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Geographic information system (GIS) for organizations

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PolicyMap overview

What is PolicyMap?

PolicyMap is a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS), which helps academic and financial institutions, healthcare centers, governmental organizations, and non-profits generate demographic data for research purposes. Key features include multi-layered mapping, user management, trend analysis, and customizable branding.

PolicyMap helps supervisors track location indicators, collect data from authorized sources, and create custom area-specific reports with details such as population, income, jobs, and more. Users can upload data, visualize trends, and evaluate requirements for investments or planned activities. Plus, the solution lets teams view data in graphs and charts, letting them compare and measure trends between multiple geographies.

PolicyMap offers API-based integrations, which allow users to add data directly to maps or tables as well as import CSV files for analysis. Users can build custom mapping tools to view localized data, download information, and discover hotspots matching specific criteria. Organizations can also use embedded maps to share data on websites or blogs.


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Key features of PolicyMap

  • Census Data Integration
  • Geocoding
  • Image Exporting
  • Internet Mapping
  • Map Creation
  • Map Sharing
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Spatial Analysis
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