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Sofvie logo

Work Smarter. Work Safer. Work with Sofvie

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Sofvie is the only Operations Performance Platform built for the unique needs of today’s most demanding mining operations.

Our goal is to help leaders at the forefront of the mining industry create safer work environments, happier engaged teams and more rewarding work cultures.

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KPI Fire logo

Quantify the performance of business improvement programs.

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KPI Fire helps organize and quantify improvement projects that support strategic objectives and key performance metrics.

KPI Fire is an all-in-one strategy, planning, and execution software for managing projects, creating KPI dashboards, setting and tracking goals, collaborating on ideas, and more.

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Chatwork logo

Chatwork is a group chat app for business

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Chatwork is a secure messaging, video chat, task management and file sharing platform for business teams

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Marketing management software for medium and large companies

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Create top-down budgets, see your remaining budget at a glance, and set spending limits across departments.

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Spoke logo

Instant meeting reports on Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft

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Instant AI Meeting reports for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft. Instantly, after your meeting, get 4 bullet points for an e-mail, a video clip of a hit moment on Microsoft Teams, an automatic summary for your CRM, and a video reel for Slack.

Before your Meeting, prepare meeting agendas in seconds. During the meeting, drive the meeting by following your agenda with a single glance and never lose your focus to take notes.

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Celtx logo

Video and Game Scriptwriting and Pre-Production Tools.

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Celtx is an all-in-one solution for film, video, and game production that allows customers to utilize a creative platform for script writing.

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Zoho Webinar logo

Online webinar tool for catering a large group of audience

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Video webinars offer the most reliable, quality live video experience without compromising on security and scalability. Zoho Webinar offers a clutter-free webinar platform experience and helps you cater to a large group of audience based on your business prospects.

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Opal logo

The planning platform that connects strategy to execution.

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Opal is the planning platform that helps marketing and communications teams bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

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Digital Samba logo

Webinars, web-conferencing & streaming management solution

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Digital Samba's prebuilt video conferencing API helps businesses embed video conferences, webinars and virtual classrooms into their applications. The white-label capabilities let customer personalise the interface using custom colours and logos to create a seamless user experience.

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Softros LAN messenger logo

Intra-office instant messaging software

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Softros LAN Messenger is a communication software that helps employees establish two-way communication with coworkers and other teams. The remote desktop sharing functionality lets staff members access the user system in order to install applications, resolve technical issues, or configure Windows.

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Netfiles Professional logo

Virtual data room for secure file sharing and collaboration

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Secure and easy-to-use data room solution for online collaboration and data exchange within project teams or across company boundaries with customers, suppliers and business partners. Highest security for your data and GDPR compliant.

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Rolebase logo

Streamlining team management strategically.

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WRolebase is a platform that simplifies the life of your teams. It offers a clear visualization for efficient coordination with a dynamic organizational chart and role cards. Rolebase facilitates the organization of effective meetings and the implementation of next steps, giving each team member the keys to be autonomous and engaged.

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EasyRetro logo

Project management software

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EasyRetro is a project management software that helps businesses manage teams, action items, collaboration, and more on a centralized platform. Supervisors can utilize the pre-designed templates to create private or public boards with custom names, columns, color themes, and other elements.

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DEON logo

SaaS visual collaboration and project management tool

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DEON is a collaboration tool for project managers to drive brainstorming and ideation processes from a centralized platform, enabling users to work remotely. Key attributes include content management, bespoke editing, task management, discussion forums, and version control.

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Twist  logo

Team Communication

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Twist is work messaging for teams burned out by real-time, all-the-time communication and ready for a new way of working together.

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Deltek WorkBook logo

Project & Resource Management for Advertising Agencies

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WorkBook contains key functionalities for the Professional Services Industry and especially targets Advertising, PR, Marketing & Communications, Architects, Consultancies and Engineering companies. It is used by organizations worldwide and helps businesses to monitor the sales pipeline, track time used on tasks, resource planning and capacity usage, billing as well as integrated accounting. You choose what modules to include in your system and you only pay for what you require.

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NetDocuments logo

Create, share, and collaborate on documents

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NetDocuments is a web-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document, email and records management service. The software provides a comprehensive suite of features to manage the entire life cycle of document work and collaborate with others, anywhere, anytime.

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Noodle logo