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  • Snaptrends  

    Geosocial intelligence solution
    Snaptrends helps organizations with proactive intelligence gathering, real-time conversation tracking and worldwideread more/geo-specific social media searches.
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  • Mozenda  

    Web data extraction platform
    Extract, collect and structure data from the web using Mozenda's point-and-click interface for business intelligenceread more and big data applications
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  • Quantcast    1

    Audience measurement & realtime ads
    Quantcast is an audience measurement software that offers data analytics to better understand your website more The app pulls data from over 100 million web and mobile platforms to provide reports on audience demographics and geographic data. Quantcast also provides insights into competitor websites that your audience visit. You can use Quantcast to improve your targeted ad campaigns through customer segment insights that include various demographic data, as well as interest profiles by content viewed. The app also provides analysis of return-usage across multiple platforms. You can also compare your site's activity against that of your competition.
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  • Purchase Control    1

    Purchasing Made Easy
    Purchase Control is a web based Purchase Order System which can be quickly set up for multiple sites and departmentsread more without any work from your IT department. It's incredibly easy to use and can pay for its implementation within months. Purchase Control benefits for you: •All purchasing information in one place •Excellent visibility and control on all purchasing leading to more accurate financial reporting •Improved cash flow and accrual figures •System aides compliance with many directives such as ISO 9000 / Sarbanes Oxley act etc •Saves time when compiling end of year accounts •Major reductions in administration overheads •Money and time saved across the company •Better control of suppliers •Data generated can be used for data mining
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  • RapidMiner  

    Predictive data analytics software
    RapidMiner is a data analytics solution that offers a range of products to mine data, understand it and use it to predictread more outcomes. The applications is designed for data scientists and business analysts to design their data analysis processes without the need for code. RapidMiner works in any environment and with any data source, and allows you to deploy your data models on any enterprise hardware.
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  • SAP Predictive Analytics  

    Predictive analytics software
    SAP Predictive Analytics software brings predictive insight to business users, analysts & data scientists for betterread more & more profitable decision making
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  • ERiS  

    Enterprise Resources integrated Solution
    In today's sturdy and sudden changing business environs, the installation of an IT system covers a calculated conclusionread more. Performing business is a continually mounting challenge. Enterprises call for the best available solid information compositions that will retain all areas of business with softness and consistency, that will strengthen their managerial foundations and boost up company's capabilities. ERP is equipped with a range of software elements. Each module impersonates a foremost proficient division of an organization. ERiS cover modules for product planning, parts and material purchasing, inventory control, product distribution, order tracking, finance, accounting, marketing, and HR. Organizations habitually occupy the ERP modules that are equally sensible and theoretically feasible. ERiS is a method with prominent technical qualifications, representing the most revolutionary nominal apprehension in software improvement and all fashionable procedures for analysis.
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  • Infer  

    Predictive lead scoring for sales & marketing
    Infer is a predictive lead scoring software that integrates with popular sales and marketing applications to identifyread more leads with the highest potential. The software uses the same statistical techniques as Google to collect and interpret customer data. Infer mines data from Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and other 3rd party apps, along with multiple external sources, such as demographic, company data and social media presence, to construct a lead scoring model that predicts winning leads and filters out bad leads.
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