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What is smartcrowds?

smartcrowds is the leading idea-to-outcome cloud innovation management platform. WIth integrated tools and methods backed by 20+ years of systems-based thinking, smartcrowds helps organisations remove blockages in their innovation process and build confidence in their innovation programme

Suitable for all sectors including public, education, healthcare, transportation and enterprise, smartcrowds facilitates challange & campain promotion, idea collection and nurturing, idea valaidation, assessment & selection, and project implementation.

With our integrated IMPact process, smartcrowds incoporates 20+ years of systems-based thinking and real-world exeperience to help organisations increase the number and quality of ideas that enter the funnel, and reliably turn the best ideas into implemented solutions and innovations.


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smartcrowds screenshot: Submit idea using customized data entry formsmartcrowds overviewsmartcrowds screenshot: Follow different groups to see their ideassmartcrowds screenshot: Review to-do list and check any overdue taskssmartcrowds screenshot: Comment on ideas smartcrowds screenshot: View activity on dashboardsmartcrowds screenshot: Access features on laptop, tablet or mobile devices

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Ken Willcox

smartcrowds has really helped us improve our processes, quality and customer satisfaction.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-15
Review Source: Capterra

More engaged input from our employees Improved procesess Better quality projects for our customers Reduction of repeat issues Identification of new product and service offerings

* Easy to use, engaging and slick user interface * Great campaign management feature * Massively configurable - we use smartcrowds for Idea Generation, Employee Engagement, Project Reviews and Incident Management * The customisable notifications and email templates have made it really easy for us to keep staff abreast of all new content and change management initiatives. * smartcrowds has a great in-built action assignment and tracking feature which means we don't need to track progress of green-lighted ideas in a separate application * Great mobile responsive design which enables our teams to capture ideas on the go. * The Facebook/LinkedIn style news Feed is a great feature - this has really helped our staff get up to speed with the system really quickly, and has driven high system interaction rates. * Open innovation feature has been really useful for getting genuinely useful input from our customers * The custom forms designer has proved to be a great feature - since we use the system for a number of different use cases, these have enabled us to ensure that staff are submitting the right information for effective assessments to be carried out. * Out of the box Office 365 User Authentication was a real bonus for our IT team. * The embedded PowerBI based reporting solution is incredibly fast and powerful, and provides a range of analytics and insights that I haven't seen elsewhere.

* Because there is so much functionality and customisation available in the system, it can take a bit of time for System Admins and Crowd Administrators to get up to speed - however the smartcrowds team did provide a great on-boarding and training experience which mitigated this to an extent. * Some of the System Admin screens are not responsive yet, though the smartcrowds development team have advised that this work is planned in. * The system and user documentation set is a bit long and daunting. Given the size and complexity of the system this is understandable, but it would be better if there was an on-line help system.

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Access Control
Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Collaboration Tools
Collaborative Workspace
Customizable Branding
Document Storage
Permission Management
Search Functionality
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

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Key features of smartcrowds

  • Engagement monitoring
  • Product development & commercialization
  • Goal management
  • Social interface
  • Discussion reaction tracking
  • Assignment management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Change management
  • Custom forms
  • Discussion threads
  • Progress reports
  • Progress tracking
  • Embedded Azure Search
  • Embedded Azure Sentiment Text Analytics
  • O365
  • Summary reports
  • Thumbs Up/Down
  • Workflow management
  • Prioritizing
  • Ideation / crowdsourcing
  • Unlimited Configurable Surveys
  • Goal setting / tracking
  • Ratings
  • Custom survey forms
  • Embedded PowerBI
  • Deadline tracking
  • Tagging
  • Campaign management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Comments
  • Kiosk and Desktop/tablet/smartphone
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Create & launch and new innovation challenges & campaigns
Set deadline dates to boost momentum in the innovation process.
Collect ideas from across or outside the buiness, using customized data entry forms.
Identify trending ideas through likes, ratings, featured groups and submissions.
Stay up to date with automatic notifications for different conversations and events.
Adopt a systematic approach to innovation with proven validation templates
Use gamification tools such as activity leaderboards to encourage participation.