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Chartbeat logo

Realtime analytics and insights for online publishers

learn more
Chartbeat is a suite of content analytics tools for publishers that lets you easily track reader engagement on your site, optimize your user experience in real-time, and share key metrics with your team.

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Wide Angle Analytics logo

Cloud-based web analytics solution

learn more
Wide Angle Analytics is a robust set of web analytics solutions that enable you to track, understand and optimise your online audience.

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Acquisio logo

Performance media solution for digital marketers

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Acquisio is a suite of solutions for agencies and marketers to sell, launch, manage, optimize and report on digital advertising campaign on Google, Facebook and Bing Ads. Marketers use their industry leading AI-powered PPC automation solutions to improve efficiency and scale their business.

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Waaila logo

Software for managing data quality monitoring

learn more
Waaila is a cloud-based software that helps digital marketers and web analysts manage web analytics data. The platform caters to several popular web analytics channels, including Google Analytics and Piano Analytics.

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Dataddo logo

Send data from any cloud-service to any other cloud-service.

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Use Dataddo to send data between any cloud service to any other cloud service; dashboarding apps, data warehouses, CRM tools. A fully managed platform with an intuitive, no-code interface that enables any team to always get the most out of their data without increasing your technical overhead.

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InnerTrends logo

Data science and product analytics sales app for marketers

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InnerTrends is a platform developed for marketers, salespeople, developers, and managers of startups and SMBs. It offers reports and recommendations for service providers to improve their onboarding, customer retention, and engagement metrics without relying on data scientists.

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Framework360 logo

Piattaforma completa per chi lavora con il web.

learn more
Framework360 è una piattaforma in cloud che aiuta i marketers nella gestione delle loro attività di marketing da un'unica piattaforma. Le caratteristiche principali includono un builder di siti Web o landing page, marketing automation, email e sms marketing, report, gestione vendite.

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Webeyez logo

Cloud-based web analytics tool for retailers.

learn more
Web:eyez is an advanced monitoring and analytics tool that allows eCommerce companies to detect, prioritize and resolve customer experience roadblocks.

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Userflow logo

Userflow lets your whole team build in-app tours and surveys

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The fastest way to fast user onboarding

Userflow is the fastest and most user-friendly product tour and survey builder on the market.

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Statcounter logo

Web analytics platform for tracking website visitors

learn more
Statcounter is a cloud-based web analytics platform designed to help businesses track website traffic, performance and visitors' locations, engagement metrics, browsers, activity feed, and more. Administrators can monitor trends for corporate landing pages through a breakdown of referrals from social media applications, paid traffic campaigns, search engines, and other websites.

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Bizible logo

B2B revenue attribution & planning

learn more
Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution solution that enables hundreds of companies to optimize for what really matters: revenue. It's called pipeline marketing.

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TrueRanker logo

Know your keyword positions in Google

learn more
TrueRanker is a cloud-based tool to monitor the positions of keywords and those of competitors in Google.

Know reliably and accurately the positions of your website for your business keywords.TrueRanker is the Google Rank Tracker that thousands of websites, startups, and freelancers around the world already work with.

Using the Rank Tracking tool to check positions in Google is very simple. Add a project and start monitoring the evolution of your SEO strategy.

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Zoho PageSense logo

The Complete A/B Testing and CRO Platform

learn more
Zoho PageSense is a complete A/B testing & CRO platform used by brands around the world for increasing their website's conversion rates.

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AuthorityLabs logo

Search engine ranking & keyword tracking tool for marketers

learn more
AuthorityLabs is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword tracking application that assists marketing teams with ranking and competitor analysis. Its key features include customized reporting, data filtering, location-based rank generation, SERP snapshots, and website analytics.

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Basis Technologies logo

Transform data silos into revenue growth

learn more
QuanticMind is the industry’s first unified system of record that ties together all of a brand's marketing data. Our breakthrough machine learning technology, including campaign optimization, predictive analytics, and full-funnel reporting, allows brands to engage through the entire customer journey

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Inspectlet logo

Heatmaps and Session Recording Analytics

learn more
Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement and keypress interaction!

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Digimind logo

AI-powered social listening and market intelligence platform

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Digimind is a social listening and market intelligence platform designed to help marketers and analysts with brand reputation, competitive intelligence, consumer insights, trend tracking, influencers identification and campaign analysis.

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CAKE logo

Performance Marketing Software

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CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing.

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Quantcast logo

Audience measurement & realtime ads

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Quantcast is an audience measurement software that offers data analytics to better understand your website traffic. The app pulls data from over 100 million web and mobile platforms to provide reports on audience demographics and geographic data including insights into competitor websites.

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Synup logo

Online listings & reputations management

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Synup unlocks the potential of local marketing by continuously improving brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales results.

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Conductor logo

Cloud-based SEO solution for organic marketing

learn more
Conductor is a cloud-based organic marketing solution designed for search engine optimization (SEO), content, and web teams within enterprises that helps track website performance, keyword rankings, and more. Key features include competitor research, A/B testing, content creation, and site auditing.

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Attribution logo

Multi-touch attribution for B2B and B2C marketers

learn more
Attribution is a full funnel conversion & revenue tracking solution that provides marketers with a dashboard snapshot of campaigns, advertising costs & ROI

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Users also considered logo

Maximize your conversion with, an all-in-one tool.

learn more is a top-of-the-line sales and marketing tool designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their customer acquisition process. Its all-in-one tool offers a comprehensive set of features that can help businesses generate leads, enhance their conversion rates and improve customer engagement

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Zoho Marketing Automation logo

All-in-one marketing automation software.

learn more
Zoho Marketing is a cloud-based all-in-one marketing automation software used to automate marketing activities across multiple channels. It helps businesses attract visitors to the website, turn anonymous visitors into leads, and convert leads into loyal customers and retain them longer.

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Zuko Analytics logo

Form automation tool

learn more
Zuko is a user-friendly online form, checkout analytics and optimization tool.

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