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  • Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud  

    The analytics app by Salesforce
    Use Salesforce Analytics Cloud to explore and query any combination of datasets, sharing the results with your team through visual dashboards across any device.
  • Sisense    6 reviews

    The BI & Dashboard Software to handle multiple, large data sets.
    Sisense's dashboards, visualizations and BI reports help to analyze and make sense of large data sets from multiple sources. Query data & share the results.
  • Zoho Reports    3 reviews

    Business Intelligence and Reporting
    Use Zoho to upload & analyze business data from any source. Use drag-n-drop to build visual reports & dashboards that you can collaborate on, share & publish.
  • Decibel Insight    1 review

    See more, convert more
    Decibel Insight is a full suite of behavioural analysis tools for unprecedented insight into your digital audience. Advanced heatmaps, visitor replay, form analytics and more combine in a powerful toolkit. Decibel Insight's innovative design packages enterprise software in a simple, easy-to-use interface. In just a few clicks, Decibel Insight’s patent protected technology identifies the content that works best, where to position it and how to optimise the user experience for desktop and mobile to maximise conversion. Applicable to B2B and B2C websites and delivered as SaaS, its intuitive interface makes it accessible to novice and seasoned marketers and analysts. Decibel Insight is priced according to your sites' traffic and the features that you require - starting at £0 per month. There are no set up charges, users subscribe online, and integration is straightforward with full support.
  • PriceGrid    1 review

    Price Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence
    Use PriceGrid to gain business intelligence around your pricing. Use price analysis, competitive research & continual price monitoring to optimize your pricing.
  • Looker  

    Re-inventing data analytics.
    Looker is a business intelligence platform with an analytics-oriented application server that sits on top of relational data stores. The Looker platform includes an end-user interface for exploring data, a reusable development paradigm for creating data discovery experiences, and an extensible API set so the data can exist in other systems. Looker enables anyone to search and explore data, build dashboards and reports, and share everything easily and quickly.
  • Phocas  

    Simple Business Intelligence
    Follow your train of thought to answer critical business questions. Phocas not only answers these questions, but uncovers new questions and opportunities.
  • Chartio  

    Cloud Business Intelligence & Analytics for Every Day Users
    Chartio helps companies blend data together from multiple data sources, and build analyses, reports, and dashboards with our easy-to-use interface.
  • Funnel  

    Advertising Analytics Platform
    Funnel integrates Google Analytics data with advertising spend data from a number of advertising channels. Get an overview of all your advertising spend & ROI.
  • InsightSquared    19 reviews

    Salesforce business analytics app
    InsightSquared offers a range of business analytics tools to understand data from all areas of your business. The cloud software integrates with Salesforce, providing key sales forecasting, pipeline management, retrospective pipeline trend analysis, rep performance analysis and more. Along with sales analytics tools, InsightSquared also offers marketing, financial, staffing and support analysis. The analytics software gives an all round overview of your entire business operations as well as a granular view of individual activities, such as employee performance. The software allows you to create financial reports for CEOs and stakeholders, integrating with Quickbooks. It also provides case management and customer support analysis.
  • Klipfolio Dashboard    13 reviews

    Quickly build powerful real-time business dashboards.
    Klipfolio is a platform for creating and sharing real-time business dashboards with data-driven, performance-oriented teams. The key to Klipfolio's success is the ability for users to create custom visualizations from data mashups using Klipfolio's intuitive visualization environment. For example, users can create a chart that integrates data pulled from Google Analytics, Salesforce, and SQL databases to generate truly unique business insights.
  • Panorama Necto 14    17 reviews

    Beyond Business Intelligence 3.0
    A Business Intelligence solution to provide business users with a uniquely personalized and collaborative data discovery experience, presented via highly visual and dynamic infographics. Business users use Panorama Necto 14’s self-service data discovery and visualization capability to find hidden insights, present vital data, and track performance, and collaborate with peers using interactive infographics that dynamically reflect business changes.
  • Cyfe    4 reviews

    All-in-One Business Dashboard
    Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard app that helps you monitor and analyze data scattered across all your online services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress and more from one single location in real-time.
  • BIME    4 reviews

    Explore, understand and communicate data with style!
    BIME delivers a simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis and dashboarding cloud platform accessible everywhere that enables modern organizations to explore, understand and communicate data with style. Its UI combines the visual simplicity and elegance of the best consumer apps with powerful features to connect to all major data sources, on-premise or online - from spreadsheets and traditional relational databases to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Salesforce and Zendesk and up to Big Data sources such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA. No other BI service is as flexible and powerful, as beautiful and enjoyable and as affordable as BIME. In the mobile first, cloud first world, maximizing ease of use is the name of the game for any business application. BIME is setting a new industry standard for business intelligence UI.
  • Easy Insight    4 reviews

