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  • What Is the Subscription Economy and Why It Matters for Your Business  

    27 July 2015
    Never heard of the subscription economy? If you’re reading this article after watching Netflix, listening to music on Spotify, or working on Office 365, then you’re already part of it. That’s right, that recurring fee (whether it be weekly, monthly, or yearly) you’re paying for these services instead of a one-off flat price is exactly […]
  • How to Manage Your Inventory in an Omni-Channel World  

    27 July 2015
    Out of stock. Three dreaded words that everyone hates and that spell a lost sale (and customer, probably) for your business. Getting your inventory right has long been a challenge, but never more so with today’s channel-hopping customer. Picture this scenario: a customer walks into your store having researched a product (and its availability) on […]
  • See You Skype: 8 Alternatives That Are Worth the Hype  

    24 July 2015
      Skype might be good enough for your Grandma, but can it really be trusted for your business communications? On paper, Skype is now a tempting choice for a company, as well as being the go-to tool for catching up with tech-fearing relatives. While some businesses may be using the familiar consumer version (which is […]
  • From Xero to Hero: How Smart Accounting Helped a Startup Join the Business a-List  

    22 July 2015
    By her own admissions, Hope Gray – founder of sorority jewelry design company A-List – ignored her finances for the first year after getting her business off the ground. When A-List started to expand at a rate faster than she had ever imagined, Gray realized that an accounting and bookkeeping solution was called for. Since […]
  • 10 Best Cloud Construction Apps  

    16 July 2015
    Running a construction company isn’t easy. Sometimes the list of challenges seems endless: managing projects, subcontractors, bids, scheduling, and not only your workers that are on different sites, but also those spread across the globe, to name just a few. While technology can help, one of the greatest limitations for construction businesses using software on […]
  • Top Five Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems (LMS)  

    16 July 2015
    As e-learning goes mainstream, today’s educators and human resources departments are increasingly relying on cloud-based platforms for managing their online classrooms. The number of ways that an educator or trainer can utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) is infinite, with the most popular LMS software applications offering tools for the delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting […]
  • 9 Benefits of Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses  

    16 July 2015
    Most small business owners have a number of responsibilities on their plate each day in order to help the company stay successful. However, accounting and bookkeeping can be time-consuming and tedious, while hiring an accountant is expensive. A solution that many small businesses are starting to use is online accounting software such as  Freshbooks, Zoho Books, […]
  • Apps to Give Your Online Store the Personal Touch  

    15 July 2015
    Chances are, that whatever you are planning to sell online, you will have a huge turnover of customers. With those big numbers you are going to encounter problems, it is guaranteed. So how should you manage these problems in a timely and professional way to provide the best possible customer service and get those customers […]
  • Great Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Help You Start Your Own Business  

    15 July 2015
    When you start your own business there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Making your life a little easier by using the awesome marketing software we have available to us makes perfect sense.Read on for some innovative ideas that businesses have used to ramp up their marketing efforts and lets […]
  • 6 Reasons You Should Consider HR Automation  

    15 July 2015
    “If your HR processes aren’t automated, you’re already behind.” Strong words from Charlie Judy, Chief HR Officer, Baker Tilly. But you know what? He’s 100% right. Automating your HR processes is one of the single most beneficial things you can do for your organization. It will bring your company benefits you hadn’t even considered, making […]
  • Seven Best Customer Service Apps to Create Lasting Customer Relationships  

    15 July 2015
    A business without customers is like a car without an engine: it’s going nowhere. Serving your customers well is the crux of any business, and your ability to deliver on what you promise your customers is what differentiates you from your competitors. Just like servicing a car engine, you’ll need to the right tools for […]
  • The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping  

    15 July 2015
    For a rare breed of person, accounting is a business process that represents a joyful challenge. For the rest of us, just the thought of managing accounts leaves us reaching for an aspirin. But does accounting have to be that troubling? Actually, it doesn’t. If you’re willing to ditch your spreadsheet app in favor of […]
  • No Readers? No Problem! Email Marketing Secrets to Drive Visitors to Your Blog  

    15 July 2015
    Does anyone actually give a crap about what you write on your company blog? Looking at your traffic figures it might seem like they don’t. But that doesn’t mean your writing is awful or your topics are boring. It could just come down to your email newsletter strategy. You do have an email newsletter strategy, right? […]
  • After Sales or After Thought? 7 Apps That Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More  

