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NetExplorer Workspace logo

Cloud-based file sharing and management software solution

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NetExplorer is a cloud storage software in French and English with file management and collaboration tools. Key attributes include data migration, audit trail, backup & recovery, API, offline access, content & user management, data migration, digital signature, SSL security, and access control.

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XaitPorter logo

Document automation & collaboration solution

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XaitPorter is an all-in-one solution that enables teams to manage the production and maintenance of large complex documents gathering all assets in one central content repository. Re-use content across all your documents, and keep track of changes, with built-in workflow and access control.

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IT Portal logo

The most flexible platform for KBs, Docs, Passwords, & more.

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Our document management solution will help your business organize all IT data and passwords in a secure and structured platform.

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SearchExpress logo

Document Management Software

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Eliminate paper and automate processes with a digital office to save let your employees work smarter.

Workflow and share scanned documents as well as Word and Excel files.

The SearchExpress Voice Digital Assistant, Cyber Express (TM), provides speech queries of your business’s data.

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MSB Docs logo

Document management and eSignature solution

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MSB Docs is a paperless document management and electronic signature capture solution for businesses of all sizes. It allows users to customize complex workflow needs and automate manual processes while adhering to global compliance with a legally admissible, cloud-based eSigning solution.

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Complinity Compliance Software logo

India's Leading Compliance Software

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Complinity is a comprehensive cloud-based compliance management software that tracks and monitors statutory, regulatory, central & state, secretarial and legal compliances within a company.

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Optix logo

Document management and workflow orchestration solution

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Optix document management allows multi-user organizations to find files faster, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Optix is a desktop-based application that works on both Windows and Mac OS.

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Pype logo

Cloud-based construction management solution

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Pype is a project management suite designed to help construction teams automate intelligent submittals from precon through closeout. Reduce project risk and strengthen client relationships with Pype automation.

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brahms logo

The no-nonsense digital asset manager to control your brand

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brahms®enables companies to get their digital content creation, usage and sharing processes under control. Provides a clean management dashboard on which assets really contribute to the external and internal impact of their brand. Eliminates double-work and digital waste, thus saving time and money.

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fynk logo

Cloud-based contract lifecycle management software with AI

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fynk is a cloud-based software that helps businesses automate the entire contract management lifecycle. It enables teams to create, review, approve, sign, edit, and manage contracts according to requirements. The platform offers transparency, control, and oversight over company's legal documents.

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eSecureDocs logo

Streamline documents. Save time. Sign anywhere.

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eSecureDocs is an all-in-one automated document management solution that is designed to create, edit, esign and store documents and forms on one platform. It aims to save users time by simplifying and automating document processes.

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Team-GPT logo

Adopt AI and collaborate, all in one platform. Team-GPT.

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Team-GPT unlocks your team's AI potential with ChatGPT, offering a shared workspace for learning & collaboration. Features built-in teamwork, priority API access, pay-as-you-go, predefined prompts, and prompt sharing. Boost productivity & integrate seamlessly with TeamGPT.

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ShareArchiver logo

Data management tool for the healthcare and other sectors

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ShareArchiver is a file archiving solution designed to help businesses seamlessly archive data from live file servers. Administrators can analyze data patterns and define and deploy policies for archiving files on a unified platform.
We specialize, in construction, and various other sectors.

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Procys logo

AI-powered Document processing OCR software with API

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Procys includes AI-enabled OCR that allows you to process documents without having to configure templates and set rules like conventional OCR services.

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Apryse PDF SDK logo

Changing the way the world works with documents

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Apryse, formerly PDFTron, is reimagining the world of documents. With optimized technology and a comprehensive suite of tools, Apryse simplifies even the most complex projects, taking you further, faster. Committed to feature-rich products that are made better.

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XIA Configuration logo

Network documentation tool

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XIA Configuration is a server documentation tool which generates network documentation automatically for the user's IT infrastructure.

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Ocrolus logo

Document processing automation and human-in-the-loop review.

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Ocrolus is the top fintech solution software for document indexing. Automatically classify document images and PDFs and prepare them for analysis in minutes.

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OPEN BEE Electronic Document Management logo

Unleash your digital potential with Open Bee software

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Designed to suit the most advanced needs, Open Bee simplify the capture, search, sharing, approval, security and legal preservation of your information.

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sharesuite logo

Collaboration and project management software for teams

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In the central DMS you can store all your data. You can link the documents out of the DMS directly to tasks, so that the most current file is stored. With just one click you can share files or folders with special access rights through a download link for external partners.

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KeyOffice logo

Business management solution for freelancers, VSEs, and SMEs

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KeyOffice is a business management solution designed to help freelancers, VSEs, and SMEs manage commercial documents, employee work schedules, customer communications, and more. It allows craftsmen to create personalized invoices and configure recurring or down payment periods on a dashboard.

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RockSolid MAX logo

Affordable and easy-to-use POS software helps retailers grow

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RockSolid MAX helps home and building suppliers manage inventories, purchasing, transactions, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to simultaneously create purchase and customer orders by automatically capturing product details from vendor catalogs.

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Eloquent Archives logo

Digital asset and document management software

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Eloquent Archives is a cloud-based digital asset management software designed to help businesses manage archiving, recovery, storage, and access to electronic and physical records via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to store and organize various multimedia assets like images, emails, PDFs, maps and drawings, audio and video files, flipbooks, and more.

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Singlepoint logo

Cloud-based workflow management software

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Singlepoint is a cloud-based workflow management software that helps businesses automate and streamline internal audit programs, handle official documents, and track projects across teams. The tool allows users to capture, triage, resolve and analyze multiple workplace incidents.

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Flowmono logo

Send. Sign. Approve Deals.

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Ditch the paper chaos! Flowmono accelerates your document workflows with secure e-signatures, centralized storage, and powerful automation. Boost efficiency, save money, and delight your clients with a modern digital experience.

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Aerofiler logo

AI-powered end-to-end Contract Management Platform

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Aerofiler is a contract intelligence platform that combines a full-featured contract management system with powerful AI to help businesses streamline the full contract lifecycle.

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