    Drag. Drop. Done. Business Intelligence Made Easy.
    Intuitive, powerful, and affordable, Easy Insight is your solution for creating stylish visualizations from your existing SaaS products.
  • FG Receivables Manager    3 reviews

    Make collections the easiest part of running your business
    Every part of FG Receivables Manager is designed to help you spend less time on receivables and get paid faster. Send reminders with a single click and collect on accounts that do not respond. Keep track of all your accounts receivable conversations. See who is paying on time and who is late. Get the entire communication history with your customer on a single page. Spend less time tracking down customers and more time finding new ones. Analyze your customer history, generate smarter interactive aging reports, and prioritize your accounts receivable management with simple clicks.
  • Rivalfox    2 reviews

    The Complete Software for Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
    Rivalfox is a competitor analysis service that constantly monitors the activity of all of your competitors and gives you comprehensive reports containing actionable business intelligence. What are the main sources of traffic for each of your competitors? How much traffic are they getting? Which social media channels work best for them? How often do they blog and when are their posts published? Rivalfox gives you the answers. We've developed a unique algorithm that aggregates and tracks over 100 different KPIs of each of your competitors and lets you stay ahead of the competition - without needing to spend any unnecessary time on it.
  • Jaspersoft    1 review

    The Intelligence Inside
    Built for Cloud, Mobile and Big Data, Jaspersoft delivers truly cost-effective, self-service BI at scale. Our product, unlike traditional BI tools, allows anyone to easily self-serve and get the answers they need inside their preferred app or on their favorite device. Our platform, unlike desktop visualization tools, scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone.
  • Tableau Software    1 review

    Business Intelligence and Analytics
    Tableau Software is a business intelligence and analytics solution that offers a range of integrated products to help you visualize and understand your data. The software comprises three core products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online. There are also two recently added, additional products: Tableau Reader and Tableau Public. Furthermore, under the title of Tableau 8.2, the company has released a whole range of new features. Tableau handles all data sizes, is accessible for technical and non-technical users, and the customizable dashboards are updated in real-time.
  • Centius Qi™    1 review

    Complete enterprise Business Intelligence platform on the Cloud
    Looking for a BI software with advanced analytics features that’s intuitive, easy to use and does not require massive resources to deploy or a major hardware investment? Centius offers an unrivaled solution, full-featured Business Intelligence (BI) platform that can be deployed on a local server or a cloud framework. The single web-based application provides a streamlined, intuitive interface for all users, business executives and data analysts. Centius Qi™ is the first “all-in-browser” BI solution that requires no software installation on the client side and is designed to be fully owned by the business user.
  • Ranktab    1 review

    Decide Smarter, Together.
    RankTab is a group decision making platform that leverages the collective intelligence of a group to reduce complexity, nurture innovation and enable wiser, faster decisions.
  • Qubole Data Service    1 review

    The Big Data SaaS Company
    Qubole provides a managed Big Data service that makes it simple to prepare, integrate and explore Big Data in the cloud. Founded by the creators of Apache Hive and former managers of Facebook’s data infrastructure team, Qubole is trusted by the largest brands in social media, online advertising, gaming and other data-intensive companies such as Pinterest, Quora, MediaMath and TubeMogul. Qubole’s flagship solution, Qubole Data Service (QDS), runs on a fast, auto-scaling Hadoop cluster with built-in data connectors and a graphical user-interface for Hive, Pig, Oozie and Sqoop, QDS makes it easy to inspect data, author and execute queries, and convert queries into scheduled jobs.
  • Librato    1 review

    Measure Everything
    Librato provides a cloud-based service for devops, development and operations teams, allowing you to monitor and understand the metrics that impact your business at all levels of the stack. We provide everything you need to visualize, analyze, and actively alert on the metrics that matter to you. With Librato you can bring all of your monitoring data together in a unified hosted environment, helping you to detect signs of problems early, minimize their impact, and quickly find and fix their root cause. There is nothing to install; you can send us your data in the way that works best for you and in any resolution up to 5 seconds. We support dozens of collection and monitoring agents, language bindings, and command line tools and can handle every kind and any amount of data, because insight often comes from unexpected sources.
  • Adaptive Discovery    1 review

    Cloud-based data visualization and visual analytics application
    Adaptive Discovery is the only cloud-based visual analytics application designed for use by executives, line-of-business managers, and finance – not just IT. It delivers unprecedented capability to drill down and across multi-dimensional data, and to use simple menu selections to view trend lines and other analytical views such as waterfall and control charts, with no programming required.
  • Roambi Analytics  

    The Worlds Leading Mobile Reporting and Analytics App
    Roambi re-designs the way you interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective. Easily transform data from any source into stunning, interactive, mobile-first visualizations that provide information to everyone in the moments they need it, on the devices they use the most.

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