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Hosted, web-based, photo collaboration and image management system

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globaledit is ideal for talent, photo editors, art and creative directors, brand marketing professionals, business affairs, publishers and post production teams. Trusted by Victoria’s Secret, Showtime Networks, Turner Broadcasting, McGraw-Hill Companies, and many professional commercial photography studios.

globaledit Features:
Drag-And-Drop Library Management
High Speed File Distribution
Photo Review & Selection
Talent Approval
DropBox for easy upload


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Available as a hosted solution or deployed enterprise software

globaledit features

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Key features of globaledit

  • Ratings Editor - collaboratively review and approve content
  • Lightboxes - securely deliver files at high speed
  • Metadata Editor - powerful metadata capture and edit tools
  • Rights Editor- asset rights controls and request management
  • Extended Format Support - lightning fast image processing
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Save Time and Money
Connect Production Teams No Matter How Big or Small
Access Images From Anywhere at Any Time
Green Workflow Reduces Waste and Emissions
Immediate Setup and Availability
Customizable and Highly Configurable
Secure and Rights Controlled
Deliver Files at High Speed