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Boost your brand by perfecting your benefits package

By Niamh Lynch, 23 April 2015

According to Businesss Insider, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that millennials will make up approximately 75% of the workforce by 2030. (more…)

6 reasons you should consider HR automation

By Niamh Lynch, 20 April 2015

“If your HR processes aren't automated, you're already behind." Strong words from Charlie Judy, Chief HR Officer, Baker Tilly. But you know what? He’s 100% right. Automating your HR processes is one of the single most beneficial things you can do for your organization. (more…)

GetCast: Advice on brand building and marketing from Howler Brothers CMO

By Jimmy Flores, 26 March 2015

Interview and advice from Howler Brothers CMO From working in a medical device startup, to starting an investment fund, Rick Wittenbraker is a man with a lot experience building companies. (more…)

GetCast: Tips to build a winning WordPress web design business

By Jimmy Flores, 26 March 2015

Wordpress web design for small businesses Julian Kingman is a GetApp community member who left a review for ActiveCampaign and is now joining us on this episode of our podcast. (more…)

[NEW RESEARCH – GetData] More than 86 percent of business managers want mobile access to their business software

By Sancar Sahin, 24 March 2015

As part of GetApp's independent research program, GetData, new research identifies that an overwhelming majority of business managers want their software to be accessible from a mobile device. (more…)

[NEW RESEARCH – GetData] 75 percent of managers use mobile every day to access business data

By Sancar Sahin, 23 March 2015

As part of GetApp's independent research program, GetData, new research shows that being able to access work-related data from a mobile device is more important than ever. (more…)

GetCast: How Red Badger is hiring and developing talent to build apps

By Jimmy Flores, 19 March 2015

Being proactive about developing talent you need Cain Ullah is the CEO and co-founder of Red Badger, a software development company helping enterprise intrapreneurs. Cain joins us on this episode to talk about how he built Red Badger (more…)

[NEW RESEARCH – GetData]: Only 15 percent of students with a business app idea can afford to create it

By Sancar Sahin, 18 March 2015

New GetData research has identified that although a large percentage of students claim to have had an idea for a business app or software, only a small minority can afford to create it. (more…)

5 ways to encourage your staff to use social intranets

By Diana Berryman, 17 March 2015

Encouraging staff members to try out and use new systems is always a challenge. A social intranet can be particularly intimidating and difficult to establish, especially if you have a large number of employees. (more…)

Security and convenience: it’s time to use a password manager

By Matt Mullarkey-Toner, 16 March 2015

1234. 123456. qwerty. Password. Are any of these your passwords? If so, you’ve unfortunately got one of the worst passwords of 2014. Are you also one of the 55 percent that use the same password for almost every website you visit?  (more…)