    15 July 2015
    If you’ve watched any reality TV show in the last few years, you’ll know that the journey is a key part of any experience. For small businesses, it’s the customer purchasing journey that counts, and this (sometimes rocky) voyage extends past the transaction, right into post-sales support. Post-sales support involves proactively reaching out to your […]
  • 8 Sales Automation Apps That Will Bring Your Leads to Life  

    15 July 2015
    How much time does your sales force actually spend selling? According to CSO Insights, it’s a worryingly low 37 per cent. The reality is that sales reps are often burdened with cumbersome administrative tasks, such as data entry and managing their pipeline. But the pay off for automating these processes is significant, with the same […]
  • 10 Tips to Help You Choose Project Management Software  

    14 July 2015
    The right project management software can make or break a business. It’s a strong statement but if your competitors are on the case with the latest tech to create a smooth project from beginning to end, ensuring better collaboration, communication, scheduling, and tracking for employees and clients, then sticking with emails and file sharing isn’t […]
  • Is Email Dead? Not if You Sync It With Your CRM  

    14 July 2015
    Has email had its day? You certainly might hope so when you’re buried under a mountain of missives that show no sign of slowing down. In the spirit of openness and transparency, CC and BCC lines are often used to crazy extremes, with everything from the new lunch menu to the latest office appointments to […]
  • Agile vs Waterfall – Project Management Methodologies Explained  

    10 July 2015
    Have you ever found yourself nodding off during a conversation about project management but secretly you’re wondering what everyone is talking about? Agile project management – what is that? And how does it differ from – what is it called again – oh yeah, waterfall project management? Kanban? What on earth is that? And Scrum […]
  • 5 Ways Workflow Management Software Can Improve Collaboration  

    10 July 2015
    Working together does not equal effective collaboration. You work with your colleagues, with customers, with suppliers, contractors, etc. but are you really collaborating? Are your clients really up to speed with the status of their project, and do your colleagues really understand what you’re working on and how that affects their projects? Effective collaboration is […]
  • 5 Tips to Improve Project Management  

    10 July 2015
    Fed-up with losing important information or spending all your time invoicing? Sick and tired of juggling employee hours? Struggling to keep on top of complex projects with multiple participants? Projects are more complex than ever before, with many variables, and managing them can be a major headache. Learning to use the technology we have at […]
  • Demystifying CRM Pricing Structures: True Cost Versus Smoke and Mirrors  

    29 June 2015
    If the days of spreadsheets, inboxes, and colorful Post-It notes system have lost their luster, congratulations! You’re ready to choose a sales CRM system. You’ve joined those who see their CRM software as an investment, not an expense. So let’s talk about how to make this investment smart. You’ve accepted the promise of the CRM […]
  • Security and Convenience: It’s Time to Use a Password Manager  

    22 June 2015
    1234. 123456. qwerty. Password. Are any of these your passwords? If so, you’ve unfortunately got one of the worst passwords of 2014. Are you also one of the 55 percent that use the same password for almost every website you visit?  It’s time to change. For better or worse, we live and (figuratively) die by […]
  • 5 Reasons Selling Online Needs Proper Inventory Management.  

    22 June 2015
    Who is the most important part of selling online? The customer, of course. What does inventory management have to do with the customer? Everything! Online purchases are about “I want it now”. Customer satisfaction and proper inventory management are inextricably intertwined. From customer satisfaction to company profitability is just a short step. There are 5 […]
  • Google Apps vs Office 365 vs Zoho – What Is Best for Small Businesses?  

    19 June 2015
    Google has started charging new users for the Google Apps for Business, its online suite of software applications, for companies with under 10 users who had it for free before last week’s announcement.  Their reason is that “with focus we’ll be able to do even more for our business customers.” Let´s see what that means […]
  • 4 Reasons Call Center Software Integration Is a Must  

    19 June 2015
    Is your call center software fiercely independent? Then it’s wasting your time. Talk to experts in any area of business – customer support, eCommerce, human resources – and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Integrating the business tools YOU use with the business tools your OTHER employees use is key. This is true from […]