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  • How to Choose the Right Subscription Billing App for Your Small Business  

    28 August 2015
    What do Netflix, Spotify, Adobe, and Apple all have in common? Amongst other things, they’ve all recognized the value of the subscription business model. With growth in the subscription economy and the importance of offering different payment plans to your customers, a strong subscription billing app is the lifeblood of any business. But picking the […]
  • Top 5 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems  

    27 August 2015
    Today’s educators and human resources departments are increasingly relying on cloud-based platforms for managing their online classrooms. There are plenty of ways that an educator or trainer can utilize a learning management system (LMS), with the most popular applications offering tools for the delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting of online training and education programs. By managing […]
  • 10 Best Time and Expense Tracking Apps for Freelancers  

    27 August 2015
    As a freelancer, you probably have a to-do list a mile long. There’s the work itself, the going over briefs, the interacting with clients, and then keeping your workspace organized (which is no small task). On top of all that, there’s also the part where you have to keep track of your time and expenses, […]
  • A User-Friendly Invoicing Tools to Help Manage Your Business — Review of Blinksale  

    27 August 2015
    Invoicing can be done several ways.  You can create a template in Word for example and email or snail mail the invoice to your clients and customers.  Or you can do it electronically as part of a financial management application. There are also stand-alone invoicing applications that will help you create send and track your […]
  • A New Way for Small Businesses to Collect Cash Politely — Review of ZenCash  

    27 August 2015
    ZenCash is no longer available, but we have lots more cloud-based invoicing and accounting apps on the GetApp marketplace for you to choose from. I’ve reviewed dozens of invoicing and accounting products so I was pleased to learn about ZenCash — an online collections and receivables management service that helps consultants/freelancers/small businesses get paid when clients/customers […]
  • 7 Best Free Android Finance and Accounting Apps  

    27 August 2015
    Busy professionals shouldn’t have to wait until they’re sitting in front of a computer to check their company account balances, manage their cash flow, and invoice clients. A slew of new Android finance and accounting apps are changing the way people do business, making it easier to handle everyday accounting tasks when they’re on the […]
  • Voice of the Customer: How to Successfully Implement an Application Monitoring Solution  

    27 August 2015
    An acknowledgement of application monitoring is fundamental to successful app deployment, regardless of how a development team arrives at it. Whether the scenario is “reactive” in the heat of post-launch meltdown, or (more desirably) “proactive” within coding, QA, and production stages – the value of application monitoring is undeniable. What’s more, numerous off-the-shelf solutions are […]
  • When Disaster Strikes: What to Do When Your App Fails  

    27 August 2015
    Imagine you moved to a house on a flood plain. Are you the type of person who would put up a flood defense system when you moved in? Or would you be out there with a armful of buckets once the rains came? Now picture the house as an application your company is working on. […]
  • Best Apps to Take Notes and Stay Amazingly Organized  

    21 August 2015
    These days, it seems that we have more to remember than ever. Trying to balance personal, business and family life is hard enough, but if you factor in keeping track of all the to-do’s, appointments and notes one has to remember for all of those things, it can be an outright nightmare. So, what is […]
  • Bringing It All Together: How to Better Manage a Virtual Team  

    20 August 2015
    They say that teamwork makes the dream work. But what happens when that team consists of disparate people spread across the country – or even other time zones? Could this dream quickly turn into a logistical nightmare? Even though virtual teams are a relatively new trend, the idea of having staff split across locations is […]
  • 7 Great Apps for Lawyers According to Savvy Law Firms  

    20 August 2015
    Law firms have access to incredible technology, with ever more innovative apps for lawyers available today than ever before. Gone are the days of running across towns to file motions at the courthouse before it closes, or clients having to come into the office to sign a piece of paper. Today, many lawyers file paperwork […]
  • Sort Your Finances Out: 10 Best Accounting Apps for Retail  

    19 August 2015
    Compared to other industries, retail can be pretty fast paced as it tries to keep up with consumer demand and the ever-changing world of technology. If you’ve spotted a gap in the market and are just starting up, it’s easy to get in a mess with your accounts as you concentrate on getting your business […]
  • Play to Win: Why Gamification of Your Service Desk Could Level-Up Your Support Team  

