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Salestrakr CRM

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Salestrakr CRM overview

Salestrakr is built around NOW technology. You feel this when you use it. This isn't a 90's app dolled up as a 2014 offering. It's a today app. And the features are always cutting edge. Most of the time you have to pay extra. Not with Salestrakr. Need drip marketing? It's already there. Need granular information access control? Already there. Need field level access control? Already there. Same price.


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Salestrakr CRM screenshotSalestrakrSalestrakr CRM screenshotSalestrakr CRM screenshotSalestrakr CRM screenshot: The primary working environment of SalestrakrBringing External Email Templates Into Salestrakr CRM

Salestrakr CRM reviews


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David Y

Very, Very Impressed with this application. My whole company uses this CRM and I will use no other

Reviewed 2012-10-17
Review Source: GetApp

I recently purchased Salestrakr after an exhaustive review of numerous CRM's both large and small. Salestrakr completely impressed me with it's ease of use in storing data and sorting both contacts and clients, it's speed at bring the data to my employees, and it's ability to create the e-mail campaigns my company needs to stay in touch with my client base. After just two weeks of use, I purchased seats for my entire company and will never go back to my old expensive one. Also, Salestrakr allows me to download my data at any time for any reason. No other CRM allows that type of access to my data. Well Done Saletrakr!!! You have a client for many years to come.

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Nico Montinola, IT Outsource Inc.

Easy to use

Reviewed 2012-10-21
Review Source: GetApp

I think Salestrakr will eventually be the standard for SME's because it is so easy to integrate into a company's sales & marketing operations. Its powerful features and low cost will easily save money and justify the move to a cloud-based SaaS sales force management and automation system. Companies that still use Excel, Outlook or in-house developed CRM systems will be at a severe disadvantage competing with companies that have mastered the benefits of using Salestrakr in reacting to customer's needs and responding to sales opportunities. Salestrakr CRM is one of those business tools every company will need to look at or risk losing money and their market share.

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Bob V

Great System

Reviewed 2014-01-21
Review Source: GetApp

Great System, we could not run our business without it. We are in a highly regulated environment and the system has enabled us to meet all our requirements in a virtually paperless structure and with total confidence and peace of mind.

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Salestrakr CRM pricing

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Salestrakr CRM is $24.95 per user per month. No contracts, no exit fees. Just one simple price!

Salestrakr CRM features


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Additional information for Salestrakr CRM

Key features of Salestrakr CRM

  • Import Your Existing CRM Data
  • Edit In Place
  • Fast Search
  • Organize Users in a Sales Hierarchy
  • Advanced Search and Reporting
  • Custom Fields and Types
  • Team Calendar
  • Email Dropbox
  • Group Email
  • Marketing Automation
  • Manage Your Pipeline
  • Unlimited Files Storage
  • API
  • Webforms Support
  • Campaigns
  • Skype Integration
  • Email Templates
  • Log Calls
  • Keyword Search
  • Save Notes
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Salestrakr is so easy to use. Edit in place saves time and saves you from "click and wait" keeping you on one page. Group Email lets you do the bulk of your text based email marketing right in Salestrakr saving you having to use a 2nd app. Advanced searches can be saves as reports. Skype integration allows you to use Skype as your business line eliminating the need for a separate PBX. Need to keep people in only their own data, use Salestrakr's Sales Hierarchy. Salestrakr provide you all of these and much more for a simple price and with the best, most intimate support you can get.