can see this surveillance as a lack […]
  • How Cloud Monitoring Enables Better Analytics  

    11 April 2016
    The rapid adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices are two factors driving the complexity of modern IT infrastructures. With new components added each day, including new infrastructure, sources of applications, and a rising number of devices with access to corporate resources, IT professionals and in-house teams are now playing a role […]
  • Which ATS Pricing Model Is Best for Your Business?  

    4 April 2016
    Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a must-have for any business looking to grow and bring in talented new employees. But with more 400 current ATS vendors and counting it is difficult to make a decision on which software to select, not to mention which pricing model is the most economical. Different ATS pricing models are […]
  • Benefits of All-in-One Business Management Software for Savvy Entrepreneurs  

    1 April 2016
    Small business owners are being pulled in all different directions. In an effort to cut down on the time they spend managing billing, project management, help desk, and business operations tasks, many have turned to single-purpose applications. According to a survey by AT&T, 94 percent of small business owners are now using smartphones to conduct […]
  • Mobile LMS: Why Learning on the Go Is Key for Small Business Success  

    31 March 2016
    Learning management systems (LMS) provide a fast and cost-effective way for companies to train and manage their employees. And as this rapidly expanding market evolves, it’s moving increasingly toward mobile LMS. A mobile LMS helps your workforce get and stay knowledgeable, so you can react faster to new market trends and make your business more […]
  • QuickBooks Integration Guide: Get More From Your Accounting Software  

    31 March 2016
    QuickBooks is one of the kingpins of the accounting software world. First released for DOS way back in 1992 by developer Intuit, QuickBooks has blossomed to become one of the most popular accounting applications for small businesses. The software comes in two flavors: an on-premise version, and the cloud-based incarnation, QuickBooks Online. The latter has […]
  • Choosing the Right Confluence Alternative  

    30 March 2016
    Confluence is a collaboration tool to create knowledge bases, communicate with team members, and share information both within and outside your company. Confluence uses wiki tech alongside Atlassian products to create a solution that could be described as sort of like your company’s version of Wikipedia. It’s a great tool that’s been well-received on GetApp […]
  • Alternatives to Sage 50 That Your Small Business Should Consider  

    29 March 2016
    Sage 50 Accounting has a prestigious history, as the first business software introduced for the microcomputer (anyone remember them?). Originally called Peachtree Accounting, the business management software was acquired by Sage in 1998 for US$145 million. Sage has long been synonymous with accounting software, but products such as Sage 50 are also known for being complicated, […]
  • What’s the Best Kayako Alternative for Your Small Business?  

    28 March 2016
    When 17-year-old Varun Shoor started work on Kayako from his bedroom in Jalandhar, India in 2001, he probably never imagined that it would be one of the leading customer support and helpdesk platforms on the market. Since then, a whole host of alternatives to Kayako have sprung up, taking a cue from one of the modern […]
  • Best Quicken Alternatives for Small Business Accounting  

    24 March 2016
    Quicken is an accounting software solution that’s been around almost as long as the abacus. Well maybe not that long – but it was first released in 1983 when it ran on DOS, so it’s truly one of the granddaddies of the accounting software world. Recently, its developer Intuit announced plans to sell the company, […]
  • How to Choose the Right JIRA Integrations  

    23 March 2016
    What is JIRA? JIRA is issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management and planning software. JIRA’s parent company is Atlassian, which was founded by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar in 2002 who met while studying at University of New South Wales in Australia. The two bootstrapped the company and charged AU$10,000 on their credit cards […]
  • The Best Kronos Alternatives for Your Small Business  

    22 March 2016
    As a veteran in the workforce management industry, Kronos first launched in 1977 as a time clock manufacturer, long before the days of software for employee management. Fast-forward to the present day, and Kronos offers an entire suite of on-premise and cloud workforce management solutions with features for time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, HR […]
  • Top 10 SharePoint Alternatives for Small Businesses  

    18 March 2016
    SharePoint can seem like a very tempting choice for a collaboration and content management platform. Not only is the product well known, but it’s got a large user base, and is backed by the might of Microsoft. But the complexity of the system, added to the lengthy and costly process of installing it on premise, […]
  • How to Find the Right Infusionsoft Integration  

    17 March 2016
    Infusionsoft is a powerful solution devoted to helping small businesses get the most out of their sales and marketing efforts. And through Infusionsoft integrations, it’s possible to power up the application to work with other tools within your company’s app stack. Founded in 2001 in Arizona, Infusionsoft began as a sales automation platform, adding more […]
  • The Top SAP Competitors for Small Businesses  

    16 March 2016
    SAP is an inescapable force in the business world — it’s the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company and the fourth largest independent software supplier, overall. It’s not for everyone though, and if you’re a small business it’s worth looking instead to one of the SAP competitors in the cloud software world. SAP, sells solutions for […]