    19 August 2015
    If you have a business then you have customers. That’s not rocket science. If you only have a handful of customers at any one time you could probably deal with them without the aid of software, but the rest of us tend to need a little help in this area.  So, in all likelihood, you […]
  • 10 Best Issue and Bug Tracking Apps  

    19 August 2015
    Who wouldn’t love to have the ability to simply put their foot down on the bugs that periodically crop up within their lines of code? Sadly, you can’t use “brute force” in issue-tracking, as efficient issue-tracking calls for a streamlined, precise approach. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of the best issue […]
  • The Future of Project Management: Digital Kanban Boards Go Mobile  

    19 August 2015
    Do you Kanban? If you work in a modern business environment, the concept of Kanban won’t have passed you by. But unless someone has taken the time to explain it to you – or introduced it in your organization – I wouldn’t blame you for not really knowing your Kanban from your Scrum agile methodologies. […]
  • 5 Features to Look for in Property Management Software  

    19 August 2015
    Is your real estate management business in a real state? Perhaps it’s time you switched to a cloud-based solution to help keep tabs on things more effectively. Cloud-based property management software offers many advantages over traditional, on-premise systems. In fact, this kind of software makes the job easier and more reliable for every party involved […]
  • Best Apps to Help You Start an Online Store  

    18 August 2015
    Chances are, that whatever you are planning to sell online, you will have a huge turnover of customers. With those big numbers you are going to encounter problems, it is guaranteed. So how should you manage these problems in a timely and professional way to provide the best possible customer service and get those customers […]
  • Great Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Help You Start Your Own Business  

    13 August 2015
    When you start your own business there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Making your life a little easier by using the awesome marketing software we have available to us makes perfect sense. Check out some of the innovative ideas that businesses have used to ramp up their marketing efforts […]
  • The Best Project Management and Planning Apps for iPhone and iPad  

    12 August 2015
    There are lots of great project management and planning tools in the SaaS world, but not all of them cater to the need for remote access from devices such as an iPhone or iPad. The ability to access, contribute to, organize, and edit projects using your iPhone or iPad is essential for a SaaS company, […]
  • 10 Best Cloud Construction Apps  

    11 August 2015
    Running a construction company isn’t easy. Sometimes the list of challenges seems endless: managing projects, subcontractors, bids, scheduling, and not only your workers that are on different sites, but also those spread across the globe, to name just a few. While technology can help, one of the greatest limitations for construction businesses using software on […]
  • Top 5 Project Management and Planning Apps for Android  

    11 August 2015
    With more employees bringing their mobile devices to work, it’s inevitable that popular project management platforms are developing and integrating an Android-friendly (or iPad and iPhone-friendly) version of their software.This is especially critical as more business is being conducted outside the office or on-the-go. Below are some of the best project management apps for Android that […]
  • 5 Ways Gamification Can Revolutionize the Way You Work  

    7 August 2015
    Regardless of whether you earn your bread from taming ferocious lions or from watching paint dry, you will eventually get tired of doing the same thing day in, day out. It is not particularly easy to keep your employees continuously motivated. This becomes apparent after half of them stop showing up for those company outings […]
  • Startup Success Kit: 7 Top Apps for Starting a Small Business  

    5 August 2015
    If you’re starting a new venture the last thing you want to worry about is investing time and resources in expensive software systems. But that’s not to say you should be scribbling contacts or leads down on the back of a beermat, or doing your accounts with a calculator and a notepad. It’s all about […]
  • GetApp Meets: iPresent CEO Phil Lenton on Conquering Sales Engagement  

    4 August 2015
    Breaking into a new software category is a tough job, but it is one that iPresent CEO Phil Lenton is more than happy to take on. Sales engagement (also known as sales enablement, which means improving the way salespeople communicate with customers through the content they offer in a pitch) is the category in question, […]
  • Top Accounting Apps for Real Estate Agents  

    4 August 2015
    From small single bedroom flats to sprawling Malibu estates, real estate agents have to move some serious chunks of change. They’re faced with accounting for large amounts of money and there’s plenty of cloud-based software that can help them. Although it can be tempting to stick with the classic spreadsheet, cloud-based accounting apps can save […]